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Paper Jamz

I saw a bunch of these at Shoppers Drug Mart during the weekend and had asked the spouse what was it all about. And he said to me – that someone was making some money for sure – hahahah!!  this is a paper guitar that lets one play realistic sounds like a guitar just by touching on them.  These paper guitars are not cheap at all – at $20+ – it’s not like Rock Band or World Tour – you don’t need to buy a game for it – for included in the paper guitar are 3 different songs and one can pretend to be a highly motivated rock star just by strumming it.   I don’t think you even need to know the cords of a real guitar to be able to play the sound.  I guess it is cool for really young kids – just for fun.  So if you have kids that you want to buy presents for this Christmas – you may want to think about this one.

Residential Rehab

While this is not exactly about tech stuff – this is very important for me to share with everyone.  You see I lived in a small town where we see folks with addiction problems and more so at our store – because we buy and sell stuff and some folks would come and sell us all sorts of stuff, just because they needed a fix.  If only we had more help in this area like a residential rehab , after all – we know that an addiction is a disease and not to be frown upon.  Folks with addiction problems – be it alcohol or drugs – they just need a helping hand.  So if you have loved ones – who have an addiction problem – do help them and not shun them away – addiction is like a sickness – and if you have a loved one – who had a flu or cold – wouldn’t you want them to get well too?

Kindle 3 WiFi

The Amazon Kindle is not new – in fact I’ve heard about it for months now – but now that the spouse wants to get it as one of the christmas gift he is currently thinking of – I went on the site to take a look at it.  At $139 with free shipping from Amazon – not a bad gift to get – if he uses it often enough.  But with his gaming and his work and computer – i wonder if he would really have the time?  but if he wants it and we can afford it – then so be it.  If anyone has any info about the kindle – leave a comment.  Is it easy to find pirated online ebooks?

Personal Space In The Office

I love my desk in the office/store – and because of that I’ve lots of trinkets and gadgets that I get online – but co-workers and customers alike loves to come into my personal space and look at the stuff I have on my desk.  I wished I had some no trespassing signs that I can place between the entrance of my work space and where the customer/s should stay – that way – I don’t have to be rude or upset – because I can’t tell them to stop invading on my personal space.   What do one have to do to keep unwanted guest in our work area?  pray tell.

Geeky Retro Laptop Decal

I love this pac man decal for the laptop – but I’m guessing it works best with white color background – so I can’t use it for my Acer.  But if you have a white laptop and used to play good old Pac Man – you might wanna consider getting this – sure brings back loads of good memories.

Working For Microsoft

If there is anyone I would love to work for – it has to be Microsoft.  Did you see the Christmas party they give to their entire staff and family?  Have you seen the Microsoft camp grounds?  it’s like an entire city by itself – everything and anything you need is in there.  My girlfriend’s spouse works for them – that’s how I know.  I don’t know if they used BCBS NC as their carrier for their health plan – but I heard that they have very good coverage – not only for themselves – the employees but their entire family. Unfortunately, small stores like ours cannot afford such comprehensive health plan coverage for our employees – therefore, I always encourage the young people here to work for folks like Microsoft or even Google Inc – look at Matt Cutt!  I bet he has got good health plan coverage from Google besides the good pay.

Yardsale Gadget Finds

Once in a while – you can find some pretty good stuff on sale on online yardsale or Kijiji – if you look out for it.  We have many a times – come across a whole bunch of games and consoles on sale on an online yardsale run by some Nazis in our town – hahahah!   Depending on how bad the person wanna get rid of stuff – you can pretty much get a good price for them.  So if you are buying Christmas gift or looking for a console – and don’t mind that they are previously used – check out your local yardsale or Kijiji – you never know what kind of gems you can find online.

Shopping Green This Christmas

Are you shopping green this Christmas?  we are – in fact we have been green shopping for a few years now.  Not only is it easier – we are just doing our little bit to save the earth – so the spouse said.  But I think it works great for us – for we are such busy people – well most of us – and by shopping green – not only do we save time and money – we make sure that everyone gets their gifts on time.  So this Christmas – if you’ve never tried Green shopping – try it – it can be the most satisfying thing you can do this Christmas.

OSIM iLife Air Purifier

I wanted to buy a air purifier for the longest time  – why?  i want a better quality of air at home – plus both the spouse and daughter – has a little bit of asthma and it does get very dusty at home.  But I never know what brand to buy and which is the most effective here in Canada.  But OSIM brand is not a stranger to me at all – because they are very popular in Asia but like all OSIM products they are not cheap at all.   But this iLife Air Purifier is pretty reasonable as far as I can see. The Filter is washable – and this  chemically-treated filter works with a long-wave germicidal ultraviolet ray emitter to kill bacteria, mould, fungi and spores which may trigger allergies and other unhealthy responses. Smells caused by bacteria are also eradicated.  The anti-bacterial filter is said to remove 99.97% of harmful particles – that is the main function I’m looking for.

Looking at the pictures it sure doesn’t tell me how huge a room they are for.  And it said free shipping but during check out – a shipping charge of $ 54 was included plus a 5% gst – does it mean that I still have to pay 15% when it arrives at my door?

Wireless HeadPhone For Ipod Shuffle

With this wireless headphone for my ipod shuffle, the spouse told me that there is no excuse for not going for my walks and burn belly fat that I complained about everyday. I used to say that I only have an ipod shuffle and that I dislike the conventional headphone – so when the spouse saw the above – he pointed it out to me – and for $50 – comes in pink color or white – I can get a friend who lives in Japan to get it for me.   Burn that belly fat – is a must and for just $50 – I cannot complain can I?  But I hear that there will be copycats selling generic ones soon – so I am going to wait for the copycats – sorry I’m pretty el cheapo – but for those who can’t wait – shoot me a comment and I’ll get the friend to buy it for you.