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Perched on your monitor .. this USB owl imported from Japan, the owl blinks his eyes and turns his head side to side .. in a quizzical manner.  Almost like looking and spying around.. if i may so so.  You can just use any USB port available.. and you can even use him on your laptop because there is a clip included for it.  The owl comes in three moods.. active, Mellow or Sleeping.  Makes a nice gift for someone this christmas from ThinkGeek and only $19.99

USB Snowbot

Well.. this Christmas .. i bought this from ThinkGeek to put beside my laptop at work.  Afterall, what is a computer store.. without some good geeky gadget right..??  I can’t wait for it to arrive.  As you can see.. you can easily plug it into your USB connection on your laptop.. and there you have this cool gadget.. that can make evil noises.. or red or blue eyes for you.  I think it is just for fun.. and i’m sure.. our customers would find it amusing. At $9.99 .. cheap, cheap.. and you can even get it for a Christmas gift for that geeky husband of yours.

Gem Of Life Episode 28 Downloads

For those looking for Gem of life episode 28 to download.. i only find the best .. and the fastest link for you to download.  Hop over to this blog for the download links.  She has it all, as crazy as she might be.. you will find that she does have the latest on all shows.. be it a movie. or a tvb show.. or even a singapore show.  The blog is pretty awesome one.  Have fun looking at it.

Xbox 360 ? Or Xbox ?

So what would you buy ..?? and xbox .. or an xbox 360???  the xbox was like a volvo.. tough .. and solid.. and what an ugly color… wherelse the xbox 360 is sleek and pretty trendy looking.. and is said to do more.. and better for online gaming.  I wasn’t too surprised that Microsoft announced that it did better than its predecessor.  But man..!! i’ve never seen ppl having so much trouble.. with any system.. than with the xbox 360.  Just as I am typing this.. another customer of ours.. walk in with a Xbox 360 for repair again.  Besides the red ring of death.. that we see so often.. there is another E74 video error.. that keeps showing up on these machines.  So what do you think…?? i say .. for $199 for the  basic system.. the man said.. it was worth buying.

Zen Fun MP3 Player, Zen Moo

I think Creative is trying to woo the really young customers.. or the gals.. with this new Zen Moo. It comes with an assortment of colors.. and i really think that they are cute, although some people may beg to differ.  Would I buy it ..?? sure.. why not.. if the price is right.  But given that it is screenless.. and has 2gb of memory and even has a game.. like tamogotchi .. where you feed and train the cow.. it is probably really meant for younger kids.  With that in mind.. i’m hoping that it won’t cost so much.  Oh .. they even have some cow speakers to go with it.

NetFlix On XBox Live

The man had shown me excitedly that we can now watch our movies online.. from xbox live.. and forgot that we owned our own video store.  But when he saw that he had to pay $5 a show.. he said forget it.  But truth be told .. some of the movies on Netflix were really very new.. so yes.. for those who don’t own a video store like us.. of course this is a great alternative.. than hurling yourself.. out in the cold.. and getting  your movies.

Netflix – Xbox LIVE Gold Member and you have Netflix? If you are in the US you can stream thousands of videos (some in HD) directly from Netflix to your Xbox 360. Not a member? Sign up for a free trial at

LED Pool Table Anyone..?

I wouldn’t mind having one in my basement to replace our green old one. I don’t know whats with the man and his basement .. but i think he is darn keen on fixing it up.. and then slamming some sticks into some drums.. he has .. and blasting the basement down.  But the pool table was one of the things he had been looking for .. for years.  The regular one cost us about $3000 .. so this one being only £447 is actually quite within my range.. albeit the fact that it is a lot smaller.  But who needs a regular size snooker table.. when you can have an LED one right..?  Check it out here.

Download Gem Of Life Episode 22

Ok.. someone just wrote to me to say .. they donch know how to download Gem of Life Episode 22.  Now for those lazy like myself, you can just head over to this blog.  For others, who want to download.. but don’t know how, it is pretty easy actually.  Go to the link provided, click save on file, usually i save on my desktop but for some ppl you need the codec pack – KLITE CODEC PAK.  Once you install the Codec Pack, you should have everything you need.If you are still having a problem.. just leave a comment.

Gem Of Life Episode 21

Gem Of Life Episode 21 will be ready to watch soon, with links and all.  Check it out…!

Wireless Controller For Wii

For $30 you can now buy this wireless controller for Wii.  I know some of our customers would be glad to hear this.  You can use this to play all your classic games as far as 10 ft away now.  At first glance.. i  thought it looked a little cheap.. but then i reminded myself.. that this is no XBox 360 accessories.. but those of a Nintendo Wii.. so i’m alright with selling this to my customers at the store.. if they ask for it. Uses 2AAA batteries.. and is said to last as long as 30 hrs.. but donch bet on it.  No more tripping over wires.. or your dog/cat chewing it up.