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Make Money Online

I’ve always been asked by people if one can really make money online and how do you know that it is not a scam?   Can you really make money online?  how much could you make?  can you live off your earnings from making money online? do i get instant money?  how many hours do i have to work to make money online?

All valid questions and there is no easy answers to all.  How would you know if it is a scam? it’s through trial and errors.  In my 3 years doing it – I’ve seen all sorts and experience not getting paid also after doing a review.  How much you can make – depends on how much networking and how much you ae willing to work.  If you have traffic on your blogs or not.  Some people live on what they make online like Pro-blogger – Darren Rowse and yes – sometimes you can make instant money by just placing a link if the advertiser/s fancies your blog.  And how many hours you work all depends on yourself.  And yes – there are so many things you can do to make money online – from Google Adsense to Linkbucks and writing reviews or become a house writer for a online magazine to a foodbuzz publisher writing about food. it takes time to explore and like i said – it’s all trial and errors.  Anyone asking you to buy a book on how to make money online is nothing but a scam – networking is the most important – so network, network and more network.

In Memory Of Michael Jackson – 1 Year

You know the funny thing yesterday – my kid asked me how to spell Michael Jackson – and yesterday was his 1 year death anniversary – how weird is that?  I didn’t really know that then – because i was busy figuring out the binoculars that we had gotten for the outlaws for a father’s day gift and he didn’t know how to use it.

The year had gone by so fast and the King of Pops is gone forever, sadly he died too, too young in my humble opinion.  But he did live a life that everyone remember him by – whether you are young or old or middle age – everyone knows who Michael Jackson was – undeniably he was the King of Pops.

.xxx for adult sites

Interesting ! 10 after the domain was first proposed – finally – an adult site can now buy .xxx as their domain name.  I bet Gutteruncensored would one one?  no?  i wonder if they are at the same price as the .coms or .nets?  are will they be going for premium dollars?

Chairman Stuart Lawley said of the decision: “It’s been a long time coming, but I’m excited about the fact that .xxx will soon become a reality. This is great news.”

The .xxx domain will provide a place online for adult entertainment providers and their service providers who want to be part of voluntary self regulatory community. It will provide a number of benefits to both consumers and producers of adult entertainmen.

Turn Your Handwriting Into A Font For Free

Free!! interesting eh?  I’ve seen others similar to this from Pilot but you had to pay for it.  But this is absolutely free – so if you have the time – check it out at  It’s pretty similar to the ones that are already in the market and does seems easy enough. Let me know what you think about when you’ve tried it – i am also going to try it once i get a few minutes of free time.

But i watched the video and it does seems easy enough – but what puzzles me is you need a webcam to scan your writing into the computer?  How it will worked i don’t really know but it’s worth a try – you don’t have to use the fonts given for the rest of the world to use but your personalized handwriting.

BBQ Must Buy

For those who knows me – you know how crazy I am about hotdogs on a bbq or even a steak and scallops.  I craved for BBQs and although the spouse doesn’t quite like the BBQing thingie – he does it to please me and the kids.  For those who are serious about their grill or bbqing – you have to get this Pro LCD Thermometer Grill fork with lights.  It’s so cheap – you cannot refuse to get it for the man who is doing your BBQs, even as a host gift  – now that would be awesome.   Only at $28 at Hot Wet Bar, buy it online.

Never burn another steak or eat dry chicken again! Our instant-read pro LCD thermometer grill fork with light allows you to cook your meat perfectly every time! In just 3 seconds this instant-read grill fork displays the meat’s internal temperature and it’s clever LCD cooking matrix tells you how cooked your food is (well, medium, medium rare, or rare) without having to press any other buttons. It quickly and accurately measures fish, beef, lamb, turkey, ham, and pork and has a back-lit LCD and a powerful built-in LED flashlight so you can actually see your food while you cook, even at night! Measures 15.25″ long and wipes clean after use. Uses two AAA batteries, included.

Designer MP3 Player

Totally cute these customized mp3 DIY player – at only $60 i hear – even cheaper than our outdoor electric grills that we were eyeing on – so the spouse said to me today because he wanted to get one for himself.  This is an easy plug and play, with no wires or cables to mess around with.  You don’t need to have any software i heard – so easy even I would know how to use it.  Just plug it in and load it up and then it works.  Compatible with both PC and Mac – so the Mac lovers – don’t complain now.  It even has a built in battery that automatically recharges each time you plugged it back into your computer.  Great for your kids because they are too cute and for the ladies – i bet you can’t resist it either.

U Squeeze

I was looking for natural joint pain relief for myself -because at 45, I’m telling you – my joints hurt a lot at times.  And then of course – being an Osim fan – someone introduced the U Squeeze to me since I am diabetic and need to make sure that my blood flow is good on the legs.

It is said that the U Squeeze dilates the blood vessels to aid blood flow throughout your body, thus enhancing oxygen distribution.  It is said to detoxify by flushing out lactic acids and this new machine has reflexology massages to help with the vital points of your body.  It is believed by the Asians that all your vital points ends at your feet.   At $599 Cdn – it’s not as expensive as I’ve expected – I’m really going to think about it – because i love massages.

Travel Much ?

For some who travels a lot like my girlfriends – besides remembering to bring along their  quick weight loss handbook and pills – one also need the above.  What is it – I hear you asking?  Travel light and travel clean is what i call the above.  Each of these Travel Toiletries is a marvel of modern science. Open a pack, remove one of the 50 sheets, and add water. It dissolves into a cleaning product, which you then can use as you are already (hopefully) accustomed. In our experience, 3-4 sheets of shampoo will clean a moderate head of hair. As for the body wash, it will depend on the size of the body you are cleaning, naturally. These are perfect to keep in your desk, your purse, your man bag, your carry-on luggage – everywhere you might encounter unwanted grime.  Now tell me this isn’t the best thing – anyone has invented for the true traveler – especially those with kids.

Cordless Charger For iPhone

I was reading up on some diet pill reviews when i saw someone on the local yardsale looking for a iphone charger – and thought of this that i had seen on a few months ago. I haven’t had a cellphone for a long time now but the best friend had one for a long time now – so she was all into getting all sorts of gadget for it.   As you can see here this wall charger not only charges your iphone but it holds the iphone as well on the wall for you – so you don’t need to have it lying all around and worry someone may knock it off a desk or a chair.  I hear it charges the iPod too – and it only cost $29.99 – pretty cheap – i’ll have to say.

This is how it looks while charging – pretty neat eh – no messy wires or cables – i like it.

Geeky Kids

The kid’s birthday is round the corner – so we need to be getting some party favors but what to get can you get for a bunch of geeky kids around 7 yrs old?   boys included of course.  So while i was shopping for cheap health insurance , another mom recommended a website for me to get these star wars pens. These pens are for kids 6 and up and they are made with LEGO parts and can be mixed and matched to look different everytime you use them.  The ink catridge is also replaceable – so yes a wee bit expensive – but definitely something for keeps.