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Dirty Floor Robot Cleaner

We are always on a look out for a good and cheap auto cleaner for our floors – who isn’t right?  haha! it’s like a woman looking out for natural diet pills – like it’s a must thing for us.  Why?  darn! need i say more?  well – we are busy people and if for a few hundred dollars we can get someone to help us clean the floors without an intrusion of another person (a help) or a part/time cleaner – whereby you either have to trust them or allocate time to sit home and house sit them while they help you clean the house – which defeats the purpose.

We vacuumed currently and uses the wet Swiffer for mopping the floor once a week.  But the Mint – can do both and as many times a week as you like.  Not as pretty as the Roomba but it is said to be a lot more tougher and clean nastier stuff than the Roomba.  I’ve seen the u tube video on it – and like the Roomba it was quite impressive but my only beef is it can’t do carpets!!!!  so if you only have hard surface flooring good for you.  You can pre-order it now or they say reserve it – good luck!


Modded Xbox 360

No, I’m not just talking about making your xbox 360 pretty – i’m talking about people who mod the system so that they can play burned games and brazenly selling them on facebook yard sale.  Yes! that’s what is happening in our small, dingy town !  This person has been doing modding for years now and have no regards to the law and breaking it.    This person is a legitimate business person himself and sells  cheap supplements in his fitness center and I’m sure he knows what he is doing is wrong.   So what do you do when you see someone breaking the law again and again?  and becoming more and more brazen by selling it in the open market – and telling people he is breaking the law?   You tell me !  I hope one day Microsoft will catch him and fine him hefty – and make sure they make an example out of him.

Free iPad

Haven’t gotten your iPad yet?  well – the fans or people who have been going for Pho with John Chow are one lucky group coz’ they didn’t get any weight loss products but a free iPad.  Yes! you heard me right!  Now if only I was living in Vancouver – I would most definitely be attending all his pho session.  It’ interesting how he get so many good sponsors.  So if you are living in Vancouver – make sure you check out John Chow’s Pho session and maybe, maybe – one day you will win something and think of Techy Chick. In the meantime, I’m working on it to move to Vancouver.

Blackberry Cover

We deal a lot with used items at our store – oh – for those who don’t know this we own our own business and even though it’s not like selling  Amazon books – we sell all sorts of used game, consoles and electronics.   Stuff like a used iPod or even a used blackberry do come our way.  But like all used items – some ppl just don’t take care of their things.

But it’s easy these days to camouflage any flaws in your iPod and even a Acer One Netbook because with skin kits as cheap as $10 and easy to apply – you don’t have to buy new gadgets anymore – just use these new covers and there you have a totally new image for your gadget.  Good trick to learn especially if you have kids that needs their toys. Each design is digitally printed in vibrant, art-quality resolutions onto cast vinyl.