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iPhone Socks

Perfect for the iphone of course as they are specially designed for them.  Definitely not my type.. but not a appetite suppressant either.  Hand sewn and 100% cotton and soft as feather, and will also polishes fingerprints off your iPhone -now you can beat that with any other socks eh. At $26 .. not a bad buy at all.. i’ll have to say.

TrackMania DS

When you have a kid like i do and the spouse owns a computer/game store, you kinda need to know your stuff – well a wee bit.  But she was playing Trackmania for hours.. i bet if she was a teenager, she would need acne treatments for the lack of sleeping.

Ok.. about this game, it’s about racing.. and you race to get in first. here is no doubt that the Trackmania formula is a successful one–the game has already seen four versions come out on the PC, all of which have been quite enjoyable. They aren’t for everyone, as they definitely are not a sim-racer (like Gran Turismo) and they can be frustrating as you often have to run tracks over and over again to perfect them, but for some gamers they are just about as fun as racing games get. Because you are primarily racing against yourself you can keep racing tracks in order to shave off a few hundredths of a second or, in the case of the DS version, there is an added incentive: earning coppers. Using these coppers you can unlock new tracks, blocks (parts for building custom parts), and skins for your cars. You’ll also have to beat easier tracks in order to gain access to more difficult ones. The buying is limited to game elements though–you can’t buy new cars, improved suspensions, or anything like that.

Singapore Day, London With Mr Brown

Many ppl may not even get this song by Mr Brown because you are not a Singaporean. It takes a Singaporean to understand the full potential of this song .. and it would definitely bring a smile on your faces.  Singaporeans in London are a group of lucky ppl .. because, they are not only bringing the local celebs .. but the food .. from home to London. I think .. last year .. they had it in SF .. i don’t know when .. they will have it .. in Canada.. but one can vote to have them bring Singapore Day to Canada.. and you betcha.. i’m gonna do that. Jobs in health care are aplenty everywhere.. but these comedians.. you can’t find them anywheres but in Singapore.

Lego BoomBox & MP3 Player

If you are looking for some great gadgets for your kids, look no further because LEGO has teamed up with Digital Blue to produce some LEGO themed devices. They aren’t fancy, but they sure get the job done. It’s really cool that even if your kid loses an MP3 player, it won’t break the bank. That’s right, these gadgets are affordable and you won’t have problems purchasing another one if that happens. Plus, they’ll bring back a load of memories.

Finally, we are seeing what the partnership between LEGO and Digital Blue produced. We’ve already seen the camera that they plan on releasing, now it’s time for the MP3 player and the boombox. We’ve got some good news. They’ll cost you $40. Now that’s pretty cool. I have to say that the MP3 player looks pretty kid-friendly. It’s bright and colorful, and comes in two different color schemes, one for boys and another for girls. They have 2GB of storage and LCD displays. They come in this great LEGO brick shape which will bring back a lot of memories for us adults.

Killed By Laptop

SURREY, B.C. – Mounties in Surrey, B.C., say a woman who died in a car accident last month appears to have been killed by her laptop computer.

Heather Storey, 25, was driving to work March 16 when her vehicle was hit by a tow truck. Storey’s laptop was sitting unsecured in her back seat and RCMP spokesman Sgt. Roger Morrow says the vehicle’s abrupt stop sent the computer flying into the back of Storey’s head. The force of the blow was so severe that it shattered the computer’s screen and bent the frame.

The coroner determined that Storey died as a result of blunt force trauma.

Morrow says investigators believe the accident was survivable and that police are warning the public to secure their belongings while driving.

Source : Canadian Press

Kenwood Glass Speakers

I don’t know if the man would like this awesome looking speakers or not since this new Kenwood SP0001 is good looking .. but don’t sound as good as they looked.  But of course, if you were a bachelor and trying to impressed .. this is the thing to get.

Please know that they only have a 10 watt channels, therefore not gonna sound the greatest.  And it also cost an arm and a leg.  At $1000 if i buy this underpowered speakers.. the man would prolly scream at me.  But it is definitely a cool piece to have .. just because of the way it look.

Techy Chick

I was chatting with someone online.. and the person had requested i post a picture.. of myself.. so that she can see who techy chick is.  I guess they must all think that ppl who are as geeky as i am.. must be someone who is big in size and needs diet pill and is only good at hiding behind the screen.  Well, the person isn’t right at all .. because this techy chick isn’t one of those.  Sorry dudette..!!!

Windows Mobile 6.5

It looks like Windows Mobile 6.5 will arrive a little earlier than expected. A post on the WinMo team blog says that the update to Redmond’s smartphone platform will officially launch on May 11, the first day of the Tech Ed conference. We’re figuring that could mean we’ll see the gold build demoed for the very first time, seeing how the version showed off at the glamorous MWC launch was described as an “alpha” cut. Of course, after that it’s all up to the carriers and handset manufacturers as to when we’ll actually see the OS loaded onto devices, but we’re sure the hacking community will find a way to satiate the impatient until then or until Windows Mobile 7 comes out.

Best Geek Hotel

Geek rooms for geeks is a must .. when we are traveling for business, but they of course need to have all the geeky stuff.  Well, it would be preferable of course, especiallyif you need to lug the spouse along for your business trips and you want to keep him occupied.. else he won’t go on a trip with you no more.  I’ve been to a few .. and whenever i book a hotel, i check them out first.  Another reason for a geeky hotel is that you don’t need to lug all  your geeky stuff along.  A traveling hazard if you asked me.

New Shuttle

We used to have 2 of this.. to run our POS machine.  It was definitely sleek and all.. but the one that we had.. they didn’t do a lot.  So if you are thinking of gaming and such.. forget it now.

Shuttle has announced a new duel-core nettop for consumers: the X270V. The box is running SUSE Linux on Intel dual-core Atom 330 CPU’s with each core clocked at 1.6 GHz. The machine can hold up to 2GB of DDR2, and offers users one of the smallest footprints of any nettop computer.

Other specs include a Gigabit-LAN connection, 6-channel audio, PS/2-connectors, serial interface, 6x USB, VGA and DVI-out, connect the X270V to peripheral devices. Currently, this nettop is only available to European markets. The pre-configured X270V is running 299 Euros.

For those of you in Europe, you can get your hands on this sleek new nettop here. As far as making an appearance in the U.S., well we don’t know if it will. You’re probably better off finding one of these.