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Camping With Our RV

Trying to get the best of the last summer sun – we sent our RV for some  motorhome repairs and upkeeps and headed up to Ellenwood Park with some friends for the weekend.  The park was surprisingly clean and had lots for the kids to do – from a playground to biking and swimming and canoeing – we had a really good time.  The washroom was really clean too – and that was a plus – although our motorhome has a bathroom too – but it was nice that we didn’t have to use it.   We loved that our motorhome is covered by insurance and they even covered the repair of our leaking refrigerator.  Pretty awesome right?

Not only that – if our  Motorhome breaks down during our vacation – we are also covered up to $100 a day for up to 10 days. So if you use your motor homes as much as we do during the summer – I figured you would get your coverage too by now.  It had been an awesome summer for us – what about yours?

Toshiba Satellite T115

So i read it looks like a netbook, costs the same as a netbook but it’s got an honest to goodness Pentium Processor from a PC magazine – therefore I had to take a look at it – afterall – I’m a techy chick right?  the T115 will cost $480 in the market – and i’m guessing i will be paying as much as such with a local supplier – since I can’t beat Staples prices or even Walmart if they do carry it.

The T115 is different from netbooks in one very significant way.  It houses a traditional notebook processor.  It has a single core, single thread, 45mn, 1.3 GHz Pentium M.  But hang on a minute – it doesn’t mean that this model will be good enough for gaming – in fact it’s not for gaming i heard because the graphics on it – is not as good as some.  But one thing I have to mentioned is – the battery life – it is said to run 5 hrs more than most on a full charge.  But if you are like me and types a lot – then you won’t like the keyboard feel – because it’s small – but overall – i would buy this – and not a netbook for its size.

Asus Maxiumus III Formula

The store just brought in a Asus Maximus III Formula for a customer and a closer look at it – I think it definitely is better than some I’ve come across.  I hear it overclocks higher on its own and tweaking the RAM to its fullest potential while keeping the system stable is also made far easier with the MIIIF’s Memperfect utility.  The best part i find is the remote monitory and the overclocking of the system via a USB connected machine. For now one can monitor POST codes using USB but maybe in the future , one can use a remote function to run diagnostics if you have an issue with the card.  Pretty cool right?   So the question now is – i’m sure you are going to ask me is how much is it?  $235 – was the best price we got.  So for those who are thinking of it – you know where to get them.

Old Games Old Consoles

Old games and old consoles are very sellable at our store – we have quite a group of collectors – or should i say – some people who just never gave up on the older consoles.  Some they are just fascinated that the old consoles work just as good although the games can be a wee bit limited.  Plus we got some online coupons and bought a bulk of them on ebay and online – therefore, we were able to buy this much stock.  We continue to look out for these coupons – in order to save money on our products so that the savings can go back to our customers.  Plus who doesn’t like a discount right?  Ever since I found out about online coupons – i search for them whenever i shop online.  Any savings is good – whether they are for shipping or just 10% coupons – i’ll take them all.

Power Supply

A customer of ours had happily bought a new video card the other day – only to write back to us in the middle of the night to say that he wasn’t do real great with his game – Starcraft 2.  We were a bit taken aback – because even though his video card wasn’t a high end one – it still would have run Starcraft 2 with no hitches as far as we can see.  The spouse has a crappy video card that is 3 years old and it ran Starcraft 2 with no problems.

But what makes it even more amusing was – his computer was new – not bought from us – we found out later today.  Apparently, it was gotten from Aliant – poor customer! then it just dawned on us that perhaps his power supply wasn’t powerful enough – so he came in today and gotten a new power supply.  We are keeping our fingers crossed  – so far we haven’t heard back from him.  So folks having a new computer doesn’t mean you have the top of the line stuff – check and make sure your power supply is good enough to run your games too – especially if you are a gamer.

Gigabyte GA-M68M-S2P

We brought this in for a customer – who wanted something cheap for his kid’s schoolwork.  Like everyone said – it wasn’t an expensive board to begin with and it was pretty decent when it got installed, we didn’t have to mess around too much.   We did overclock it to see how it would run – and it was not as good as we wanted it to go.  The board was pretty quiet too – and didn’t heat up too much when we let it run for 24hrs.  Amazingly, it had a floppy connector – haha!  What I don’t like about it was it didn’t have too many RAM options.  Overall, can’t complain too, too much – because of the pricing and if you are looking for a entry level board that is stable – this is it.  We retailed it for $79.98.

The inside of the box

The board !


BlogHer is even a bigger community than I had thought.  I have a few blogging friends who went to the recent BlogHer 10 and returned with full of zest and excited.  I wanna go every year but never made it – you see I want to do some networking too  -for BlogHer has been around for a long time now.  They are something like FoodBuzz and they create opportunities for women who blog to gain exposure, educated them and connect them with advertisers and likewise.  But in order to join BlogHer – they are quite strict with their requirements too – so for those who are already in BlogHer – i don’t know how they do it – because they do sponsored posts and all too, well – except the few that i know.   But i know of some who had returned with less than they had expected?  I read some blogger posts – while they all enjoyed it – not all came back with the exposure they hoped to get.  Maybe – too many participants – and only the important ones – got noticed?  Will i attend?  sure – just to experience it first hand – maybe next year eh?  but do you need to already be in BlogHer to join?  i have to find out.

Men & Their Toys

Yes! they love it!  the atv he was looking at is not a new one – thank God!  else i don’t know many banks we have to rob – hahah!   But the spouse and the outlaws all love their rides – but you can’t really blame them – because if you know how much land the outlaws has – you will understand why they love to ride wild in the forest.   Luckily for me – he doesn’t go running out and get a new atv every year – like some fishermen that we have here do.

I’ve been on one – for one ride that belonged to the outlaws – and yes – it was fun but dirty – because the spouse insisted on going into swamps – full of flies and dirty water.  Their idea of fun is getting really dirty.  But he keeps a look out for a good price for a used ATV and read a lot on magazines on them too.  But boys will be boys – so i let him be – as long as he doesn’t go running out and get one new ATV every time a new model comes out.

Buy Cheap Game Systems/Games

Why do parents or grandparents insist on buying new systems for their kids when you can get them just as good from a used game store?  or even games – games are like $80 for the good ones – therefore, i never get my kids or the spouse any new games – i tell them to wait a bit and get a used one which is a lot cheaper and if you can wait even longer – you can even get it at half price.  Find a good and reliable used game store in your town and you can find treasures there.  The games and systems work just as good – all our systems and games are used and we never have a problem with them and if we do – we bring them back for a good buffing and it’s all set to go.  Plus with a used game store – once you are done with the games or wanna upgrade to another console – you can also get in-store credit for them.  Never go to big game store like EB games or GameStop – try your locally owned used game store because they are usually a lot fairer in trades.  Good luck all!

Modern Bathrooms

Bathroom wasn’t as pretty as this when i was growing up, you could say that I yearned for a modern bathroom like this as soon as I could afford to buy my own house.  You would think that the bathroom is the least to worry about when you buy a home but it’s not true – it’s just as important.   The technical aspect of having a good toilet – can save you lots of headache and trouble in the near future.  We looked at the   Saniflo toilet and the range the offered online plus there were rebates for many models too.   One advise is the pump that one is buying – they are all made different – so make sure you check it out – i was told about this by my designer friend.  You don’t want to have to unplugged your toilet bowl all the time – not only is it unhygienic, it is too time consuming.  Love good looking bathrooms – but the functionality is just as important if you asked me.