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HIS Radeon HD 5970

So a customer wanted to get the HIS Radeon HD 5970 and it’s not a cheap card at all.  At $600 that’s a lot of money to spend on a graphic card.  Said to be the fastest graphic card in the world?  wow!  I bet the spouse would love to have one of this.  But can any computer handle this graphic card? Nope! apparently – you need quite a system too to be able to handle a kit like that.  So if your system is up to par – then you should get this.

The customer who bought the card had come back to say that he only saw half the memory instead of the full – but a check with the supplier told  ust hat it is normal and designed to work that way.  One have to think of it literally as two video cards with two 1GB memory cores strapped together. The full 2GB is enabled, just not addressable as single 2GB entity.  Your computer sees it as having 1GB, so when textures (etc.) are loaded into the card, the card will have the same texture in one 1GB bank for one core, and copied into the other 1GB bank for the other core.

Some manufacturers are rumored to be making a 4GB card, which will have 2x 2GB banks and will be seen be games as having a single 2GB bank.

TR2 RX 650W

So the spouse brought in a TR2 RX 650W for a customer – the TR2 series i heard is designed for mainstream PC.   I have read the good reviews and the not so good ones.  The cooling fan is very quiet despite the fact that it is quite huge.  The Thermaltake range of power supply is known for its power protection and this particular one carries a limited warranty for 5 yrs.   So far – it had been working great for our customer – no complains as he put it.

Techy Chick Stays Fit

Like all geeks – we all want to stay fit – while spending a lot of time – in front of the computer – so we go in search of things to help us burn fats – lose weight and stay tone.  One way – is to do what the picture above suggested.  Kinda funny – but I guess – one has to do what one has to do eh.  Another was a hgh releasers which I heard some geeks who plays online games are using.   But whatever it is – if you are sitting down a lot the entire day – it is time to do something about it – else – you are going to be obese and come into a lot of other problems.

So how to I try to stay fit these days?  I do step aerobics every night for 30 minutes a day – and i stretch every hour and walk around the store for 5 mins every hour.  I also try and run around with my kid every day.  And drink lots of water – take lots of vitamins – what about you?

Credit Cut

So your spouse is spending too much money on games and upgrading his computer?  I hear yer!  I have one that way too – so what I did one night?  yes ! I credit cut his credit cards – and insisted that he puts 20% of his paycheck away every week – that way – we can be sure that there is something for rainy days – and if he still has money after paying all his bills in full – he can splurge – but other than that – he has a family and a kid to think of – so no more big boy toys for a bit.

More Exercises Less Gaming

My cousin’s wife just called me about my cousin and wanted me to read up on phentermine reviews because the cousin of mine had been gaming so much and refuses to exercise.  How very familiar – because it is the same here – the men just have too much toys !  from the xbox 360 to the PS3 and now Magic the Gathering too!  no wonder they are getting huge – and having pot bellies.   So since they won’t exercise – the wives look for diet alternative and she wants me to read more on the safest diet pill and give her my recommendation.  Some I know may not be the safest – but some I heard work – so if you are like our spouses – and make sure you do your research before taking any pills!   But more exercise and less gaming is definitely the best advice.

Chipped/Modded System 360

Recently on our local yardsale – we had a local business advertising that he was selling modded xbox 360 that allows you to play your xbox live even after it is modded.  I don’t know how true this is – but we’ve known of this person modding systems for the longest time.  But we all know that a banned Xbox 360 console from the Xbox Live service does not render the console useless though. Users can play games, but the online multiplayer service will not be available to them. The only way to get back using the service is to purchase a new Xbox 360 console, without any modifications to it.

Anyhow, we do sell used systems here and every time someone asked if we sell chipped/modded system – we cringed. Why?  how are legit businesses like us going to make any money if everyone download their games illegally?  Plus we know it’s wrong – so why do people do that?  *sigh*.  Anyhow – my question now is – can a chipped/modded system really go online still?  I thought Microsoft took care of that already? no?

Online Mahjong Is Addictive

I have been playing online mahjong on weekend – because it is so addictive.  I think I must have spent like 6 – 8 hrs trying to win a few games – but I had not been so lucky.  I guess – it does take skill and lots of luck?  But skill is important for mahjong – because if you can remember what the other 3 players is holding or throwing – you will be on the upper hand.  The spouse had made fun of me – about spending so much time on this online game that I had better look for some safe fat burners if i continued sitting and not exercising – since I am trying so hard to lose some weight. And I think I might just need that – since I’m stealing time even while working to play a game or two of mahjong – haha!  told you addictive.

GT240 Graphic Card

No – we didn’t go spend money on a new Graphic card – even though this one wasn’t too expensive to begin with – but this belongs to a customer – and I just had to see how it performs of course.

The GT240 uses a GT215 core and a graphic clock of 550MHz – a processor clock of 1340 MHz. I read some review on this card before the customer bought this and it is low power consumption while delivering a decent level of performance – considered to gamers a mid range video card.

Nice looking graphic card of course.

Powered by NVIDIA GPU, 96 Stream Processors, 600MHz (std 550) Core Clock, 1462MHz Shader Clock, 850MHz (3.4Gbps) Effective Memory Clock, supports PCI Express 2.0, Microsoft DirectX 10.1 and OpenGL 3.1 support, Integrated with industry’s best 1 GB GDDR5 memory and 128-bit memory interface, supports NVIDIA PureVideo HD technology, features Dual link DVI-I / D-sub / HDMI with HDCP protection.

Woman Gamers

Gaming are no longer a man thing anymore – more and more woman play online games.  WOW or World of Worldcraft is the longest game I’ve seen people playing in this town – how do I know?  they come in for game cards – every 3 months.  And it is not just the young ones who are playing them – I have mothers who with a few kids still on WOW for years now.  One who is also a friend told me that her prenatal vitamins that last her 3 months is the same time she comes down to buy her WOW cards.  So every time she finishes her prenatal vitamins – she knows it is time to come downtown to get her WOW cards.Haha!!  she told me her mental health is just as important as her physical health.

So how much time do these women gamers game every day?  I hear as much as 3 hours a day – and all weekend!  well, well!  how much time do they spend with their kids and housework?  As much as I would love to game – i only spend an hour or play a few games in between my work – on mahjong – i even gave up on cafeworld on Facebook – because it was too taxing trying to help the friends and neighbors.   But having said that – they must be doing something right – coz’ a survey taken recently said that 40% of video gamers are female and an average of 7.4hrs a week in playing.  Do you game?  how much time do you spend on gaming? and what type of games?  Are games like WOW more a Western woman game?

Antec 300

According to what I know – this is a gaming case for a desk top computer.  But the spouse was saying – this isn’t a high end one – that he ordered – just in between.  He needed one because his old case was like 6 yrs old i think.   So I didn’t stop him – afterall, boys need their toys don’t they?  And he likes the Antec 300 because it’s spacious and he doesn’t have to fight to arrange his wires.

This case doesn’t come with a power supply and it cost $59 and retails for $79.  As you can see – the case is nothing fancy – but it does good as a gaming case – because there is room for lots of things you need to fit in for a gaming computer.

Big fan on the top as you can see here – to cool your system down.  According to the spouse – it’s nothing fancy – just a standard case.  What say you?  Not that I’m complaining at $59 – it’s a pretty decent case – the JOY of owning your own computer store eh.