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Cuil The New Search Engine

Yes.. it actually happened yesterday.. this new search engine was launched by former employees of Google… go figure. But Cuil pronounced as “cool” don’t really seems to work any better right at this moment. Teething problems perhaps..??

Your search results are displayed like a magazine format and not like a list form like google. I tried it myself.. and wasn’t too impressed.. but since they are new.. i cannot say very much about it yet. I do hope.. they become as big as Google.. that way .. we have another good search engine to depend on…and user friendly like the ones Google has.

I read alot of reviews about Cuil.. and everyone seems a wee bit skeptical about it. But like i said.. give it a little more time .. it may turned out better. But what do i know right..??

My Take On the iPhone

Yes.. ! i finally made it to Rogers .. last week.. and took a look at the iphone.. and to check out it feasibility.. about working with it.. for my blogs. Sure it is a neat machine and all.. but the price..???  First lets talk about the plan offered by Rogers here in Canada, it is not only absurd..!! it is daylight robbery..!! First you have to buy the iphone for $199 or the other one with a $299 because it has a 16 gig memory instead of 8 gig.. i think.  And then you have to pay .. like another $65/month .. and sign a contract of 3 yrs with Rogers.  Can you imagine someone paying .. like $780 for services alone.. and may be more too.  Now tell me that isn’t ridiculous..!!!

Ok .. lets talk about the device itself.  Sure it boast about being internet enabled and all.. but which ordinary layman.. would pay $780 per year for 3 years.. ??  the novelty would have ended a year later..and you will know that it is hard to work with such small keys.. i would die .. for the work i do .. online.

Handcrafted Wood Sound System

Yes..! made specially for your ipods and iphones..! fits the smallest space but you can be sure to fit just about any room you want it to be. This all in one very compact sound system has a full size sound. And what’s best.. !! it’s freaking green..!! yes.. all green.. and eco..!! made of 100% recycled packaging. At $148.50 .. not bad for a gift. Anything green is always good.. and i totally support going green.

How’s The Acer Working Out..?

Pretty good in fact.. so far.. i haven’t had any trouble with it.. but i also haven’t brought it out to try it. So we’ll have to see how that goes. Maybe this weekend.. if i feel better.. i can do that. Vista isn’t that bad to use either. The week just flew by .. where did the days go..??

Sun Jar

Absolutely gorgeous..!! and smart invention. Looks like a jam jar, an ordinary one. .at that. It collects and store the sunshine for you .. so that you can see in the dark at nite with it. Designer for this jar is Tobias Wong.. i’ve heard alot about him of late. Just leave it out in the sun all day.. and it lights up magically at nite. This major jar is said to glow for at least 5hrs.

At about $40.00 .. buy it from Perfect for the MIL who is a nite owl.

PS3 Laptop

Sometime in April this year.. i saw this in Engadget’s website.. and didn’t give it much thought after that.  Because i was gonna double check with the man about it… coz’ it is a pretty neat modded machine by Ben Heck .. hehehhe!! name seems appropriate too eh..?  Anyhoos..! this is not the first time this geek did something like that..! It took like almost 1.5 yrs to build this PS3 laptop.. and i saw its demo.. and it works.  Pretty neat according to the man.. to have the screen and thus .. not needing the tv for gaming.  Weighs about 16 pounds .. has a built in keyboard, USB port .. sounds and more.  i think this thing was auction off for charity.

Acer Notebook

Bought this lappy from Walmart a few days ago, just so that i can lie down.. and still check on my available work.. since after my surgery .. i needed to lie down alot… and get alot of rest. It was at $438 + taxes at Walmart .. so it ended up being like $503. But since it is from Walmart, I could trial used it .. for 2 weeks.. and if i donch like it.. i can return it for a full refund .. no questions asked. This is a Acer 15.4″ Aspire 5315 Laptop PC w/intel Celeron Processor 550. So far it is working alright.. for me.. but i think another stick of ram would make the lappy work better.. since Vista is on it .. therefore it pretty much took up all the ram.  It has a built in webcam too.. but i haven’t had the chance to use it.

Small & Portable Notebooks

I was in the market to get a small notebook but really didn’t know what to get. This NCIX recommendation may just help folks like me thinking of buying a portable and really small notebook with making the right choice. Check it out for yourself.

Designer Drum Kit For Die-Hard Rock Band Fans

Wow…!! at $300 .. it is pricey .. in my opinion.. ! but i’m not a rock band fan .. i guessed.. so i can’t say much about it.  But i hear they say . .that with this $300 set.. you get a more sensitive pad .. and two mountable cymbals, so it is a little better than your ordinary drum set.. but would you pay that much…??  I guessed to some ppl it’s worth it.. while to others.. well .. we’ll let them decide eh.  But no worries.. it is not available .. till end of the year.. so you still have time to save up.

Wi Fi Detector Shirt

I kid you not..!! Think Geek .. does have this t-shirt.. and you can’t get any nerdier..!! hahhahahaa!! Wanna know.. where you can just drop everything… and start blogging.. or going online..?? this is the shirt to get.. and only at about $30 ..!! you can go wrong.

No need for opening up your lappie just to check where there is wireless now.. just put on the detector t-shirt.. and it glows.. where there is free roaming around. The more it glows.. the nearer you are with getting connected.