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Gift For The Techie Guys

Shopping for any techie or geeky guys can be really hard.  Why?  the tech stuff they want are either to expensive or we know little of it.  And if you wanna spend so much money – you don’t want to buy a video card that just won’t power up to allow him to play his games smoothly right?  For me – the safe thing to buy for any techie guys are sweaters .  Christmas is round the corner – meaning winter is heading our way – i always buy the guys in our office a cashmere sweater – something not too expensive but not too shabby either.   So for those out there who has geeks and techie guys for boyfriends or spouse – or if you are looking for something for the boss – i say a cashmere sweater – you can never go wrong.

Nvidia GeForce 8800

The spouse bought this card from a customer – who wanted to trade in something – so he upgraded his own card instead.  But if you remember – he already took a trade in not too long ago.  So when he brought it back yesterday and had it tested.  He mentioned that this card was really good – better than his old one – so he said.  But he did get it for a steal – I’m guessing that when new – this model must cost quite a bit.
I read a little online about the Nvidia GeForce 8800 – which said a year ago – this graphic card is for hard core gamers and is easily over clocked too.   System requirements are fairly basic: it is compatible with Windows XP and higher but is especially streamlined for Windows Vista.

What makes this graphics card so attractive is its ability to be over-clocked at will. It features an integrated single-slot water-cooling block so you can add the compatible water-cooling system of your choice. The GPU’s core memory clock times out at 580MHz, which is wonderful for those graphics-intensive games. There is also 640MB GDDR3 video memory onboard for the best buffer performance. While this particular model is incredibly expensive when compared to competing VGA graphics cards, the gaming performance it provides makes it well worth the price.

Noise Reduction

(Image: Flickr member Cayusa licensed for use under Creative Commons)

While the folks are apartment therapy – were trying to keep it quiet because their downstairs neighbor was complaining about some ringing tone – I need migraine relief from my own neighbor from the partying they do every other night.  There was once in the middle of winter – they were on their mower or four wheeler around their yard.  Since it was late at night – you can imagine the sound of the motor going – and our house being so near – it was not fun at all.  Do I put a fence up? do i put more padding around the house?  what can i do with such inconsiderate neighbor?  We didn’t want to call the cops in – because I believe they might make it even noisier for us – that would give me more migraine.  *sigh*.  If anyone has any tips on how I can keep the noise down from our side and not have to negotiate or fight with the neighbor – please feel free to give me your ideas. In the meantime, I need to get stronger migraine relief.

Goodbye Sony Walkmans

You remember one of this dinosaurs right?  Yes!  I used to have one exactly like this – and mannn!! they used to cost and arm and a leg just to have one and to get a cassette for it – it was darn expensive too.  But Sony was one of the first people who made portable music and you may not have one of this before – but I’m sure even your parents had one of this.  The Sony Walkman turned 30 yrs old last year – but this year Sony has decided that they weren’t be making any walkmans anymore.  Seriously, I didn’t think they make any walkman anymore.  Although they are stopping production and distribution in Japan – some parts of Aisa – you will still be able to get walkman – but in UK – I heard you can still get them.  But now that the ipods are so cheap – who wants a walkman right?

Warranty For Life

While we do warranty all our products sold in the store – be it new or used – it’s hard to believe that a customer would come in to tell the spouse that I had promised her a lifetime warranty on a used computer.  Is anything a lifetime warranty these days?  I’m just surprised that someone would even say something like that.  That’s definitely an insult to herself – because if someone were to sell me a used item – be it a game system or a game or even a used computer/laptop – there is no way I could believe that it has a lifetime warranty.  So what do you think?

Christmas Shopping For The Spunky Girlfriend

My girlfriend aka best friend is like none other girls that I’ve come to know.  Don’t get me wrong – she is not a tomboy nor does she like girls – she is just a spunky girl who likes motorbikes, jamming, big trucks and xbox 360 games – and of course – all the outdoorsy stuff – like hunting!  and she is very strong – unlike me – who can’t even lift a table on my own.  So every Christmas – I find it really hard to get her a Christmas gift that she would like – welll until I saw the kershaw chive – now that would be a perfect gift for her. It’s not expensive and I know she can use it when she is out riding on a bike or when she is out hunting.  So if you have an outdoorsy friend – you know what to get for her now!   Thought I would share it with everyone – my awesome find!

Gadget Shopping

While I wished I could just hop onto a plane and head for Japan to get the latest gadget that I want or can afford – it wouldn’t be really feasible would it?  so I do the next best thing and shop for my gadgets at  These days I resort to shopping a lot online – not only because it is convenient but I know that I can safe lots of time.  I even bought my leather handbags online and custom made.   Some people say they need to see the thing physically – as for me – I already know what I am getting – a PS3 will always be a PS3 right?  or and iPod Touch – would still be an iPod Touch – so really it makes very little difference for me… what about you?

Netflix On Your Wii Disc Free

Yup ! you heard right !  now you can stream your netflix on your Wii without the disc.  A few months ago – we arleady knew that you can do it with your PS3 – and for the xbox – it should be coming soon.  But for those who are using the Wii – know that there is only limited storage space for your movies – so streaming would not be such high quality as you would find with your PS3 – but like PC World said – to keep the kids happy – the Wii would do for now.  But for $9 a month – that’s not a bad deal at all.  Enjoy!

Techy Chick Changing Career

Yes ! this techy chick is changing career and looking for other jobs and even thinking of jobs retail.  Seeking a new job for the young is easy for sure – but for someone who is older – i hope it doesn’t post too much of a problem.  Why am I looking for a retail job?  well, I’m good with people, I love talking – i love making new friends and meeting people – I’m not shy and I do have the gift of the gab – so everyone says.   And I was told before – or many times in fact that because of my ability to make people feel comfy – i should be in the retail sector.  And since working for the spouse – doesn’t prove profitable – I am changing career!  Wish me luck everyone.

Free WiFi In Town

Yes – about a month ago – there is free wifi in our town – but today’s read on Apartment therapy  – showed that free may not be safe?  So can one catch a virus while using free Wifi?  A report shows that free public WiFi isn’t likely to directly affect your computer or files but it can provide an access point for unwelcome access in the wrong hands.

But Apartment Therapy also shows how you can protect yourself or your laptop from Viral SSIDs very simply with only a few steps.  By changing your Advance setting – click on Click on “Access point (infrastructure) networks only” – so whether you have a Mac or PC – make sure before using Free WiFi – change your settings.