Kids & Gaming

So how much time does your kid spend on gaming?  whether it is on video games on the tv or the little DS they have for Christmas.  Are they spending too much time on gaming and games?  what is the appropriate time frame for kids to spend on video games?  Or are parents so busy with their own life and working like us that we indulge and let our kids go on their games so that we can finish ours?

When we were kids – we never did have any of these gadgets – we played with outdoor games like rounders or marbles or biking on our brother’s bike – but neither did our parents watch over us like we do our kids now to keep them safe.   I think a balance is good – and I think some games are also good – and between the spouse and us – we try to play with our kid – as much as we can.  Therefore, I am indeed lucky that I have the spouse to help in this way.  But we do try not to keep letting our kid play with games so much – just because we want to work – because they are not young forever.  We limit her to an hour or so gaming and movies – and during school days – i think she hardly play with games – and we still try to bring her to the park every other day.  But gaming is not a bad thing – it’s gaming too many hours – that we shouldn’t allow.  What do you think?

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