GTA On Your DS Soon

Seriously .. i donch know how anyone can get excited over an old game in a different system.  Surely everyone played the GTA (Grand Theft Auto) by now..?? even I .. the non-avid player.. .played it before in both the xbox and PS2.   But i guessed for the younger kids.. with a DS.. it is something different to look forward to.. but wait..!!  what about the “M” rating on it..??  So yes.. still can’t see what the big fuss is all about.

20 hrs of playtime is said to be expected and 70 mission to finished with changing of weather, traffic, police and pedestrian.  The game will feature an open-world environment with changing weather and traffic, police and pedestrian.  I heard that it is going to be a big seller amongst the DS owners.  Maybe we should stock some in our store too.

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