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Venturer 8″ Widescreen Portable DVD Player


An 8″ portable DVD player is great to have .. especially if you have kids.. and going for a long trip. This can be a life-saver..!! and keep your sanity intact. The man paid $15.00 for it .. when someone came in to sell it .. and it was barely used. This eight-inch color LCD features a widescreen format. You can watch for up to two hours with the rechargeable battery.

Grand Theft Auto Hacked


Hacked before it is even released! Freaky..!! The highly anticipated release of the Grand Theft Auto IV, is said to be on the internet .. and the game has already been hacked and available online. 6.32 Gigabyte file was said to be posted on major torrent sites.

It is expected that this game will sell 6 million copies at $59.99 a pop for the standard version and $30 more for a special edition. Making sales predicted at $400 million. I wonder if it is really that good.. this new one.. that they are predicting so much in sales..??? This game is only for the Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox platforms.

Mario Kart With Wheels (Wii)


Only available on 27 April, so be sure to get it if you are a fan of Mario. I am..!! Pre-order them from any major stores like Future Shop and Sears. I think i am really gonna enjoy this on the Wii.  At only $49.99, I bet me and my kid will have loads of fun.  Wii owners.. get it on release date..!

Drivers, Start Your Engines! The worldwide race is on with a whole new set of tricks, tracks, and ways to play. Play a whole new way with the Wii Wheel! The Wii Wheel transforms the Wii Remote into a steering wheel that feels natural in anyone’s hands, while the Wii Remote and Nunchuk offer a classic control style for the Mario Kart veteran.

Hand Painted Keyboard

This japanese hand painted keyboard is certainly pretty.. and i think it would attract alot of female users.  I donch think the male users would buy it .. hahha!  but it’s fun to look at .. something different.

But would i buy it for 70 pounds a pop..?? there are 5 other designs available.

Windows Is Collapsing


So i read .. that Windows is “Collapsing” and that Microsoft must make radical changes to the it it does business if it wants to remain viable. It is said that Microsoft has not responded to the market and faces serious competition in a number of areas that will make the Windows operating system obsolete unless the company takes significant action. Read all about it here.

Kitchen Power


Hide away all your ugly wires in the kitchen and give yourself more space in the kitchen. Specially designed for kitchens, labs and medical offices where you can find spill liquid. The ring forms a seal when the unit is in closed position, thus preventing water and other liquids from getting into the sockets. A very simple yet so effective power supply .. that i just loved so much.  At $127 per piece.. a wee bit ex.. but I still love it.  Get it from

Notebook Stand – Logitech Alto Express


I was looking for one . .because i may be going to get an operation done, so was thinking ahead.. how i can use my notebook without hurting myself after surgery.

At only $29.99 .. certainly not expensive.. but then looking at the picture below.. i wonder if it would work for me.. or comfy enough.



How comfy is that..?? i really don’t know.. i still can’t figure it out yet. One thing good about the curve is to keep all the wires under it.. but how comfy is it to type..?? now one has gotta wonder. You can purchase it from Logitech directly or buy it from Amazon.



Bluetooth Retro Handset


Yes.. this is retro..!! reminds me of my grandfather’s time. This retro handset can connect to your cellphone using Bluetooth technology. Awesome.. and darn unique.. ! No more tangled up phone cord.  At $29.99 definitely beats holding a cell phone for a long time.  From ThinkGeek.

Sony Ericsson W580i Pink


The babysitter just got this phone absolutely free from Rogers but if you buy it straight out, it will cost you like $299.00.  They screwed up so much with the previous phone she had… and she is loving this one. This feature-rich GSM phone packs nearly all of the features of the K790a into a much thinner and lighter slider form factor. Key features include a 2.0 MegaPixel digital camera, QVGA display, and quad-band GSM. Also included are a music player, memory card slot, stereo Bluetooth®, and full web.

Mug Boss


I think this is just a cool gift to give to anyone.. in the office or working in an office. At $4.99 definitely affordable.. and with so many compartments.. one don’t need to clutter your desk no more. I find it really useful. From ThinkGeek.