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Notebook Cooler

As you all know we own a computer store, so when at first a customer asked me about a year ago for notebook cooler – i had told him that we didn’t have any nor had i heard of any.  He definitely looked like he had  joint pain when i said that – i mean for sure he must have had done his research and the spouse corrected me immediately.   Now that I am using the notebook permanently – i too know that i need a notebook cooler now.   As the notebook gets older and even after blowing dust out – it still doesn’t want to cool down – then you know you need one.  A notebook cooler cost like $35 – and this is a Thermaltake brand with a 23cm fan in it.  It is supposed to be quiet – and improves the overall heat dissipation.   It is very light weight.. and supports from 10 – 17″ notebook.   So if your notebook is overheating – get a notebook cooler quickly before it fries anything up.

Messy Car

Anyone has messy car? with wires of the ipod or even the cellphone charger in the car or whatever nots that is hanging in your car and here you are worried sick that one day – it will all be tangled up and caused the man to have an accident because of all these messy wires? yes !  that would be me of course!  paranoid some may say – but i say precaution is better than cure.  So here i was doing my colon cleansing reviews and came across this picture of a cable buddy and i just had to get it.

This soft, pliable spool of sorts is available in 3 sizes and should work perfectly for everything from headphones to extra-long power cords. Each size holds a different thickness of cable and are reasonably priced between $3.70 and $5. The Bobino has won multiple awards for it’s design and efficiency of use and it’s quite easy to see why!

Dell’s Warranty

If you are by any chance getting a Dell – make sure that it is new – now if you are getting it previously owned or even if you are buying it from a relative – please note that it’s not as easy as buying  big and tall clothing .  Why? because Dell does not warranty your computer – even though they sold an extended warranty to the original owner.  You see about a year ago, we bought one previously owned one – when the keyboard started to go bonkers – we called Dell up because of the extended warranty – but guess what ?  Dell make us go for a merry-go-round and kept telling us that the original owner is not what we claimed to be.  They refused to help us – politely.  I’m not impressed with Dell at all – i did get my keyboard and power supply fixed by with another computer store – but i will never buy a Dell even if they were new.  So watch out if you are buying a Dell.

For The Vloggers

Talk about high tech – if you are a vlogger – you know you ahve to get this Minoru 3D webcam. The Minoru 3D Webcam has two cameras that take two video feeds in a slightly offset parallax, and combines them into a red/blue anaglyph that is backwards compatible to the 2D displays of today. Slip on a pair of 3D glasses, several of which are included with the camera, and see everything your camera sees in spectacular 3D. Use it as a regular webcam and upload to YouTube in 3D! Send a pair of glasses to your family members and cam with them over Windows Live Messenger or Skype! Make video archives of your family, pets, even take it outside with your laptop and take full-motion 3D video of the world!  Get it at for only $79.99 – let the fun begin!

Arty Farty Phone In Japan Only

Spotted on the internet is a cellphone only for release in Japan in July. This 16.9mm only Marimekko Mobile from Sharp is an NTT Docomo product and like all cellphones i’ve picked up in Japan is paper think.  I like it and i can fall in love with it – Japan here I come.

Zombie Blood

The spouse laughed when he saw me looking at this to order online in preparation for this year’s Halloween.  I told him it’s not really that far away because we are already almost half a year over now. It would be funny to have and dress up as zombie and have this hanging around our neck – afterall, it’s only $4.99 and i see no harm in it.

Zombie Blood Caffeinated Energy Potion is loaded with iron, protein, electrolytes, and other fancy things to have the same nutrients and consistency of real blood. Throw in some lime flavoring and greenness, and you have the recipe for realistic Zombie Blood! Of course, we did make sure this blood is filtered so you won’t be getting any mutagens or viruses or anything else that might turn you into the walking dead. All you’ll get is energy, great taste, and stares from passers by. Because that’s the best part of enjoying a Zombie Blood Caffeinated Energy Potion – the gawking from onlookers. Time to guzzle some Zombie Juice!

Desk Top Air Purifier

I’m looking out for these – desktop air purifier by Vion, supposedly to come out for sale in June – but i can’t find anything about it online.  The Japanese site of King Jim doesn’t really say much more about it – except that it can be used in your bedroom, washroom, smoking room and even your pet room.   Does it really work – i’ll have to see more reviews about it first.

Colorful Keyboard

Love the colorful keyboard stickers that i found online on Etsy while looking for the top rated wrinkle creams – what a fluke.  So if you want your keyboard to stand out – just for $14.99 – you can have it.  With the high quality printing, these creative sticker will make your MacBook the new home.   The sticker is made by special material-Avery MPI. If you don’t like and want to have a new look, you can clean it easily. Pretty awesome – had to share it with everyone.  Of course, if you like another type – i don’t mind the ones by Christopher Delorenzo.  It’s even cheaper – only $12!  woohoo!


So I’ve always eyed on a netbook and wondered whether it was worth getting one.  I’ve debated with myself for years now and even though I bought some hot tub covers with no hesitation – because it was a necessity – the netbook – well i was very el cheapo about it.  So when someone brought one in to the store to sell it to us – the spouse bought it and even then i debated whether to bring it home or to re-sell it.  Anyhow, while waiting for someone to buy it – i decided to bring it home to try it out.  Darn! it was really hard to work with the netbook even though it was neat to have – but if one use it for traveling – i guess it is great – but to use it to do real work – well – it can kill.  It’s just not convenient – because the screen is way too small and the keyboard on it – mannn..!! it’s hard to type on.  So I guess i won’t be keeping my netbook for long.

FaceBook Games

I was helping a girlfriend with her  baby shower invitations while her spouse played FB games of course – the Mafia Wars – now you`ve gotta wonder what`s all these people – going on the internet and playing on all these games eh.  Well, I`m guessing, many people plays them because they are free – you don`t have to pay a subscription fees and it`s easy to get on and just play.  These games are very addictive – i play Cafe World myself and I can understand why everyone is into it.  But is it time consuming – i, myself think it is – and like i said – in any games – everyone just want to be the best right?  so we keep re-decorating our cafe and keep helping our friends out to get the super stoves – so I’m inclined to believe that Mafia Wars are just about the same.   Are you on FB games?