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Techy Chick Goes Healthy

You all know I spend a lot of time on the computer and do very little exercise – but I do try to eat healthy.  So popcorn is one of my main snack – that i don’t get all guilty.  But when I saw this presto powerpop – i thought this would be even better – because usually the instant ones that I microwaved always comes out of the oven all oily.  But with this machine I can not add any oil and eat my popcorn more healthy.  And this gadget is cheap too – from Amazon at $17.26 – so check it out yourself.

Chatter Chatter Tweets

Trust the Japs to come up with just about any gadget to get money outta you – and only at $27 I bet all the Japs are out there getting this cute little toy that can read out your twitter from your phone or your PC.  Are people really too busy to read their tweets?  or is it just another gadget to show off – your guess is as good as mine.  But this is only available in Japan – so the rest of the world – you just can’t have this toy – till Japans decide to make this toy read in English.

Source : WSJ

Feels Like Spring

It’s supposed to be snowing and we are supposed to be getting really cold weather – instead – we have been getting very little snow and lots of rain – or just snow first and then some rain and cold again – making the ground all slushy instead of just staying cold enough for the snow to last long enough for the kids to go make snowman.  I had put away my rain boots and my umbrella – about a month ago – because my rain boots were getting old and leaky – bummer.   So because of the weather – I’m out looking for women’s rain boots in the middle of winter – how ironic and there is none to be bought in the stores – so I may have to order them online instead – if the weather can’t make up its mind.

Finest Nappa Leather Book Style Case/Cover For New 2010 Amazon Kindle 3 + CAR CHARGER

If you remember – the spouse bought a kindle for his Christmas present – and he loved it.  But he wants to be able to carry it with him – when he eats out once a week – in the restaurant while waiting for is food.  For now – he isn’t carrying it out – because he doesn’t have a cover for it – so like any good wife – the man behind every successful man – i found one for him on Amazon of course.  He doesn’t need nothing fancy – but I want something that is made of genuine leather and I want it to have more padding too – this cover from Duragadget seems to be able to do the job and it’s cheap too.  You don’t need to remove your kindle to use all the buttons and connectors  – comes with a car charger at only $24.99 – hopefully – the shipping isn’t going to cost a bomb  – that’s why I like to order directly from

My Kid Wants A Dog

Yes! she wants a dog for a pet – because the beta fish that she calls Goldie doesn’t seems to wanna stay alive.  We’ve already bought like 3 betas so far and the emotional good byes when the beta dies – is too much for me to see her go thru’ it over and over again.  So she said she wants a dog – so that the dog won’t die so quickly – but I told her that she needs to do the dog training herself – and pick up the poopie and feed the dog and bathe her as well.  Most importantly, she needs to religiously walk the dog everyday – twice a day – and can’t just leave the dog alone when she is tired.    Dog needs a lot of attention – more than a beta – I warned her – and she then decided that she probably should wait – or get the dog trained already before we adopt a dog.  Kids!

Tech Savvy Moms

Moms of today should be very proud of themselves – for they not only know all about stretch mark cures and all about raising kids – they are also very tech savvy.  If you asked my mom about turning on the computer or going on Skype to chat with us – she would panic – but asked her anything about what is the best cure for a cough or a cold – or what is the best food for a woman who had just given birth – she would be excel in it.

But that does not mean that moms of today – don’t know anything about raising a child or child birth or how to take care of oneself – when you are pregnant – in fact – they are so tech savvy – they google everything these days – and only want what is best for their kids and themselves.  But having said that – moms experiences are always the best.  But the today moms – they are really independent and don’t just fall apart – they go  on the internet – if they are in doubt or better yet – SMS other moms – so nothing deters the present moms that’s for sure.

PSP Super Cute Value Pack For Girls

When I first saw this advertised – earlier this month – I thought to myself – hey! this isn’t new – but i was wrong! hahah! i was thinking of my daughter’s Nintendo DS which is also in pink.   But yes!  they never had a PSP in pink before well except for the Jill Stuart Sweet Package – so – for the teenage girls – this might sell well for them – if they liked playing with the PSP – after all – all girls like pink – even myself.  Yes ! it’s a gimmick – but ain’t we all a sucker for gimmicks?

Don’t expect it to come any different from the black PSP or the silver ones but they do come with a special ribbon earphones and a cute bag – also in pink (duh!)- also a 2 GB Memory stick Duo pro card and the bundle cost like $240 and one can get it in Japanese stores on 17 February – and if I was Sony – I would  have it out before Valentine’s day for obvious reasons.

Pellet Stove

We have been thinking of putting in a furnace for our basement for the longest time.  You know in Canada – the winter storms can cause us to lose power and when we do – we are pretty much in big trouble as our home is of electric heat.  But in order to put in a furnace – or anything that might cause the house to go on fire – the insurance company don’t like it that much  Any homeowners insurance rates will get adjusted – so make sure you check with your home insurance agent – before going all out to get a furnace into your basement.  However – we heard that putting in a pellet stove would less like to cause one’s home insurance rate to go up too much – so we are definitely going to look into that – plus a pellet stove I heard is way much easier and less expensive to put in.  But like everything to do with one’s home – go check with your home insurance agent first before putting it in.

Mirror That Takes Your Temperation

Now this would be pretty cool for the HR department of any big company or the airport for that matter.  Now where was this invention during the SARs and the swine flu or the H1N1 scare!  This is called the Thermo Mirror that measures your body temperature without sticking a monitor into your ears or tongue or armpit.  Made and designed by Japanese electronic firm NEC/Avio – it usues the infrared technology to measure your temperature from up to 30 cm away. Not cheap – but definitely something i would invest in – if I have a big company and have many staff that don’t show up for work or worst still pretend to be sick – when they are not.   So watch out people, your boss may just have one in his office – and may know you are a lying employee and might not give you a promotion the next time.

Tornado Headgears

When the nephew asked for some Tornado Headgears for Christmas – I said to them – ” say what?” and did a double take hahah!  silly aunt here – the nephew must be thinking.  Well, I did find out that the Headgears were for wrestlers – duh!  and I should have known for the nephew had been taking wrestling from a local club here for 2 years now.  I had even gone to see his mini-tournaments last year and followed him to practices when his parents were too busy to chauffeured him around.

Anyhow, we did managed to find him his headgears and also some wrestling shoe skin and a motivational dvd for Christmas.  I don’t know why he loves wrestling this much – but he was definitely a very happy boy on Christmas morning.