TrackMania DS

When you have a kid like i do and the spouse owns a computer/game store, you kinda need to know your stuff – well a wee bit.  But she was playing Trackmania for hours.. i bet if she was a teenager, she would need acne treatments for the lack of sleeping.

Ok.. about this game, it’s about racing.. and you race to get in first. here is no doubt that the Trackmania formula is a successful one–the game has already seen four versions come out on the PC, all of which have been quite enjoyable. They aren’t for everyone, as they definitely are not a sim-racer (like Gran Turismo) and they can be frustrating as you often have to run tracks over and over again to perfect them, but for some gamers they are just about as fun as racing games get. Because you are primarily racing against yourself you can keep racing tracks in order to shave off a few hundredths of a second or, in the case of the DS version, there is an added incentive: earning coppers. Using these coppers you can unlock new tracks, blocks (parts for building custom parts), and skins for your cars. You’ll also have to beat easier tracks in order to gain access to more difficult ones. The buying is limited to game elements though–you can’t buy new cars, improved suspensions, or anything like that.

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