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Mr Cold Liquid Soap Dispenser

Cute and adorable – i saw it during our rv repair and just had to scout it out if i can buy it online.  Designed by an italian designer and comic strip artist – as you can see the dispenser resemble some cartoon we see on papers.  Not cheap at all.. therefore most ppl wouldn’t really have it – at $32 but i hear it last forever- because it is almost unbreakable.  So for those who have small kids .. no problem. .buy away.  Also very simple to refill the liquid soap by just unscrewing the head – kids would love to help with that.  I chose the pink one  – what about you?  Afterall, I am a woman . .and one that is young at heart eh.

For The Die Hard BBQ Fan

For those who loves BBQing. .anytime. .and any season .. and anytime of the day..l this is what you have to get.  No need for any cardboard display to teach one how to use it, it is pretty simple, it tells, the temperature of the meat that you are BBQing..  by the sensor on the tongs.  Digital BBQ tongs take the guesswork out of knowing when the food is ready. Sensor measures meat’s internal temperature– alarm sounds when meat is done. Includes seven preset meat types and one custom setting. Also has built-in LED flashlight and easy to read backlit LCD display. Tongs lock for easy storage. Requires two AAA batteries, included. Stainless steel and plastic, 16 x 8 x 2 1/2″.  For $40 .. it’s definitely a gadget the men in the family would love.

Dice Speaker

Browsing thru’ New Orleans Louisiana information and found these dice speakers meant for mp3 players and ipods.  At only $33 .. afforable i am sure even for a student – makes a great gift for a friend.. and a younger kid.  These Bird Electron Dice Speakers (45mm squared) were designed specifically for mini sized flash drive MP3 players like the iPod Shuffle and Sony NW-E005’s. Don’t expect to rock the party with one of these tiny speakers, but they might come in handy when you want to share some tunes sans headphones.

Colorful iPod Dock

Very stylish looking ipod dock .. if you asked me.  Even if I have to buy the best weight loss supplements I must still get this one .. once it is released.  By alvaro Uribe who lives in Brooklyn and I heard he has many unique designs.  I love the color of this ipod dock and i don’t think it looks too geeky.  I plan to put this in my office.  One can hang from a wall or have it on top of a flat surface.  Can’t wait for the release date and the price of it.

First Apple To Be Auctioned

Geek explosion! Profiles in History is set to auction off an Apple Macintosh Plus, model serial number M0001 (upgraded from a Mac 128), which was given to Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry by Apple. Man, tell people that George Lucas wrote the first Star Wars draft on this thing and you’ve got the trifecta.

It’ll be auctioned off on October 8 and 9, and it’s got a surprisingly low estimated sale price between $800 and $1,200. That low? Do you guys know that this is a combo of Apple nerdery and Star Trek nerdery? You might want to add a zero to the end of that estimate.

Source :Dvice

Refurbished Kindle

If you’re one of the millions of students getting back to school, or if you just enjoy reading books, and have always thought that spending $300-500 on an ebook reader was too much, then maybe getting a refurbished Kindle from Amazon might be the right thing to do.

Xbox 360 Elites At $100 Less

While everyone can afford a  desktop computers because it is a necessity.. one have to think twice before getting a xbox 360.  But as of August 28, 2009, you can now afford the xbox 360 elite because of a price reduction of a $100.  This was officially announced by Microsoft.  At $299 – it is definitely a must by for this Christmas – I am wondering if they had to reduce the price because of the PS3 .. but i prefer the xbox 360 to the PS3 anytime.

The Arcade remains at the same price of $199 and the Pro will be at $249 instead of $299 and while supplies last.. they are not making anymore of the Pro .. so i hear.

Noting that the announced price reduction would lure new buyers, and simplify its product mix for manufacturers, retailers and customers, Dennis said: “It really makes the decision for consumers a lot easier. They’re either price conscious and they gravitate toward the Arcade or they the want the full Xbox 360 experience.”

While Xbox is the second-ranking gaming console in the US, after Nintendo’s $249-priced Wii, the sales of Xbox have been comparatively more robust in 2009 – with a 17 percent rise in the US sales, Xbox has been the only console in positive territory!

iPod @ $199

For an 8gb, you can now get your dream ipod .. for $199 – not a bad investment at all.  Especially when you can play games..  use it as a pocket computer.. and play music and movie.   Great for a gift.. for that special someone.  Look at the specs on Apple’s website – engraving for free now too.

Nano Shoots Video

iPod nano now has a built-in video camera that lets you record fun as it happens. Then share it with friends on the Internet. It’s the video camera that’s small enough to take with you everywhere.

A quick scroll through the menu takes you to the video camera. Then you’re ready to record video in portrait or landscape — perfect for emailing or posting on Facebook or MobileMe. A built-in mic lets you capture audio, too. And when you play back your video on iPod nano, you’ll hear the recorded audio with it. All of which means your indispensable music player is now your indispensable video camera.

Fifteen fun video effects let you add a little Hollywood to your video. Just scroll through, choose the effect you want — such as film grain or motion blur — and start recording. When you’re done, sync iPod nano to your computer and iPhoto (or your favorite photo software) opens. Then email your miniblockbuster or post on YouTube or Facebook.