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Best Selling Game

Mario Kart Wii was the biggest selling game across the UK, US and Japan last year, shifting nearly 9 million copies.  That’s according to a Top Global Markets report – a collaboration between GfK Chart-Track (UK), NPD (US) and Enterbrain (Japan).

Wii Fit came a close second, followed by GTAIV, Super Smash Bros. Brawl and COD: World at War.

Grand Theft Auto IV led the pack back in August, when the only other change had been Guitar Hero III in place of Call of Duty: World at War.

Sales across all regions were up 11 per cent on 2007, with the UK market in particular noting a dramatic increase of 26 per cent. Japan, however, dipped by 13 per cent.

“Because of this amazing growth and coupled with the downturn currently being experienced in Japan, the UK market has for the first time overtaken Japan as the number two world market,” said GfK Chart-Track’s Dorian Bloch in a statement.

Get Healthy With Wii – Jog

Re:creation today announced that it is to feature jOG for Wii on its stand at Toy Fair 2009, the product’s first public appearance in Europe after a highly successful recent debut at CES in Las Vegas. Designed and manufactured by New Concept Gaming, a company dedicated to the development and sale of ground breaking products bridging the video game and health and fitness industries, jOG for Wii will be available for customers to try for themselves at Toy Fair 2009, 28th to 31st January 2009, Excel London.

Releasing in April 2009 for the Nintendo Wii games console, jOG utilises lower body motion sensor technology to measure your steps and translate them to movement in game, not only making gaming a more immersive experience, but also giving a gentle workout, contributing to the recommended 10,000 steps per day. Research from John Moores University shows that converting seated video gaming on the Nintendo Wii into exergaming via the introduction of the jOG system more than tripled energy expenditure and increased heart rate by 40% in young adults.

“We are pleased to be able to offer the trade an opportunity to see – and experience – jOG in action for themselves,” commented New Concept Gaming’s Managing Director, Brendan Ludden. “As well as clear health benefits backed up by independent research, jOG is great fun to play with, and Toy Fair gives us a great opportunity to demonstrate this.”

Seth Bishop, Deputy Managing Director at re:creation added “We’ve had an excellent reaction from the trade to date, and jOG forms an important part of our company’s long term strategy in the gaming peripheral market. Toy Fair 2009 is a milestone for jOG and we’re looking forward to bringing it to market in April.”

jOG for the Nintendo Wii will be available from April 2009 priced around £19.99.

Hello Kitty Keyboard

All hello kitty lovers and fan.. gotta get this one, so cute.. and definitely hello kitty stuff.. that would make the fans proud.  The keyboard comes in the traditional red and white colors and features the well-known bow tie on the Shift key. Kitty’s head can be found on the Enter key and as an ornament at the very top of this playful Sanrio style keyboard.  At $106 .. it’s not within my budget.. but i know of some ppl who wouldn’t mind forking out any amount for their beloved cat.

Product Description

  • Size: 44.2 x 14.8 x 2.5 cm
  • PC Interface USB, PC/AT compatible
  • OS: Windows XP / VISTA
  • Japanese QWERTY 108 key

Retro PC

Retro enough for you ..??  very ..!! looks like my grandmother’s radio from the 60s.  I think it is pretty amazing .. how the owner – thomas put everything together @  it’s a pretty cool process even for me.. a gal.

  • VIA Epia 13000 miniITX
  • SilenX CPU fan
  • 1GB RAM
  • 100GB 2.5″ Harddrive
  • Soundgraph iMON Remote Control

It’s A Man’s Thing.. !!

You know .. life is never perfect.  Back home.. our weather is awesome..  but land is so hard to come by that even when we do have the good whether.. you don’t have many people who own land-property put up this 16 foot inflatable outdoor screen for the whole family and their relatives to enjoy.  Here we have plenty of land.. but the weather suxs.. most days.. 6 months of winter.. and cold summers during some years.. even if one wants to say their good fortune of acquiring this outdoor screen it’s darn hard.  Winter never ends here.  At $999, it is by no means cheap but for me.. it would be a good investment.. if you are into the family time thingie.  At least  you won’t get fat, just sitting indoors.. doing nothing.. with outdoorsy stuff.. you won’t need decaslim and you can spend all your money on gadget.

It is gigantic, affordable, ultra light weight, and ready to turn any backyard into a backyard into a phenomenal home theater experience.

The wide screen inflatable screen is easier to set up than a pup tent and is easily transportable. The 220-inch diagonal movie screen weighs about 17 pounds and fits inside a small stuff sack, which you can take anywhere.

Environmentally Friendly Batteries

Hehehe!! this is definitely something to think of.. but I don’t encourage the pee.. that they keep going on about.  But of course, if you are stranded in Gilligan’s Island then use whatever lah.  This NoPoPo battery is said to  be able to power up by just a drop of liquid.. and any kind oif liquid for that matter.. whether it is alcohol or saliva .. environmentally friendly.. i wonder if we should all start using batteries like these.  Cost $15 .. but only rechargeable for a certain amount of times.. i hear 5 at the most.  Just don’t mix any weight loss products in it.

Palm Treo Pro

The Palm Treo Pro is the  unlocked phone that i had been eyeing on.  Yes..! i hear yer asking .. what is an unlocked phone right..??  Well it’s a cell phone that can be used with various GSM compatible carriers worldwide.  So if you have a SIM card.. you are good to go.. and anyone around the world can contact you . .. and you can use your unlocked phone.. without having to rent a local phone.. while you are on business .. or on vacation.  The current technology is so awesome.. if only this was available.. when i was traveling the world.

Aliant Cuts 100 Jobs In Nova Scotia

For a minute.. i thought they were cutting jobs of the lower ranking .. but i’m pleased to know it is the management jobs they are axing to cut cost.  About time.. i’ll say..!!  Aliant plans to axe more jobs in the next couple of months not only in Nova Scotia.. but Atlantic Canada, rural Ontario.. and Quebec is not spared too.  I bet everyone is worried.. for their rice bowl.. and don’t even need Leptovox for the worrying is gonna make them lose some weight.  And for those who are gonna eventually get axed.. well.. they gotta tighten their belts..?? nah.. no way.. the governement will come to their rescue.. and unemployment kicks in.

But wait a minute.. !! management staff can’t get unemployment right..? Ahhh.. and since the front line workers ain’t affected.. i guess the government ain’t too worried..??  hhmmm.. i donch really know how it works.. but back home.. management staff donch get a lot of benefit .. like unemployment.. but having said that this is Canada… anything is possible eh.

Beetle USB Hub

Someone must love their beetle a lot.   Get one of this for your USB devices .. 4 port at that. Only at $12.50, great stuff to buy for that geeky b/f or husband .. but better to buy for the g/f, if you ask me. Get them from

Product Specifications:

  • 4 ports hub
  • USB 1.1
  • LED head lights
  • Name card holder / Mobile phone holder
  • Plug and play
  • Size: 148*82*60mm
  • Weight: 95g