Windows 7 Beta

Free for a year.. and then pay for it a year later.. now that sounds awesome right..??  heard so much about it lately. . but really don’t wanna try it out yet.. for fear of all the drivers i have to look for and all.The Windows 7 is suppposedly to be Microsoft not only newest baby but a huge user interface overhaul since Windows 95. They say that it recognizes cameras, printers and other add ons immediately and great for those who loves their gadgets like yours truly .. but hate to have to look for drivers.   Windows 7 also knows all about music and movies addition .. and apparently they can master them all.   Looks like it is gonna be easier than i thought.. so i won’t be needing the best fat burners from spending hours in front of the computer.. searching for drivers, since it seems to do so  much.  If anyone had tried it .. please let me know… i’m gonna wait for abit.. like i did with Vista.

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