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Spy Cam On MP3 Player

Recently, we have been having some theft going on in the store.. and/or some kids selling stolen stuff to us.  Unfortunately, these days we don’t have the security cameras on .. so I need one of this spy camera.. so that i can easily take pictures of suspicious ppl at our store.. and use it to identify them in the future.  They are not expensive.. in fact as cheap as those  replica watches that i buy often, so why not.. ?? no one would suspect at all right..???  It records audio and shoot video or take still images, at $46 .. definitely affordable.

Slingbox PRO – HD

Definitely not news to most ppl but to me.. it is pretty new.  I asked the man about it.. and he told me.. “oh.. i knew about it .. for a long time now” GREAT..!! and he didn’t tell me about it..!! MEN..!!!  we tell them everything.. but he never tells me anything interesting that he finds on the net. MEN..!!!

So yes..! i hear you asking .. what so interesting about the Slingbox pro ..??  well.. John Chow has one.. !!  that was where i first found out about it.  Some ppl at Slingbox must have given it to him for free..!! LUCKY DUDE..!!  why don’t they give techy chicks.. like myself one..??

Firstly, the Slingbox sells at $330 in Canada.  It lets you stream movies and tv shows .. onto your real tv. It’s portable.. because it is small.. i doubt it weighs a lot either.  So even if you are traveling, you can still bring this along with you .. and watch all your shows say in Africa.. if you like. Check this video out.. and you will see what it can do.

iPod Touch

The man just bought a previously used iPod touch at $80, he is definitely enjoying it.. and having loads of fun.    I was looking forward to some  vessel sinks but i guess that has to wait.  While he has it.. i guess.. it would be great to check it out myself.  You can go online with it.. and browse thru’ website.. just by leeching onto anyone wireless.  There is even a google map that is on it already.  It’s awesome..!! i’m gonna check it out more.. and let you know if it is worth buying.  Oh.. donch forget you can watch you tube on it too.

PSP Go! Messenger

Firstly, if you donch know what the PSP Go! Messenger is all about.. donch worry.. i didn’t know till today.  And yes.. we’ve owned a PSP before.. and it was use to watch movies for my kid when we were traveling on vacation.  So when i learned that it was canceled due to lack of subscriber for this service.. it is definitely no surprises.

Launched just 9 months ago with BT, Go! Messenger allowed owners of the PSP and the optional Go! Cam videocam to send texts, chat and make video calls to other PSP users via Wi-Fi hotspots. It was touted as a big step forward in making the PSP a functional communications device as well as a handheld gaming and entertainment console.

“Although Go! Messenger brought innovative communications features to the PSP community, the service has not developed the base of users that we were hoping for. Although it proved a popular concept, achieving a significant number of registrations, it didn’t gain the number of regular users that BT and SCEE were aiming for. We’d like to thank all fans of Go!Messenger and are sorry to have to make this announcement.”

Nintendo DSi

Nintendo DSi, which will be available April 5, will come with two cameras, one on the inside and one on the outside. We don’t want to sound paranoid, but the way that silent, unblinking lens on the outside stares at us is reminiscent of HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey. And since we’re eight years removed from 2001, there’s no telling what this technological marvel is capable of. Actually, putting our distrust aside, we do know that these lenses make the DSi capable of taking pictures to share with family and friends as well as opening up a world of possibilities for developers to come up with creative ways for players to interact with their games. It’s almost like the DSi has been given the ability to see, and that’s what scares us about it. We’re sure one day we’ll say, “I’d like to play a game now,” and the DSi will reply, “I’m afraid I can’t do that, Dave.” But until that fateful day when gaming handhelds become self-aware and attempt to take over the world, we can enjoy the fun stuff these gadgets can do. For example, The DSi promises the ability to save sounds and music on an SD card and interact with it while you play it, changing the tempo or pitch, altering voices and more. The SD card compatibility will also open the door for a variety of downloads and applications. As scared as we are of the DSi’s new powers, we’re sure we’ll end up with one, anyway. You should reserve one, too.  I know for sure.. that a friend who has  Mesothelioma would love and enjoy one of this as well.

Learn Chinese With A Pen

The 2-in-1 Language Learning (English and Mandarin) plus MP3 Pen is a language learning system designed for people who want to learn speaking English and Mandarin. It is easy to use and it’s an efficient way to learn English and Mandarin. The language learning material contains 1217 words and sentences in Chinese and English. As you touch the pen to the word or sentence on the page, you will hear a loud and clear pronunciation of the word or sentence. You will learn many common and useful words and sentences which are commonly used in our social life. It also provides IPA symbols (International Phonetic Alphabet) for learners to understand the phonetic system. Learning Pen also supports MP3 playback, lets you enjoy music and learning on the go.  It is actually only at $79 but shipping is $20 (daylight robbery) eh.

Wiper Sharpner

Don’t know what to give your man.. for his birthday..?? or Christmas..?? or even the brother in laws ..?? or male relatives..???  This is one of those gadgets you never had a clue you needed.  Now that you’ve seen it though, I’d be willing to bet you’re at least curious to try it.  When windshield wiper blades start to go bad, I know at least a good portion of us, myself included, put off taking care of it as long as possible.  After all, it doesn’t rain all the time, so as long as you’re not having a run of bad weather, bad windshield wiper blades are easy to ignore.  Although, it’s probably not best to ignore the issue in the winter.

Since that is the case for many, we’ve probably all at least once experienced the joys of replacing windshield wiper blades in the pouring rain.  Well apparently there’s another way to put off replacing those blades, which is good news for the procrastinators and especially those that are excessively cheap.  Instead you can take this little kit from Japan and sharpen your windshield wiper blades.  I have no idea how well it works, but at $5, it’s definitely at least worth a try.

Illuminating Beams

Why buy this .. instead of using the candles.. well for one thing .. this is cute..!  and of course .. when you are staying in the school campus or dorm.. you can’t afford to be made fun of .. by the boys right.  So yes.. this Tude beams are quite the same like mood lights.. and you can either use them .. to relax .. or the light dances to the music you are playing.  As you can see .. they represent a different mood for each.  Check out the siblings as well.  And finally something i can afford to buy.. at only $15USD.  Not advisable for young kids.

Saturday Night Speakers

I called it my John Travolta speakers.. because it definitely reminds me of the show .. by John Travolta.  If it was any cheaper.. i would be the first to get some… to even give our as presents.. but this cute speakers.. is going for like $60 USD .. *sigh*.  This 70s afro dude with jumpsuit sure reminds me .. or when we were so busy .. discoing.. and when disco was the rave.  Works on batteries ..or USB power from your desktop or laptop and you are ready to go.

iMu Vibration Speakers

Definitely a gadget .. hahahha!!  and an expensive one too.  At £50 .. pretty steep in my humble opinion..  but for those who needs to spend some money on gadgts .. this is the one to get for sure. Place it on any surface.. be it on the wall.. or solid wood floors.. or on top of a table top.. your car ..  and yes.. it does give out music.. and one need to simply leave it on anything.. and it works.  Crazy huh.. what technolgy can bring you.

“The magic is all down to a unique composite known as Terfenol-D, developed by those jolly clever chaps at the US Navy. Place the Terfenol in an aluminium case, wrap a coil round it and pass a current through… the resultant expansion of the Terfenol creates a force capable of transmitting electrical signals (your music) into mechanical energy (vibrations). It’s these good vibrations that are picked up and amplified by the hard surface on which the iMu is sitting.”