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Christmas Gifts For The Geeky Spouse

So what did you get for your spouse?  I have a geeky one – and someone who loves to work with his hands – so besides the brembo that I got him – these are some of the other things – he wanted.  Thank God!  this year – he told me what he wanted.  I bought him a kindle with the help of a friend in USA.  You see if we had ordered it – it would take about 6 – 9 weeks to arrive.   But if you were in the States – it’s a 2 days delivery – for premium members.   So we did it the smart way – ordered it – have it delivered to a friend in US address – then got my friend to mail it back to us – by priority mail.  Pretty smart eh ?  so yes – it arrived before Christmas.  So the spouse was darn happy and so was I.

Happy Holidays The Geeky Way

A Lady Wine Drinker Best Friend

So you have a girlfriend who loves wine – any good wine – not just any ordinary wine – but you don’t know what kind of wine to get her this year ?  well, don’t have to fret now – you can get her this high heel bottle holder in floral print  – how cute is that? Best Christmas gift for the fun loving girl friend of yours.

Fashionable and fun, the High Heel Wine Bottle Holder Floral Splash makes a bold statement for your girl’s night out, bachelorette party, or happy hour! The floral print high heel hand painted resin shoe nestles your favorite bottle of wine. This flirty High Heel Wine Bottle Holder also makes a great way to give a gift of wine to your best girlfriend.

Used Car For Christmas

The spouse asked if I was interested in getting a used car for Christmas – since he saw one at the local yard sale online.  I would definitely love to have one – but I looked at the make of the car and realized that the Mistsubishi CX – was one that I had seen in a car show sometime in 2007.  Now if I can get  cheap auto insurance for this used car – I wouldn’t mind having one to zip around town with.  So we checked with the local agent – but he wasn’t in for the day but I love the Mitsubishi so much!  it’s a small car but not as small as our Ford Focus and the price asked was pretty reasonable.  Now to get the insurance quote first and then we can counter offer the owner.

No More Hassle With Christmas Lights

This may be just the solution for us – because the spouse don’t like heights and we are pretty busy with the business and all – so if we can have the Christmas lights up once and for all – and hide it when the season is over – that would be perfect.  After all, we were willing to pay someone $35 each time they go up and down to put up the lights and get them down.  This is LiteLocker’s invention and at $70 for a 24 foot kit – lights included – not really a bad deal – if you look at it as a future investment.

Litelocker is a low profile container (1 1/2 inches high) and is virtually unnoticeable from the sidewalk when closed. Our product simply flips open to display your lights and then snaps closed when you’re done at the end of the season. With our patent pending tool, you can open LiteLocker from the ground, eliminating the need to get out a ladder. Retail price averages about $3.00 per linear foot depending on the home installation. Everything you need including wire, sockets and light bulbs are included in the box.

Nurses Playing Retro Games

I was visiting a friend who just had a baby girl at our local hospital when I saw nurses in their medical scrubs playing with some retro games.  Games that you don’t see so often anymore – nor did one think that we can get them – but they do have systems for the old NES and Super NES games. So I told the spouse to order it from the supplier – since the nurses were all so engrossed with the game – there must be a market for it.

The nurses told me that they are good systems for the children’s ward – especially for those who are not comfy with staying in – these games system keeps them occupied and not so home sick.  With the newer system – the games may not be as suitable for the kids – but the retro system doesn’t have such violent games.  Those in the daycare center – may want to consider getting this type of machine too.  The retro system that you see here are not expensive too.  Only going for $35.

COD Black Ops

So I have been hearing a lot about the COD Black Ops – how everyone would die to get a copy and it’s a forever to play game – so said not only the kids but adults too – men and women.  I had a couple of kids who came in with a copy of it – to sell of course – unfortunately, they were not willing to part with it – for the amount we offered – so we didn’t get that copy.  Had I had gotten that copy I would have tried it out and see what the fuss was all about.   Killing people and zombies is the coca cola of video games? oh oh!

PSP For Christmas

Everyone seems to be buying a psp this Christmas !  are you getting one too?  I love the PSP for my kid – it can be used for movies – and movies for the PSP is cheap these days – it’s good when we have to travel to the city.  And the PSP unlike the DS – can be used for older kids – so even when she is older – the PSP is a great buy.  So if you are thinking of buying a PSP for your kid this Christmas – go right ahead – and we have one – and never regretted it.  And yes – you can play games on it even in the dark – it has a back light.

Leather Fortune Cookie

Hehe!  no silly – not a leather fortune cookie but a leather fortune cookie coin purse – unique right?  but would i buy it?  probably not – too small for all the coins I have in my coin purse. Plus it is like $45 !!!  expensive for a tiny purse.  Fortune Cookie Coin Purse holds a small fortune. Like real fortune cookies, these purses are proudly made in the USA. Made from leather, purses measure 4” x 4” x 2”. Each purse has a unique laser etched ID number. Coin purses come with a dust bag and printed fortune inside.

An RV For Christmas

The father-in-law had hinted that he could get some ambition to travel if he had an RV for Christmas – so we – meaning the kids and the daughter-in-laws and mother-in-law checked out the 5th wheel insurance first and then the RV – to see if we can afford it.  After all, the poor man needs a vacation soon – so what’s better than to drive around the United States looking for local country bands to enjoy.

The insurance we can afford – but the RV – they were a wee bit expensive – not this year – the mother-in-law exclaimed but if we start saving now – maybe next year.  It’s good to know that we can get insurance quickly and competitively for an RV.