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World’s Fastest Processor

Really..?? and by Fujitsu and not Intel at that – now that has gotta hurt Intel eh.   I know that spouse would be happy to read this .. but I don’t think he will need this anytime soon.  But it’s good to know .. what the World’s fastest processor can do right.

The Japanese firm revealed its latest supercomputer CPU offering at “Fujitsu Forum 2009.” It claimed the chip is capable of crunching through an astounding 128 Billion computations per second, 2.5 times faster than Intel’s current best performer. This makes Fujitsu the first Japanese firm in a decade to snatch the lead in raw CPU performance.

The little beauty has aptly been dubbed “Venus,” a much sexier name than its rather more nerdy technical moniker “SPARC64 VIIIfx.”

See i told you . .not for the ordinary blokes out there.

Egg Printer

When i first saw this at Engadget..i had to smile and wonder who would want to eat such a beautiful egg .. after the machine had a go at it.  But having said that.. these eggs are great for Chinese Weddings and the full moon celebration of a new born.   But to mass produce on this machine..?? i wonder if it is possible at all.  I’ll bet on my ellipticals than this egg printer.  But maybe by next year, whoever has the rights to it.. may have it ready for Easter.  That’s another thought eh.