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Nintendo DSi Connects To Face Book

Starting today, Nintendo DSi owners have even more ways to share their experiences with friends and family. Using an Internet-connected Nintendo DSi system and the Nintendo DSi Camera application, Facebook members can take pictures with either of the system’s two cameras and upload their photos directly to their Facebook profile. This function will be available after 5 p.m. Pacific with a free downloadable system update.

While reviewing pictures they’ve stored in the Nintendo DSi Camera album, which includes photos taken by users and manipulated using the built-in interactive lenses, users can simply tap the Facebook icon on the system’s touch screen to instantly transmit photos to the user’s Facebook profile. The user’s system must be configured to a wireless broadband Internet connection for the transmission of photos.

“Facebook and Nintendo DSi build on the trend of personalization that is so important to consumers,” said Cammie Dunaway, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. “We’re giving people the tools to express themselves in creative new ways and show off the results to their friends and family on Facebook.”

Nintendo DSi has sold more than 1.7 million units in the United States alone, according to the NPD Group. The third iteration of the world’s best-selling portable video game system includes photo- and voice-manipulation features that allow users to customize their experiences like never before.

The Summer Kind Of Flash Drives

No way..!!! i told myself.. muhahahahah!!! but way to go.. for being so innovative eh.  And i bet they are made in Asia too..!!! why..??  the westerners donch know about “siew yoke” .. muahhaha!!  And them about motorhome insurance no problem at all.. but meat as fatty as that.. hahhaha!!!  For a 4GB wing – you can expect to pay like US $28 for them.   But they are too cute and too real to not buy them.. and if you are trying to be unique in the office or even school.. this is what you should get.

ANEO GX-10 Web Camera

ANEO GX-10 is a new gaming experience for you to stretch and relax while you are working under stressful and heavy workload. It is a web camera with three PC video interactive games, Kungfu, Super Knight, and Funny Stair. ANEO GX-10 puts YOU into the theme and in real-time puts your moves on the screen while you are in front of the PC. It is an interesting and easy game for kids as well if they are too easy for you. Get one and challenge your quick moves now!  $33 at

Notebook Cooling Pad

This is something any notebook user must buy.  At $33.00 – this is definitely worth the investment, especially if you have the notebook for about a year.. and your fan is clogging up. This Netbook Cooling Pad has built-in a slient fan and together with 3 USB 2.0 ports. It is good for cooling down your Netbook and convenient for you to connect any other USB devices. In addition, it designed with a 2.5″ SATA HDD slot. You can plug any 2.5″ SATA hard drive to extend your storage conveniently.

Have You Seen The Cables At My House Lately?

Yes..!! have you seen the cables around my house lately ..?? they are a disaster..!!!   When we need to unplug something.. there we have to go thru’ hoops it seems.  This cheap and handmade totally cool cable identifier can be found on etsy.  $6 for a set of 8 .. you can ask for more eh.  You can now finally know what you’re unplugging. Wind cables into these spirals to label which plug belongs to which electronic. This set of 6 is made for computer organization and includes identifiers for:

Scanner or Laptop

Luggage Scale

Have scales will travel.  One don’t have to worry about carrying too much luggage and getting charged extras at the airport because you have no choice.. but to pay.  Else what are you gonna do with the excess luggage right..?  This digital scale is only $15 and pretty easy to use and you can’t go wrong with it.  Weighs luggages up to 88Ibs – you do the math yourself.. when it comes to several.  Beats the price of my best fat burner too.  Great gift for the dad or spouse who travels a lot.