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Just Cause 2

Recently out for the PS3 system as well as the xbox 360 and only at $40, so you can imagine everyone going out and getting it.  So the spouse said to me – forget about the ellipticals for a few weeks while i try this game out with my buddies.    So i told him – alrightie – so ahead and be as obese as i am – haha!!

So whats the game about?  what else is new right?  running around and blowing stuff up according to the spouse and after level 2 – you probably can do just about anything.   The game ppl are so smart – they came out with a demo for it about a month ago i think – to entice the gamers and as they expected as soon as the game was out and only at $40 – unlike some games going at $80 – everyone was out to get it.  I’m just glad that we are not renting any new games these days  – because new games tends to get stolen all the time by crooked lenders.

Gun Hair Dryer

Where but in Japan can you get something so funky right?  The japanese are definitely funky people but some things that they are very conservative .  They are and they are not – look at the designs they have for all sorts of gadgets – they certainly don’t sell textbooks style stuff  – if you have been to Japan – you will know what i mean.The good people at Apartment Therapy was writing to tell ppl how to choose the best hair dryers – but a hair dryer is a hair dryer to me.  I’m not such a complicated chick – hahah!!  what about you ?  do you have any specific type of hair dryer you need.

Multiple USB Ports

While reading up on phentermine no prescription the spouse showed me these multiple USB ports that you can plugged them together and use them at the same time.  Now if there is anyone or any stores or company that needs something like that it has gotta be us.  You use the spouse owns his own computer/game store – so you can imagine the amount of things he needs on the go at the same time.

But wait a minute these USB ports you see in the picture is only a design concept and not out for sale – it will be darn useful that’s for sure and you can be sure we will be the first to order them if they are not too expensive and recommending them to our customers too.  I love the bright color and the color coding on the ports – i’m guessing they are to differentiate which one is for what you are using but I forsee it coming to life really soon.  Watch out for it .. everyone..1!  they are designed by Gonglue Jiang and thru’ Yanko.

Wireless Speakers

We could use some wireless speakers at home if you get to see our tv room as well as our study – the wires are horrid looking.  And the reason why we need one is because we’ve moved from desktops to laptops for everyone at home – that way we don’t need to have 2 computers for everyone, plus we also so our old ones so that i don’t have to give up on my  nutrisystem that someone had told me about it last month.

This is a Promedia 2.1 wireless if you are wondering and it uses a USB transmitter to send audio from the host PC to the speakers thru’ airwaves.  Pretty awesome eh!  The speakers are all hardwired, with the amplifier tucked inside the sub.  They are great speakers and they are really reasonably priced – check it out for yourself.

call of duty modern warfare 2

Gotta love the parents over here – why?  kid came into our store and bought the game – it was a mature game but i didn’t think he was not old enough – apparently he was only 11 yrs old.  But the kid came into our store with a mission –  just like when i am getting my weight loss products – go into the store – head straight to the counter – grab it .. and pay for it.  That was exactly what the kid did.  Given i was distracted too – but having said that – there was no need for the mom to jump all over us and calling us crooks.  I know the game is kinda violent and all but come on !  your kid knows what they are doing – and shouldn’t you be teaching them not to try and scam us into selling stuff he shouldn’t buy ?  With parents like this – you can imagine what kind of kids they kid will turn out to  be eh.

Nerdy Chicks

I received an email recently from a reader asking if Techy Chick was a nerdy chick hahahah!!!  i almost fell off my chair and thought about it and wanted to reply to the reader.  Well, first off this techy chick still needs beauty face cream every night – and I still want to look great even though I’m into a lot of techy stuff.  While the spouse goes on explaining to a customers about low profile video cards – and his girlfriend looking real dazed – i understood exactly what they were rambling on but didn’t wanna make his g/f feel bad so i didn’t say a thing.   I wear glasses and i also have my hair tied up because of convenience .. does that make me a nerdy chick..?? what is a nerdy chick anyways.. hahahahah!!!  pray tell if anyone knows.   In the meantime, I don’t mind being called a Nerdy chick either.

Kitchen Gadget To Die For

Toast your muffins and make an egg together to save time and even have time to  use your acne face wash before you head out for work – is awesome!   The newest kitchen gadget you must not miss…??  how much is it..??  i don’t know yet.. but I am sure going to find out.  This toaster is from West Bend perfectly browns toast and poaches an egg at the same time.  Reported by NY Times during the International Home and Housewares show – wished i was there though.  I’m watching out for this kitchen gadget though – would be a great gadget to have for my kitchen especially

Vinyl Records

We had just bought a bunch of Vinyl records to sell at the store and while going thru’ them found some that were quite dusty – of course – I can’t remember how to clean Vinyl now – it had been so long – even longer than when i took  prenatal vitamins .  So  what do smart ppl do …??  we left it alone .. hahahah!! well today – when i found out that one can clean your vinyl records using wood glue.   You apply the wood glue directly onto your vinyl and then when it is dried you just peel it off and there you have it. Have i tried it..?? no ..  but i will for sure.. we have hundreds of vinyl here plus ppl from the internet swears that it works, I’ll try one just because.   Wonder if anyone knows how to fix wobbly vinyl.

Pre-Order Your iPad

So I  received an email from Apple today asking me to do my pre-order now – a month away.  I was quite gung ho about getting one as soon as they were on sale just like when i wanted to buy a  stone sink for my new house.  But after hearing all the pros and cons and common sense tells me i should wait for the 2nd generation ones before buying – i’m still tempted.   John Chow seems to like the iPad a lot and was planning to buy a big chunk of shares from Apple.  He is usually not wrong about some stuff – but I’m not as rich as he is – so I’m gonna wait for abit.  What about you?