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Retro Inspired

Who wants a PC these days right? but if it looked something like that .. i told the man.. i could used one of it .. but he recommended a Mac instead… hahah!! but nope.. no way am i gonna learn how to use the Mac all over again.. tried it 10 yrs ago.. when my Spanish boss used it.. but not for me.  I’m too old for new stuff..? I was learning some kind of project management software on it .. and there itself, i was priding myself for being so diligent.

This desktop is designed by Dave Schultz who was inspired by the classic Philco Predicta TVs from the 50s.  Pretty funky looking eh..?? look at the typewriter like keyboard and mouse.  Wonder how much something like that cost, if it isn’t way too much, i could really use one.

USB Cushion Warmer

With the weather so cold .. and as i am looking at some life insurance quote , i cannot help but think of this USB cushion warmer.  And for those who don’t have a seat warmer in your car, this is definitely a must get…!! You can order them online.. and it’s really a great gift..  sit warm and stay warm.. and if it is for a loved one.. they will always remember you.

Computer Geeks Loves This

Yes, anyone who is into a lot of computer and even a computer store like ours.. must have something like that at our work station.  Why? my ! you should see my desk and the ones that the boss has when he is fixing computers – they looked terrible.  So while he was on this webite – i went ahead and ordered a pack of 6 for less than $10 for him for Christmas.

Each pack comes in a selection of muted or bright colours to fit your decor. Each CableDrop adheres using a peel and stick back and measures about 1 1/8″ in diameter, so it can stick almost on any surface. These not only seem like a solid solution for the home office, but also for home entertainment setups and kitchen appliances where other cable and wire organization needs to be addressed.

Magazine Racks

I have been searching for the right magazine rack for the basement until there are dark circles under eyes – I kid you not!  The basement is the spouse’s pride and joy .. so i really wanna get something good to go with the decor.  Nice but not too geeky nor too girlish – if you know what i mean. So i saw this – and thought i should have this custom made by a local guy here.  I know the spouse love the darker wood..  but instead of slot – cubie holes.

Space Saving Keyboard

While looking for some floor tiles , the spouse and I got deviated because we saw these on screen of our contractor’s desk.  This wireless keyboard looks rather stylish if you asked me.. and they are supposed to fold up like a fan .. a handheld one of course.  I like the look of it… but wonder if it would feel as sturdy as a regular keyboard.   But you and I know that there is just not enough space on our computer desk all the time, so if i can get one.. and fold it away during lunch time.. so that i can use my desk for lunch.. now that would be awesome..!!But at this point of time.. i don’t know how much this would cost.  Check back in a bit.. i’ll have a follow up on this.

Stylish & Workable Humidifier

Even at 44, I pride myself as being quite a stylish person especially when it comes to our home.  We’ve always needed a humidifier.. but never gotten one because the ones we’ve seen are really horrid to look at .. plus the noise.. !!!!!  arrrgghhh!!!  i need fat burner because the ordinary humidifier..  just keeps me awake all nite.

And now is the time where one needs the humidifier most – when it gets colder outside, we heat our homes: the relative humidity falls, and for folks like myself, you can find the above humidifier in 6 different colors.. and they are from Stadler Form at about $171, holds up to 3.7l of water ..and has 2 power settings – Blue for high and green for economy.  Max output at 300w and when on economy at 200w – not bad at all.  And you don’t have to worry about burning the machine, because it turns off by itself.. when the water is gone – the red light indicates it needs more water in it.