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When Easterly Showers Fall On Sunny West Episode 4

Gotta be fun getting to watch every episode first .. like the When Easterly Showers Fall On Sunny West Episode 4 but what to do right..??  she download so quick.. and then she get to watch it first lor.  But luckily .. she is willing to share.  I tried downloading it myself.. but the damn file wouldn’t open.. saying.. cannot render the file.. so i took the easy way out . .and visit her blog and watch it there.  It is usually the quickest way to go.  So if you want to watch When Easterly Showers Fall On Sunny West Episode 4, just hop over lor.

Gem Of Life Episode 8 & Techie Me

Gem of Life Episode 8, I’m trying another form of downloads for it .. this time sendspace links provided on this entertainment blog.  Go check it out yourself if you want to watch it and cannot wait for it to be uploaded.  I’ll tell you how my download came about eh.  Should i subscribe to sendspace.. i’ll tell you later.. after i’ve downloaded.. and the time needed.

When Easterly Showers Fall On Sunny West Episode 2

When Easterly Showers Fall On Sunny West Episode 2 I had trouble watching it .. at first. but thank God.. the man is very good at this.. and downloaded the Real Video alternative for me. So i was able to watch it…instead of downloading a converter.  I heard that even with the converter.. it may take hours.. but i am not sure.  But i’m done watching it now.. without using any other software.. so if you have problems watching VCDs .. just use the real video alternative like i did.

The Four Ep 23

Downloading The Four Episode 23 now.. and i hear it will be for watching real soon but if you are like me and can’t wait.  Check out this LINK for the download or just go over to watch later. ENJOY..!!


Gem Of Life Episode 4 As Colorful As The iPod Shuffle 4 New Colors

Gem of Life Episode 4 is for watching now of course.  Actually it was for watching like at 9am my time.. about 8hrs ago.  I’m just a slacker … because i was reading up on the iPod shuffle 4 new colors.. and they are pretttiiiiie !!  Starting at $49 .. this is a cool gift .. for Christmas.. for any teenager .. between the age of 12 – 16.  Good for kids who are jogging or the ladies.. but can’t see my man using it.. way too sissy .. for him. he said.  But nothing can tear me away from my favourite show now – Gem of Life Episode 4.. so the iPod new shuffle gotta wait.   In the meantime, you can watch the show by clicking on the links provided. But tell me if you like the color of the iPod shuffle.

HMV Doing Second Hand Games Like Us

Muahahahah!! luckily we don’t have any HMVs here… else.. another big boy wants a piece of our pie..!  Darn that..!!  But yes.. folks from UK and Ireland are in luck.. since HMV is taking in your used games.. and reselling it at the price your friendly neighbourhood game stores are selling them for.   So whether is is PSP or PS3 games.. you can buy second hand stuff at HMV soon.  But hopefully, they ain’t gonna be stupid like the Movie Gallery here.. who charges second hand games at almost the same as new games.  Just no used computer games that’s all.

The Four Ep 20 Finally Here !

Boy..!! was i waiting a long time for The Four Episode 20, TVB stopped it during the weekend so that they can air The Gem of Life.  Luckily, I have a good source, so i got to watch it yesterday (Monday). Lucky me.. !! well you don’t have to fret coz’ if you want to watch it too, you can now on the  I hear she also get you the youtube version as well.

Gem Of Life Episode 1

Arrrgghhh..!!  Wanna watch it so bad..!! Gem of Life ep 1 and ep 2… but the darn download doesn’t wanna work properly. I guess i just have to watch it on the crazy chinese woman’s blog.  If you are like myself.. and had to download it.. and didn’t want to work, go over to her blog and watch it there.  I hear she has youtube version too.

Downloading Last One Standing Episode 21 TVB Series

Trying to download Last One Standing Episode 21, a TVB series I had been following for a few weeks now.. and i thought by downloading it myself would be easier.. but i guessed not.  So now I just go to this blog to watch it, there is no downloads, just watched it on her blog and she does have the latest and the newest and quickest way.  So if you want to watch Last One Standing Episode 21 and Last One Standing Episode 22 (final episode), just go over to her blog and she has the links or watch it there.

Last One Standing Episode 20 Online

You know if you are in Australia like I am, it is hard to watch TVB shows like Last One Standing Episode 20 that is airing right now in Sydney, so I resort to searching for them online.  I tried downloading it on some download place but oh my God..!!!  they were really long wait, download takes like an hour at least, sometimes more *slap forehead*! where got so much time right.  Anyhoo, I found this blog that has got all the links to the latest and newest download, so after dabbling so much with the downloading and then trying to upload it and then needing to use k-lite codec pack, I decided to watch it on her blog.  If you are like me, my australian friends, you can check out her blog for the lastest.  Last One Standing Episode 20 is the next I think, watch it online.  Don’t forget to say thank you.

PS:  I can’t wait for the Gem of Life to be aired.  But I’m sure the crazy chinese woman in Canada will surely have it.