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Tattoo Chick

We used to have someone who just loved all the tattoos put on her body – and her arms and legs.  You would think she was an extremist with tattoo – but to us – it was her way of expressing herself – we didn’t mind it at all.  But what about when she has kids and all the stretch marks with on her body?  would she regret it?  what can she do? my brother used to have tattoos and back home – he can’t get a job because of it – so he tried to get it scratched out by putting more ink on them.  And you know what happened right? it was horrid – now there were some best tattoo removal cream i know my mom would have bought as many as my brother needed – but there was none to be found at that time – and laser was far too expensive too.  Like I said I have nothing against anyone who wants to tattoo themselves – but make sure you think properly and not end up like my brother – who couldn’t get a job because of it.  Some businesses just don’t like their employees to have tattoos.

Charity Lappy


They are very cute. .and if I was looking for a new laptop .. i will consider buying these for charity purposes. The National Cristina Foundation and PC Magazine are working together with well known artist to create and auction, eight one of a kind HP lappies on eBay. Starting bid at just .99 cents. Sales of these awesome looking lappie goes to the National Cristina Foundation, and they in return provides computers to folks in need.

Underneath their new “outfits,” the notebook PCs are the HP tx1000z, dv6500t, dv9500z and HP Dragon models. The designs range from metal, spray paint and patent leather to environmentally friendly and experimental materials. For artist profiles, behind-the-scenes footage and images of the notebooks.

Perfect Chair For Gamers

I told the spouse that I should get an Ergonomic chair for gaming to ease the pain of sitting too long but for those who sits in a cubicle and work in front of a computer between 10 – 12 hrs a day, should get one too.  But instead the spouse and the best friend said I need the  best fat burner to help me instead.  Funny!   But seriously, I do need fat burner that’s for sure – but I also need that Ergonomic chair.   These chairs are quite expensive and can easily be $1000 – but my daughter’s godmother had told me that it was the best investment she made for her son – because he was in the university then.  Having said that gamers like myself – really need to get up and exercise more and eat healthy too.

Taiwanese Girls In Panties Only On Subway

Yes! you heard right – and I even saw a video of it on Apple Daily.  The guys on the subway were either shocked or pretty shy – but they were staring directly at these 20 or so more models – who were maybe paid to go onto the subway without their pants.  Would you do it?  pant-less day they called it – what else is next my  grandmother would asked haha!   I heard “Reebok” was the sponsoring brand – so I’m pretty sure they are paid then.

Bling Bling Mini Purse With USB Flash Drive

Cute and blinkie or what!  this is a mini purse with decorative glitter and serve as a 8 GB USB Flash Drive for only $21 at  Very stylish and unique and it sure shouts – I’m a Techy Chick! Easter is coming – maybe the spouse would buy this for me.

  • Stylish look and high quality bag shaped USB flash drive with retractable design.
  • With diamond decoration.
  • Good grip and easy to fit.
  • Protection against shock.
  • Longevity life time and durable to use.
  • High speed transfer and low power consumption.
  • No extra drive needed.
  • USB 2.0 interface and plug and play.
  • 8GB large capacity enables you to store whatever useful information you want.

Networking With Pro-Bloggers

I admired bloggers who does a lot of networking and if you are someone making money online – you know you have to network.  Networking is as important as having a good host – and like many of us – we read reviews – we check with our network of bloggers to see who they use and what they think of different hosting companies like for example  bluehost – but there are many hosting company around – and I’m sure you know that too – if you are blogging and making money online.  So who do you host with – and what is your view on your hosting company?  what are the prices you pay ?  are tech support good – what about downtime?  stuff like that are the things you ask – when you have a network of good bloggers.  So yes!  go network now – and go make friends – that’s what I tell new bloggers all the time.

Techy Chick Big On Discounts

I was never big on discounts and coupons before I had my own family and had a good paying job.  But now – that we own our own business, have a kid and mortgage to pay for – every little bit helps.  Whether they are coupons for shipping or a discount for $1 off – I would cut out coupons or use the online ones for online shopping.  I found another site with these online discount that I can make use of – shari’s berries coupons – pretty neat and covers some of the places that I do buy online stuff – like Mrs Field’s cookies and Proflowers – just to name a few.   Like I say – I’m big on discounts and any kind of savings – I likey!

Help For Fat People

Ello!  i’m talking about myself eh ! so those fat people out there – don’t get offended because I’m fat too! overweight is what others want to call it nicely/politely.  So fat people are always looking for ways to get NOT fat right?  so when i saw this on the net – I just had to check it out.

So what is this machine? and what does it do to help fat people like yours truly?  The LipoControl system is said to disposed the  fat cells under the skin by non-invasive method and  freezing them? wow!  is that painful – I hear you thinking right?  yeah I’m thinking the same too.  It uses what they called the  ‘pewpew’ power of lasers instead. So what the hell is “pewpew” power?  To be specific, a 980nm laser diode is used to bust up fat deposits under the skin (it’s still an invasive procedure to a degree) but the system provides real-time visualization and feedback of the area being treated. It even tracks the speed of the doctor’s cannula, applying more or less power to the laser as they move it faster or slower so that it’s always at the optimal treatment level.  And the FDA approved of it – but how much they are – and how effective?  I’ll have to read more into it – so you may wanna check it out yourself too.

Dual Diagnosis

I am on treatment for anxiety – and although the medication given to me is for both my anxiety and panic disorder – I still see a psychiatrist on recommendation by my family doctor.  I’ve always had panic attacks since I was pregnant with my daughter and as the years went by – I became better without taking any medication nor talking to anyone.  But I became very dependent on my spouse and every little thing can trigger my attacks.

Last year – I had a very bad one – and I knew I had to seek help.  I pride myself as being able to identify a problem and nip the problem at its bud.  I read a lot about my diagnosis and learned about dual diagnosis although my family doctor didn’t tell me about it.  But it sure feels that way – because I don’t only have one condition but 2 at least if not more.   Some people feel shy about having anxiety attacks, depression and anxiety – but as someone who have all the above – let me assure you – there is nothing to be ashamed of.  Do seek help – because i felt better after taking my medication and talking to someone about it.  Good luck all!

Lady Gaga Gets Crazier

I just read on the daily news that Lady Gaga dawn on a latex condom inspired outfit for the Good Morning show – hahaha!! crazier every time I see her on news.   So what was her reason?  because she was on the show to talk about safe sex – hahah!! trust Lady Gaga to come up with stuff no one can think of.   The outfit related directly to the singer’s work as a spokesperson for Mac’s Viva Glam campaign, which advocates for HIV/AIDS prevention.  For $14.50 each, fans can purchase a lip gloss and lipstick designed by the “Born This Way” songstress, with all the proceeds going to Viva Glam’s efforts.