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LayOff @ Microsoft..??

So i hear rumors of layoff @ microsoft .. the OS giant..?? hard to believe .. to be honest… because i have a friend in Microsoft Asia.. and Microsoft had been sending them all over the world.. on conventions and stuff.  But having said that.. anything is possible i guessed, although ppl speculated that the xbox division will not be affected… but didn’t the Wii outsold any other systems this Christmas..??

Boxing Day Crazy

So were you one of the crazy Canadians on the news..?? yes even here in small town Yarmouth, the Canadian tire i heard had to open an hour earlier.. because it was so cold and ppl were queuing at 2am in the morning.  These ppl I salute.. and are CRAZY..!!

In Vancouver, more than 200 people lined up outside of a Future Shop in downtown Vancouver to try to get bargains on electronics.  In Calgary, parking lots were overflowing at the malls despite icy conditions in the city. And in Winnipeg, even with temperatures dipping to -24 C overnight, hundreds stood in lines outside of stores.  In Toronto’s Eaton Centre, more than 300 people were lined up outside of Abercrombie & Fitch for its Boxing Day prices. The store was only letting 50 people in at a time.

So yes..!!  i do declare that the Canadians can get quite crazy.  I didn’t shop on Boxing day .. like these ppl .. but unlike John Chow .. my reasons weren’t like him.  As for Mr Chow.. i’ll have to say that not everyone makes $250 an hour, therefore when ppl do line up to get specials.. it is understandable eh.


How do you feel about refurbished stuff..?  Truth be told before i came to Canada and owned my own store.. i would never buy them.  But i’ve learned after owning our own business that refurbished stuff like the above notebook is not only just as good if not better .. but way cheaper.  At $399 only, this refurbished notebook has an AMD Athlon 64×2 Dual core TK -55.  1.8GHz and 120GB hard drive, with GeForce Go6100 and a DVDR/RW, one can always for  best buy from

Guitar Hero Metallica

I heard that the Guitar Hero Metallica is due to release in 2009 and told the man about it, in which he replied.. that he would be interested in it.. since he is a Metallica fan.   But he don’t know if he wants to pay that much for just a few songs.. so we’ll have to see.  According to Metallica’s guitarist Kirk Hammet, he thinks they were pretty much destined to do something like that.

According to the man .. the Guitar Hero Metallica plays out differently from Guitar Hero Aerosmith. It involves some gigs that the man is familiar with and it is more like 1986 type. I hear that there are some 3-D animated band on screen thing on it.  Great for group of rockers who wants to form their own band.  Luke Plunkette even said that the Metallica is one of the few bands worthy of a solo title.  One can expect fast drums, epic solors and fast guitar and someone like my man will enjoy playing it.  There goes the  fitness equipment budget for the next thing he wants to buy.  I think they are coming out for all systems.. if i am not wrong.. but don’t quote me now.

Apple’s 12 Days Of Freebies

Yes.. !! so Apple is free download of 1 song a day .. from 26 December – 2 Janaury 2009.  Apple’s itune store confirmed that they are offering the downloads and it’s all over the news yesterday.  Are you sitting down..??   Gotten your diet pills yet..?? Well..with 12 new songs for free.. you can now afford the brand you want too. Find exclusive singles and live tracks on this free giveaway from Apple.. but only for the UK site i heard.  Has another heard anything for the North said..??

Downloading Gem Of Life Episode 44

Many had written and asked how can one download the Gem of Life Episode 44 and watch on your own instead of relying on an online version.  Afterall, the downloaded version is usually a lot clearer than those you watch online.  The man had said .. that it depends on what version the originator downloaded the files.. and uploading it.  As for me, I use a Media Player that is already in my computer.. and it pretty much takes care of everything.. just like a diet pill .. hahahha!!  it pretty much takes care of itself.. .if you know what i mean.

Google Chrome

I’m sure anyone who uses google.. or gmail must know about Google Chrome, afterall, they do come up fairly enough ask you to upgrade.  So what the hell is Google Chrome you asked me or even yourself.

Google Chrome is a new web browser for all window users.  Like you see above, the designer is pretty simple.. and it is supposedly to be faster, safer and easier to use.  Absolutely free, and install in seconds..  for Windows Vista .. XP.  I am gonna download it this weekend.. because it does look awesome.  But as usual.. this Techy Chick will only tell you what I don’t like about Google Chrome.. coz’ i’m sure a lot of ppl out there.. needs to suck up to Google. .. but not me..  hhaha!!! i tell yer the truth.. from a woman’s point of view.

The Wii

The Wii had been out for 3 Christmases now.. yet we are still getting so many request for it.  Last week, I had like 20 calls at the store of someone looking for one.  It’s crazy.. no..??  VERY..!  A friend/customer bought his 2 months ago for his daughter this Christmas.. because we had warned him to buy it then .. if he wanted one for Christmas.  But never did we think that it was gonna be sold out at other stores like Walmart and Superstore. Some customer/s wanted it so bad, they said they don’t even need phentermine to help them suppress their appetite now because they couldn’t eat without a Wii for Christmas (they promised their kids to get one and now it is too late).  Poor parents!

Gem Of Life Episode 40

Just done watching Gem of Life Episode 39, the rar files are a little harder to download and watch because you need a special program to unrar it —  WinRar.  Now i’m wondering if i can get to watch Gem of Life Episode 40 or not on Sunday.  If you are looking for a link to watch it, here it is, I found the link on the net.

WordPress 2.7 Downloaded

Like any person out there.. no matter how savvy you are with the computer.. one tends to be really careful.. when trying to download an upgrade.  Everytime I do it.. something seems not too right.  The last time i did so.. with an upgrade of WordPress.. well.. i lost my image function.  Maybe, it’s just me.. maybe there is a bug… i really donch know.  But the man who is a techie himself.. couldn’t figure it out .. but we did use an alternative to upload pictures.. so it’s not a big deal.

Ok.. WordPress 2.7 is ready for download.. and I of course gotta try it.. after reading it up in various sources.  But as luck would have it.. i did mess it up abit.. but it is awesome with a lot of new features.. as far as i can see it now. You can fully customize it.. and for most people i heard the upgrade was super fast and super smooth.. just me.. i guess.  Check out their awesome pluggins too.

Download WordPress 2.7 HERE.