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Smallest Computer

Yes..!! by far the smallest computer I’ve seen… and i went like WOW..!! but when i found out about the price.. i went WOW..!! again..!! at $2700 .. this Space Cube is way outta my range. Lets hope in a few years time.. it would be cheap enough to buy.

For those interested, this is the specs:

300 MHz processor, 16MB of flash memory, 64MB of SDRAM and 1 GB compact flash card loaded with REd Hat linux. It does have a single USB port on the outside ( a must for ppl like me) .. a VGA Ethernet port, mic and speaker plugs. And the space cube is powered by a 5V plug.

Scented Notebooks By Asus

Yes..!! SCENTED..!! you heard me right..!! crazy.. nope.. not really ..!! but they sure are colorful eh..?? let see what so unique about them. What smell..?? I hear you can smell fresh blossom, morning dew, aqua ocean and i guess the man would go for the musky black..?? although i doubt my man would care what smell his notebook is.. just as long as it works good. We don’t know what the price is as to date. But for other brand of notebook with almost the same specs .. is about $1500.

The specs as follows :
Intel® Centrino® 2 processor technology
– Intel Core2 Duo Processor T9400/P8600/P8400
– Mobile Intel® PM45 Express Chipset
– Intel® WiFi Link 5100AGN Network Connection
Genuine Windows Vista®
– Genuine Ultimate
– Genuine Business
– Genuine Home Premium/Home basic
DDRII-667/800 DRAM support, up to 4GB
13.3” WXGA Color Shine LCD
ATI Mobility Radeon HD3470, external 256MB DDR2 VRAM
SATA 120/160/250/320GB
31.2 x 23.19 x 3.2-3.52cm

Cute Alarm Clock

Alarm clock we need .. that’s for sure.. and in fact rather quickly.. since the kid is going to school in about 1.5 weeks time. But a cute one.. we need like RIGHT NOW..! An alarm clock that dances to wake you up and putting a big smile on your face. But after a while .. you probably won’t be so amused..?? You can have it shout at you to wake you up .. or play some music. Connects to your radio station or MP3 player… for easy listening. I think it has a snoozer.. so when you pet it.. it will go quiet for abit.. and till you get up and turn it off. At $49.99 .. not a bad price to pay.

Casio New Printer For Home User

For someone who takes as many pictures as I do daily.. this is something that is worth looking into. I hear you can print your own special messages on the photos, comments and even allows you to draw on it with a stylus .. and make calendars outta this printer. Awesome..! Available in September.. no prices given so far.

“Bold” Blackberry At Rogers

I was told today by the guys at Rogers .. in the mall . .. that the Bold Blackberry i had been eyeing on will be for sale.. at Rogers.. of course.. on August 21..!! woohoo..!! Here in Canada.. first..!! They donch exactly know how much it is gonna be.. but i think it should be in the range of $400 and not any lesser. Will check it out.. and let you know.. when i get ahold of it.

iPod Uniform

Wow..!! ipod uniform to entice your kid back to school..?? surely no need for it eh..??  coolest hi-tech uniform..?? i don’t think so..!! i wouldn’t be getting this for my kid.. even if my life depended on it..!!  From Marks and Spencer it seems.. but this is what i call .. to arty farty.. eh..?? specifically for use with ipod only.  Comprises of a blazer and winter coat .. and made use of Fibretronic’s five function keypad controllers.

Wacky USB Hub

Use it in the office .. use it at home.. this wacky and fun looking USB hub is sure to be a conversation piece.  This cute looking USB hub will let you use up to 4 USB attachment at one time.  You can even shape it in whatever form you want while you are at work. .and reading some information.. or just idling or having a cup of coffee. Comes in orange or white in color and is only at $17.50 .. cheap .. cheap..!!  buy them from

Kids Are Protected On FaceBook

This must be old news to those using Facebook on a regular basis…. but for someone like me who only uses Facebook on the spouse’s one .. you can imagine.. how blur i am with FaceBook. But it is definitely good to know that Facebook had added up to 40 new measures to protect our children when they are using its sites from bullies as well as perverts.. meaning sex predators.

Facebook has become so popular .. i bet my daughter would be using it really quick.. and she is only 4.5yrs old now. So it is comforting.. to know that measures are taken.. to protect her .. when she does go online… with all her friends in toll. This is definitely good news for me.. and other parents out there..and i have alot more confidence in Facebook.. now than ever before.

X3 Triple Core DeskTop PC

Yes.. !! we can get something like this from our supplier for less than $400!!! yes.. ! gone are the days.. where a 486 cost like $2000+  and we thought we were getting a great deal.  Yes..!! if i could turn the clock back.. i prolly hit myself on the head.. wondering why i spent so much on a 286.  I must have been crazy eh..??

High Tech Air Con

High Tech or smart..?? both i guessed.. afterall.. it is supposed to detect the individuals in the room .. before sending out the right kinda air.. to either cool you .. or warm you up making sure that everyone is happy. So how does it work..?? It uses a remote control .. just like an iphone.. to change the sensitivity of the room temperature. It is said that this design is a collaboration with Samsung Art and Design Institute from South Korea. It is mount onto the ceiling and has 6 fans and thus can give you 6 wind zones.. for 6 different people simultaneously.

This diagram shows us how it works.