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Flat Cables

Interesting !  i was just wondering if they were from Samsung but nope.. they are from LaCie apparently.  Very bright and stylish if you asked me.. and caught my attention right away.  These are used for connection your computer to the various peripherals for your workspace – USB, Firewire and eSATA connections. They come in 7 different connection for different interfaces and they not expensive at all – $12.99 the most expensive that i saw. Each cable comes with 24 adhesive labels, so you can customize your cables and always know which device is plugged in, and the flat design makes for an easy coil up option for on-the-go use.

SD1200 Canon

I have an SD 1100 and i’m pretty happy with it.. but i sure love the colors for the SD1200 Canon.  I told my buddy to give up cigars for a month to get one of these for his g/f and she would probably let him have a football nite with the boys… hahhaha!!

The SD1200 works pretty much the same as SD 1100 as far as i can tell ..  but this Friday… being the Black Friday, you can get it at $149 instead of the usual $219 at certain places.  This camera is definitely now affordable lightweight and a responsive camera that is easy for the amateur to use, but has enough features for the more knowledgeable photographer to get a precise shot.  It is true.. that pictures come out really nice.. i’ll even put my reputation on it.

Digital Camera

We found on some free directories for a supplier in Hong Kong that supplies stuff like Digital Camera for very cheap.  They are of no brand of course but they do work and cost very little – i think like $5 cost.  But I have to warn you the clarity is not the same as those you get from logitec of course .. but for $5 .. you can’t really go wrong with it.  Plus they do look really stylish and shiny…  but the waiting time for shipping took a very long time, so if you are in no real hurry, sure go ahead and order them for Christmas.

Garment Steamer

A handy garment steamer ended at our home when looking at some  disney world vacations for this winter.  I figured if i can get it at $40 it wouldn’t be too bad, since they retail at $125.  Why do we need one..??  coz’ we all hate ironing.. and the steamer i’ve seen it work at boutiques.. and it seems a lot easier.. but i know i would hate one that drips.

This amazing steamer from Redfern provides sixty minutes of continuous steam with an automatic shut-off for when the unit becomes too hot or there is a shortage of water. It’s the perfect device for smoothing fabric from sheer to woolen without scorching or leaving behind shine. A pleater is included to help you keep all of your trousers, skirts and pants in perfect, wearable condition.

Wii Fit

I’m sure everyone by now has one but not me.  We just acquired one recently at a really cheap price, therefore, the entire family wanted to try it out.  Me..?? or course i wanted to try .. afterall, i need to get those ugly belly fat taken care of.   The Wii Fit is a very fascinating machine.. and i can see myself.. working on it.. whenever time permits.  I think i am gonna keep it at the store.. and exercise on it.. every hour for 10 mins each time.  Why..?? because the winter is cold here.. and it can be really hard to do any walking.. so a Wii Fit can do simple things like stretching or running on the spot is always an ideal way to go.

Darn Geeky Mousepad

A mousepad that doubles up as your calendar and to do list.. now..!! that’s the way to do it.  How many times.. did you have to note down and appt.. or find the right dates for an appt.. right in front of your desk.. and you don’t have nowhere to write.. nor find out if it was the right date you need..??  Yes.. yes..!! you agree with me right..??  so come 2010 ..  have no fear.. for this easy .. cheap $ 12 – taking care of business mousepad can be yours.  No more running around for a piece of paper.. or no need to wait.. for the computer’s date book to appear.

Retro Keyboards

Bendiboards are practically indestructible waterproof keyboards, which can be washed. Coffee spills, dust, yesterdays chicken and cranberry sandwich, simply get wiped away. Lightweight, ultra-slim, and compact, you can roll it up and take it anywhere with you making it ideal for use with laptops.

The soft material allows a quick, reflexive typing action that is silent and more comfortable than traditional hard, plastic keyboards. The flexible flat design also offers ease in typing which eliminates negative-angle stress to your wrists.

Geeky Pillowcases

Men do not like flowery pillow cases.. especially the geeky ones.  Even if you were to take them to any orlando vacations they still wouldn’t be bribe – well not mine anyways.  So what do you do.. when you have this really pink sheets and comforter and the works..??  you get them some geeky pillowcases.. and appease them. Funky looking.. and with black print of headphones on one pillow and a turntable on another – the perfect gift for the man who loves his games.. and music.   They don’t come cheap either.. but at $25 i still an afford it.