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High Tech Tent For Geeks

Wow..!!  a high tech tent for geeks who are going camping.  Using eco-energy technology, Orange revealed their vision to the world.  This tent allows geeky campers to keep in touch with the rest of the world..while they enjoy nature.  It is powered with essential camping gadgets and more.   See now geeks can go out and be outdoorsy too.. but don’t foget to get that  auto insurance quotes before you doing anything this summer.

Grand Theft On PSP

Gamers who are fans of GTA, but don’t own a Nintendo DS/DSi, will be pleased to hear that GTA Chinatown Wars is heading to the PSP.

The handheld game is being updated for both the PSP and PSPgo and will be available at retail and as a digital download when it arrives in the Fall. The content is being given the widescreen treatment as well as enhancements to lighting and animation.

If you already own and enjoyed the DS version then you still may want to consider the game on PSP. Rockstar are adding new story missions to the title which should give it just enough extra value to tempt a second purchase.

The Rockstar news does state retail and digital releases so I am assuming it means PSP and PSPgo versions. But unless someone reading this can find evidence otherwise, it could also mean a PSPgo only launch with the ability to buy a download code at retail. I think Rockstar would be crazy not to release a PSP version as not that many people will own a PSPgo in the Fall as the hardware only gets released in October.

CRT Causes Skin Cancer ?

I was happily typing away.. when my grandaunt shouted from the bedroom.. that CRT causes cancer.. and i shouldn’t go on the computer too much.  So i rolled my eyes.. and put it behind me.. afterall, i do take care of my skin.. and i have my daily skin care routine – shouldn’t that be good enough..?? So this is what i found out below.  I think i better stop spending so much time on the computer eh.

Studies show that long-term exposure to radiation increases the risk of all forms of cancer, tumors, blood disorders, miscarriage, headaches, insomnia, anxiety, aging of the skin, skin burn, etc.

Radiation exposure over time can cause skin burn, dry wrinkled skin and photo aging. This skin damage is identical to sun damage and causes the same health problems. Many electronic products that we use on a daily basis expose us to harmful radiation.

A television, microwave oven, cellular phone and computer are examples of products that emit radiation. To preserve your health use electronic products carefully, in ways that shield your body from radiation.

Computer radiation is most harmful to skin health because we sit directly in front of the computer for long periods of time with our face absorbing the radiation. Lessening this type of harmful radiation is important.

Compost Solution

Unlike when I was living in Singapore, garbage and compost are picked up every 2 weeks.  Yes.. you keep them at home in the basement preferably ..  and wait for it to smell and rot.. and with germs.. and so forth.. and then it gets picked up 2 weeks later.   Sometimes more.. if you don’t catch the garbage man.  But wait.. what if you lived in a small apartment.. and no basement to store away your compost..??   Well, if you are like a lot of people out there renting and staying in apartments, you will have to hold off those golf training aid you were thinking of getting for your spouse for Father’s Day .. and get this instead.

The Loofen compost is a new model that’s been designed in Korea. It’s quite small and comes in a sober looking design.It’s capacity is only 5L. What’s really nice about it is that it can dehydrate waste and make it smell not so bad. It’s got a deodorizing function, making it easy to keep compost somewhere where you’d never though of keeping like, like in your apartment. Loofen removes germs and can take any sort of food waste. Even though the product isn’t showcased as a compost, it most certainly is. It’s sold to be a food waste reducer, whatever that means. We guess that it’s an way of getting rid of wasted food. It’s supposed to get completely dehydrated and then can be used for feed or fuel. Naturally, this is perfect for creating your own compost. Once again, you need to realize that a larger compost bin is needed once the waste has been treated.

25 Yrs Ago

Wow..!! the tetris game had come a long year.  I didn’t think it was 25 yrs old already.. but counting back – it is really 25 yrs.  I’m sure you’ve enjoyed this game when you were a kid like i did and it had given you many hours of enjoyment.  Unlike our gps systems , it is much easier to master the tetris, so lets take a look and remember that tetris song that we are all so familiar with .. once upon a time.


Yes.. the techy chick in me loves this .. chic or geeky enough for you ..?? very ..! but i love it.. and it’s under $10 .. awesome or not..??   Like all techy chicks.. from around the whole.. not only is our home lighting important.. it is always great to be able to dress up.. and tell ppl that you are smart.  Hehehe!!  Now to find some skin for my laptop.. that i had been talking about for ages now.  Gotta compliment the t-shirt eh.

Start Them Young

Never too young to start them gaming eh..??  hehehe!! this nursery is for real according to meadblog and this yoshi nursery is done up all by themselves.  Pretty creative if you asked me.  The oversize wall decal can probably be ordered from Etsy if i am not wrong.. afterall, they do have all sorts of decal.  Would you do this for your kid’s room.  We only have Winnie the Pooh… what about you ..??

GPS Clock

Funky looking clock eh.  But at $400 .. that’s a lot of money for a clock. The clock uses Nixie vacuum tubes inside a clear display case – looks techy enough for me.. don’t you think.