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PS3 Console Cheaper Than Ever

My stone sink has to hold since Sony Corp will have a cheaper version of the PS3 console at a ridiculous cut prices a few days ago. The new slim version of the PS3 will be launched in the first week of September, priced at 299 euros in Europe and $299 in the United States.  Sony’s Chief Executive Kazuo Hirai said at the Gamescom video game trade show in Cologne, Germany.  Normally one can get a new PS3 was $400 …  so you do the numbers.  This Christmas i bet this is the machine everyone wants for their kids, boyfriends and even husbands.

Obsessed With Star Wars

How many of us can be as obsessed of Star Wars and afford to theme up your house ..  like Cho Woong did .. but i’m obsessed with my  Skechers Shape ups so i can understand him for sure.

Collectors are a dime a dozen. Collectors like Cho Woong, who can balance their obsession with a good eye for decor, are a whole lot more of a rare breed. Cho’s collection of Star Wars borders on Sith Lord scary, with a home entertainment center that looks straight Empire chic, a display case that would give the Smithsonian a run for its money, and even a Darth Vader bathroom that somehow works as a decor theme…

e book Reader From Sony

While e-book readers have been getting a lot of press over the last year or so, they’ve not been selling particularly well. There are plenty of reasons for that – but the main one is a lack of consumer awareness, coupled with high retail prices. Why pay £250 for an e-book reader when you can pay a fiver for a paperback?

With this brand new Sony Reader Touch Edition, Sony has sought to address these issues by retaining the steep retail price.  This new flagship reader is, as you might have guessed from the title, a touchscreen device. But don’t expect it to deliver the kind of touchscreen experience you’d find on an iPhone, because it’s anything but.

You need to use the supplied stylus, but luckily it’s fairly responsive and you can still use your fingers for touch functions that don’t require accuracy – like turning a page for example.

The interface is pretty similar to that on existing Sony Reader products, with a main menu offering access to your eBooks and new features which include notes/annotations.

You can now use the stylus to annotate the pages of your eBooks, and you can then print these notes off at a later date. While this is a useful function in theory, in practise we deemed it to be fairly hopeless. The screen just isn’t responsive enough – characters you’ve written only appear about a second after you’ve written them.

So when we wrote TechRadar on top of a sample of the first HitchHiker’s Guide to the Galaxy eBook, we were already writing the ‘c’ before the T and the e had appeared on screen. It’s not fun, and it needs improving before it’ll be of real use to students and the like.

There’s also the option to double-tap a word in a book, and the onboard dictionary will pop up to give you a definition. So if you’re having a slow moment and you can’t remember what a car is, the Sony Reader Touch Edition will duly give you an Oxford Dictionary definition.

The six-inch screen is comfortable to read though and the weight has come down too, so it’s not too much of a hassle to carry around.

Laptop Killer

A laptop left on a sofa has been blamed for causing a fire which killed a man in Vancouver.

According to the Coroners Service of British Columbia, the fire – which happened earlier in 2009 – was caused when the lithium-ion battery in the laptop overheated because of the lack of ventilation and set fire to the sofa.

The coroner – who declined to name the make of laptop – pointed to prior incidents of laptop batteries overheating.

Sony Pretty & WaterProof Remotes

Sony Japan has introduced simple universal remote controls with big buttons to perform the basic functions. To be made available in a variety of colors the remote controls will be waterproof and would be compatible with majority of TV manufacturers. The units go on sale in Japan from September 10 for 2468 Yen ($ 29).

Talk With Your Dog

Dog owners would love this gadget .. afterall, some of us treat our dogs like our sons and daughters right..?? and you are the mama.

Depending on what breed you have, dogs can be quite expressive. Sure, they can’t speak, but they can express what’s going in their little minds. What would you say to a machine that could record and translate your dog’s barks while you were away?

The dog translator works in a bunch of different ways. First, it functions like the original Bowlingual. It’s able to interpret six different moods from your dog. It comes with a paw-shaped remote control and an LCD screen. The remote also contains a bunch of different pre-recorded phrases to tell you what is on your dog’s mind.

The Bowlingual Voice has the ability to record what your dog “says”. You can then listen to this when you return from work. This means that you’ll know what happens at home while you are away. Barring the installation of a few webcams, this is probably the easiest way of doing this. Sounds interesting, but we are still confused about what the device can actually do. It’s apparent that it allows the dog to communicate with you thanks to the “translator”. It’s just too bad that you can’t reply to him in the manner of a dog. We would have liked the remote to bark back at Fido.

Joking aside, this sort of technology would really develop greatly if it was used in an open-source way by functioning like Google Translate and people would input their data online. This would enable the translation engine to improve. At some point, you’d get some really interesting results. This device costs about $200 and has just been released in Japan. As for us, we’ll just wait for Google Translate to integrate barks.

Geeky Coaster

While looking up for life insurance for the employees, i came across this on Etsy – seller – meritmarket.  Yah.. yah.. i hear you asking .. why was i on Etsy again.. but you and I know that Etsy has fabulous stuff..!!  Anyhow, this is a great gift.. for any guy in the family.. who loves the computer. or works in the office… because the men are always left out when it comes to gift giving right..?? so no more missing out the boys this year for Christmas.. and don’t have to get them stuff they don’t like.  This works for even the cousin brothers.

Old Fashion Arcade Game

Remember this hit the bum game.. with a rubber hammer.. that you can find in the game arcade.. many year ago..??  Yes.. as easy as doing colon cleanse reviews , this game is a no brainer.  To hit the bum, give them a good hit on the bum with the rubber hammer provided when they light up. Be quick though! Once a light goes out, the chance to gain a point is lost! There are 3 red lights on the surface of the game. Each lights represents how many lives you have. To start, you have 3 lives. For every two misses, a life is lost. For every life that is lost, a red light will go out. When all lives are lost (no red lights illuminated), the game is over. The LED screen keeps track of your scores. Price : US$29.

Gamer’s Shelving

Now that’s what i call innovative and lots of imagination here.  But for any gamer.. they would love something like that in their computer room.. or even the recreation room.  Now I wanna know how i can incorporate this into my computer room.. or even the basement.. to make it look cool . .and how to i keep things from sliding down..?  i don’t want to break my bottles of Pronexin in the meantime eh.


Not only for the home .. but i need one for the office .. to go with the office furniture when renovated .. would be the most ideal.  It’s available in October.. and definitely beautiful.. and certainly a conversation starter as well as a wow impression to your clients when they visit your office.  Donch expect the iWing to cool the entire office immediately because it is said to work like a ceiling fan .. to provide air circulation .. and not coolest.

Designed by a former development engineer for the automotive industry, specifically in F1 racing, in conjunction with the appropriately named Phoenix Design in Stuttgart. The design will be launched in October this year, with pricing yet to be announced.