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Drain Stopper


So cute right..?? and affordable too.. ! This rubbery hand extends up from the plug mimicking a reach for help out of the watery depths. while essentially providing a non-slip surface for an easy and firm grip in the sink or tub.  This would definitely be a talking piece.. amongst your guests.. when you have a party or a get together. Great for children.. too.. because they are so colorful.  At $9 a piece, you can order them online from Mortimer.

Typewriter Kinda Keyboard


Definitely brings back the retro feel in one. Makes me feel like 30 yrs ago.. when i first learned how to use the typewriter. Had i known computer was gonna be the in thing.. i would have spend money on going to sit in a roomful of ladies.. typing away. But this retro-typewriter is really cool.. i wanna try typing on it.. and see if it gives me the same feel.

My Passport Elite


Slick and portable, these very cute looking hard drives weighs less than 5 ounces .. is definitely heaven sent.. for those who travels alot and us ladies.. i think they are made specially for us. I wished i had known earlier… that way i don’t have to lug my whole laptop home everyday. On the go geeks or those working late at nite ..and needs to bring work home, can definitely find this a real treat. They take up no space that’s for sure.. and very attractive.. with a few colors to pick from. Back up those files you need at home or when you are on the road. This attractive and powerful portable storage is made by Western Digital, known for their hardiness in producing gadgets. With a 250GB or 320 GB capacities, it is entirely USB powered and cost about $170 to $199 depending on the size you wanna buy. 5 years limited warranty… can be bought online at Western Digital of course.

Asus Eee PC Notebook

Looking for a new notebook for work.. and traveling .. i thought about getting a Asus Eee PC notebook.  I read up alot about it.. and was quite gung ho about getting it.. till i actually went to see it physically.  Well.. for what i do.. it would not be great.. but for anyone out there.. who wants to travel light.. and check on emails..and just surf the net..l it is a great machine.. for only $399.  But for my kinda work.. i need a bigger screen.. as well as a bigger keyboard to type up my work quick.. it is just not feasible.  So i had to abandoned the idea.  But like i said.. this is great.. for people who writes.. leisurely and can take their time.. answering emails.

Irobot Roomba 510


This gadget is on sale at NCIX now.. at $199.00 .. !! Not the model i want.. but at this price.. one can’t really resist it. As a member of our latest generation of home robots, the iRobot Roomba 510 Vacuum Cleaning Robot features the newest innovations for dramatically improved performance, reliability and durability. It systematically cleans three rooms on a single charge, gets into hard-to-reach areas like wall edges and beneath furniture while avoiding stairs and other drop-off. Roomba automatically adjusts from carpets to hard floors and back again. Improved Virtual Wall® tells Roomba where to clean by restricting off-limit areas.

MoPods Cell Phone Alert Charm


Cute.. but i think a wee bit too big for my phone. Timmy the monkey. Lights up.. when you get a phone call. Spins around and flashes the lights. MoPods are small electronic devices that you can clip anywhere: your jacket, your backpack, your navel ring, etc. What they do, through the magic of science, is spin and flash when you get a cell phone call. All they require are batteries (included) and love. They are a great, quiet way to let you know you have a call – perfect for meetings and other times when you have to silence your phone. At $9.99 .. definitely affordable.. from ThinkGeek.

HP iPAQ Pocket PC hx4700


PDAs were a big thing about 8 yrs ago. Every Tom, Dick and Harry had one of something. The HP’s new iPAQ hx4700 series Pocket PC is a well-built device with an attractive dark-grey magnesium alloy body. Inside its durable case you’ll find the fastest Pocket PC processor available-the 624 MHz Intel PXA 270. Great amount of storage capacity with a 128MB of flash ROM. And you can always add on more if you need more. Slots available also accept cards that add GPS receivers, radio tuners, digital camera cards, and other hardware features. A tad bit expensive but definitely worth buying.

Apple 16GB iPod Touch V2


Yes.. it does seems like it is getting better and better. An amazing 3.5″ multi touch surface, integrated Wi-Fi connectivity, and 16GB of storage for your music, videos and music, it now comes with 5 new applications for email, maps, weather, stocks and notes. This 5 new app is rich in HTML with photos as well as PDF Word and Excel attachments. It even lets you check on your stock too.

Wireless access to the web is what this iPod touch gives you.  With their Apple Safari browser built in, you can now go on the web at anytime and at any place.  Using the touchscreen  keyboard, you can search the web.  By tapping multi touch display is for you to use when zooming in and out.  Neat stuff..!  Now one can touch your music in Cover Flow and watch video on a stunning, widescreen display. Enjoy browsing your images and typing.

Power Supply


I picked the man’s brain and asked him if all power supplies worked the same.. or are they same. His first reaction.. and a quick one was “Hell No..!”  Apparently, if you are a gamer.. you need a power supply that is at least 550 watts and of course they come in different prices as well.

I had a customer who bought a Thermaltake Toughpower 700 Watt power supply recently.  According to him, he needed a power supply that is tough enough to handle the most extreme components in his computer. This power supply delivers the highest rated and the most reliable power in the industry, along with the state of the art cooling systems .. that is a must for gamers.  This power supply offers 12V combined output 48A, AMD/Intel Dual Core support. ATX 12V 2.2, EPS 12V, two PCI Express connectors, six SATA connectors. And it’s SLI and Cross-Fire ready! Thermaltake Toughpower.   Would you pay $200 for a power supply..??

SuperCharging Your Wireless Router


Your old router has got potential.. so donch go throwing it out yet.. and buying high end stuff. Wired teaches and walk you thru’ easy upgrades for a more advance fireware on your router. For those who have trouble getting signal in some parts of your house.. like a hidden area.. they call it. This is an awesome way to boost signal power. In the meantime, you can get a bit more control over your router security and tell your router what should be getting the most bandwidth.