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Apple iPad

By now – I’m sure you have all seen the launch of the iPad by Steve Job – Apple’s co-founder.   You must be pretty hyped like i was eh..??   Like any geeky friends – i’m pretty sure you are hyped at any new  electronics that are launched.   Anyhow, the iPad has a 9.7″ screen with IPS Technology.  At $499 – well starting at $499 – the iPad does have a lot of features similar to an iPod Touch – the spouse had joked that it was a bigger version of a iPod Touch.   If you haven’t seen the video on the keynote in San Fransisco, google it and you can find them on you tube and just about any geek sites.

Online Studies

I would love to go back to school and upgrade myself – inspired by a community group back home, we were chatting about building a new town – or more like revitalizing it, the topic about folks like us – even older than go back to school and upgrade ourselves.  I for one am dying to do that and an  online university would be the way for me to go.   Why ? because we own our own business and my kid is very young and to pursue an online mba fits my lifestyle and it is recognized and highly regarded by most employers.  But most importantly I can do my studies wherever I am and not be restricted to be at school in one place and at my own pace.   So yes, if i am ever going back to upgrade, it will have to be done with a reputable and accredited program with lots of help when i need.

Extension Cord

Don’t we all hate ugly extension cords that needs to be coiled and put away .. when not in used and sometimes we can’t find a place to hide them away before the next time.  Find diets that work is  a lot easier to deal with than those extension cords.  Especially during christmas and you need to have all the wires outdoors and when after Christmas – there are tons of it to store away.

Well, now you can use Rambler Socket for those extension cords problems because their are coiled into the wall and it can be neatly tucked away when you don’t need it by simply tugging on the wire. So now .. if you need the extension cord for the vacuum cleaner, hair dryer – it’s way easier.

Bounce The Dust From Your PC

Really..??  using a bounce sheet can keep dust away from your PC ?  Yes  – that was exactly what i was thinking not out loud of course when i read it.  So instead of reading up on  skin id reviews i looked it up to see if it was true.  So is there good news for a cheap and easy fix to keep that dust out of our PC?

So i read if you remove the sides of your case and taped some unfolded dryer sheets over the ventilation holes, it acts like a filter that lets air passes through but traps dust in its tracks.  Plus it makes your office smells good.  Heh! awesome..!

Vintage Turntable

Everyone is going vintage these days – we’ve had ppl come to our store asking for if we sell turntables and old records every couple of weeks.  So I thought I should try and look for something we could have at home – I don’t really want anything that is too old with a real needle that one use for the turntable – but i love the retro look for our new home – something that friends and family who visits can go ooos and ahhhhhs.. about it – just like those human growth hormone that i read about the other day.  So someone said to me the other day – she saw this at the Tivoli outlet – and this one sure reminded me of my brother’s first stereo set – that we were so in awe about.  The cheapest I saw at Tivoli’s website was for $150 – so we don’t have to break or rob the bank for it – haha!

Windows 7

So is Windows 7 really that good..?? i have been hearing ppl going on and on about it for the past 1 month – in fact the local yard sale here have them on sale on facebook yard sale at half the price of the original but claimed to be a genuine product key.   I guess some ppl don’t need  sleep pills to sell illegal copies of this Operating System.

So yes.. how good is Windows 7 ?  Is Windows 7 really a Windows Vista release 2 as many had said..and that you can find many features that you find on Vista on Windows 7?  If so, why are ppl saying so many bad stuff about Vista and good stuff about Windows 7?   I still have the Vista from 1.5 yrs ago, when i bought my laptop from Walmart and it can be a pain sometimes.. but i’m pretty happy with it except for a few things.  We are thinking of upgrading to Windows 7 as a family – which will cost us about $350 with 2 license or something to that effect..??  I don’t know the details .. but i’ve heard the spouse talk about it.  So there..  i will update you .. when i get my Windows 7 with prices.

Self Stirring Mug

When returning from a long day of work, it’s hard enough mustering the energy to make a cup of refreshing tea. Imagine then having to continuously stir said cup of tea – well, you need your tea  even if you are on diet aids. One could possibly pass out from the strain. Luckily those clever chaps at Bluw have devised a way to avoid this exertion. Introducing the Self Stirring Mug.

No prizes for guessing what this little gem does. Press the button on the handle of the Self Stirring Mug to activate the tiny motor inside the bottom. Then watch as the propeller spins the contents, keeping your beverage lip-smackingly tasty to the last drop.

Kitty USB Hub

Gadgets are a must for anyone who spends any amount of time on the computer – be it whether you are using them at work or at home – one definitely need the gadget.  For me – the woman – it’s an accessory like our jewellery that we buy so often but never seems to get enough of it.  The g/f who does  employee screening and meet no one is such a person – even though she sees no one except the computer, she still dresses like she was meeting the CEO in the company everyday – I kid you not.

This 4-port USB Hub designed in kitty shape. 3 ports with cover and 1 revolving port. Your partner on work and great decoration on your desk! And they are not expensive at all – only at $10 – a very good gift for a co-worker who is having a promotion or even an anniversary with the company for long service.

Limited Edition

This funky looking speakers that cost less than $200 would definitely blow your mind out.  Even  richard willich would like it.  Generation 2 powered with improved performance and a limited edition. To push the sound envelope, the Rokit 2-way monitor contains KRK proprietary woofers and tweeters.  As much as I think the red is too bright, the friends think that it is something they have to get immediately because it reminds them of the 70s.  I remember i had a boom box that had this color too .. and I liked it so much..!  it’s not only a girl’s color i tell you .. because the spouse liked it too. Funky eh..?

EarPhones For Her

The spouse would never agree that women should have special ear phones because he thinks that the women don’t spend as much money as the men period.  Unlike acne scar cream which he claimed that the women would spend tons of money on them – no question about it, when it comes to accessories and gadgets, the women folks just don’t know how to appreciate it.

Well, i’m proving him wrong by making sure i buy these pretty looking ear phones for myself because Vestalife brought in a special team just to make this ear phones look like earrings. Each earbud features a different way of popping them in and taking them out. The Bumblebee has a soft cover as well as bee-looking rings which can be pinched for handling. The Scarab has a sculpted pinch-grip. The Boa’s grip is fashioned after a snake, which encircles the earbud. These new earbuds will be available later this year and won “Best of Show” at CES 2010. Pretty neat eh.