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A PS3 80Gig This Christmas

Gamers/Owners of the PS3 machines must knwo that the 80gb PS3 system is out about a month ago..!!! This is to replace the 40 Gb.. but i can’t imagine anyone wanting to pay for a 40 gb . .when they can get an 80 for almost the same amount.¬† But this christmas.. i’m assuming that a lot of people will get this.. for christmas presents.. since we’ve been asked a lot about the 80 gb at the store.

Bill Gates & Jerry Sienfield – I Still Don’t Get The Advert! you …?? i sure not..!! like my 4.5 yrs old would say. Well.. i’ve heard about this advert from another geek blog a few weeks ago.. and i was really looking forward to seeing it. Afterall, i do like Bill Gates.. albeit the Narzi manner of him handling the OS worldwide. But still.. he is a decent fella… and you know i loved Jerry Sienfield. But I donch get the advert. I see the currios… but that’s about it.. that i understood. Ya.. maybe i’m abit dense…?? pray someone tell me.