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Microsoft’s Courier

So I read from engadget that Microsoft has their on lil’ iPad like gadget to compete with Apple?  While we were out looking for a  dehumidifier we met a geeky friend of ours in the mall – who showed us the piece from Engadget that had some info on the Courier.  Apparently – it has a dual screen just like a book.   It’s also marketed as a digital journal and really thin and light.  We don’t have a price now but rumor has it that it has a webcam on it.   Interesting – that’s for sure and definitely more a ladies gadget?

LED Backlit Monitor

The “in” thing now for monitors – for a 23″  – it’s only $300 – not bad at all.  So what is the big deal..??  according to the spouse – this monitor’s been around since October.   The 23-inch LED backlit monitor is less than 2-inches thick, it’s brighter and it’s a lot lighter and the quality of the picture on the monitor is just great.  Looking at our life insurance rate for this year – we may just be able to afford one this Christmas – assuming the price will come down soon.  Check out the review from Crunch Gear.

Dog Remote

So your g/f’s dog is being bad?  and driving you nuts!  I was checking out this blog about how you can control your dog with this dog remote – hahha!! actually – it’s more like a prank for the g/f who has a bad dog.   But can be used for those dogs who loves chewing on your remote control that cost like $50 a piece. Don’t wish for more than that because it doesn’t need batteries to run nor does it have the appropriate button.

Fake Security Camera

I showed the spouse this fake security camera that we could buy for our home that way even if we are on vacation it would look like we are protected and scare away potential intruders.  The camera has a blinking light to show that it is in operation and it MOVES!!  i told him.  In which he laughed and said for $59.99 – I can get a real one to do a real job.   You see security cameras are so cheap now – why waste money on getting a fake one right..??  Oh well – i tried.. i better still with my wrinkle treatment reviews instead.

Digital Photo Frame That Plays Movies

So the spouse came across a digital photo frame on a yardsale in town – he bid for it and bought it for $30 which is actually a steal – because he used it as a video player to play movie clips for our customers at our store.  We got this idea when we went for the best fat loss supplement seminar and they had the frames sitting there and playing away their video that they made themselves.   It is a pretty neat idea, in fact – our customers are all amused with it .. because they never knew that the phot frames can play movie clips.  So if you are looking for way to impress your girlfriends or even your mother-in-law to be – get her one of this and put in home made videos of the family and the kids for them.

iPad Clutch

If you are thinking of getting and iPad when it is launch like I am for the spouse, you should get this iPad clutch too.  It is a cover or a carrier for the iPad.  I was actually looking for best joint supplements when i came across this on Apartment Therapy.  There was no price tag for it at this time but I will be looking out for it that’s for sure.  How not to have a protective cover for the iPad when it will cost me close to at least $500.

Staple Free Staples

Heheh!! pretty funny eh.. ?? yes.. stapless this is – it’s like asking folks to believe that eczema treatment don’t need special care.  Anyhow, it’s true..!!!  Paper normally sticks together through the use of external device – usually glue or some kind of bent metal wire. Then some kind of freakin’ GENIUS realized you can stick paper together WITH PAPER!

These staple-free-staplers cut a small flap and a notch in the paper, then it folds the flap back into the notch which keeps the paper stuck together! Pretty slick for a little plastic puppy!  ot only is it environmental, it’s safe – especially for little kid fingers. We’ve got these super cute staple-free staplers in adorable doggie and kitty styles in sickeningly-sweet pastel colors. Perfect for the geekling in your life, or the grown-up geek who’ve incorporated the word “SQUEE!” into their lexicon!

So, kids, next time you’ve got a report due for school, you can hand your assignment in on time while also saying, “The dog ate my homework.”

Save Your Gadgets

So you dropped your gadgets – your iPod, your phone or even your PSP into a bucket of water or a drain or left it inside your pocket and it went into the washing machine or when you were in a hurry to go for an interview for a new  employment.  Before you panic and freak out .. and wanna throw your gadget away – and get a replacement – try this.

Quickly remove all parts and wipe it down with a static cloth and then with a bowl of rice leave it overnight and hope it soaks up all the wetness.  Leave your gadgets or device for another few days.. and pray for the best results – never try – never know right?