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For The Season Traveler

So you have a spouse who travels a lot – and you don’t know what to get him for his birthday – try this 44 Language translator that you can order from It’s small and it’s very light – just right for that seasoned traveler of yours. Well, even if the spouse and you go on vacation – it’s great to have something like that for it’s very awesome to be able to whip out a few familiar phrases to the locals or when you are shopping – you can use it to bargain the price down.

Languages included:

Arabic, Bulgarian, Burmese, Cambodian, Cantonese, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Laos, Latvian, Lithuanian, Malay, Norwegian, Persian, Philippines, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovakian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Tibetan, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, and Vietnamese.

In Search For WholeSale Prices

Owning a store of your own has it benefits – but looking for items to purchase online – at wholesale prices does take lots of time and hard decision since you are not really there to check out those items.  I told the spouse that he needs to get me the best eye cream for dark circles for helping him with browsing 1000s of catalogue online to find those decor lights for Christmas and Halloween.  You see we bought a set of lights from a local gift store – and they were so expensive it was unbelievable ! so instead of paying 100% more than what it should have been – we decided to look it up ourselves on the internet – therefore, if you see me with dark circles or eye luggages – you know why.

Omlette Pan

I saw this so called perfect omelet pan on sale at williams sonoma the other day for $40 and thought that they were really special but only to find out that really it is nothing special – and if one needed a $40 omelet pan to make perfect omelet that would really be too funny.  Even someone like me can make an almost perfect omelet but if you really feel you need to splurge go right ahead – haha!  but for me – I’ll keep that $40.  I may  not cook as much – but even I can make an omelet – you don’t need anything special to make an omelet.

Video Conferencing For Long Distance Relationship

While most people would use a video conferencing software for their businesses – I think it can be marketed to be used for people with long distance relationship (LDS).   Did you know that my spouse and I had a LDS for 6 years before we met and got together?  Now if only they had this video conferencing software that is so reliable than the free ones we used back then 17 years ago – it would have save me tons of money.  Every month I would pay $1000s of dollars just for long distance phone call – because the free software was pretty crappy.  Had the technology been like now – it would have been perfect – we won’t have to worry about the lapse in connection time and getting disconnected constantly.  Plus chatting with his family and friends would have been so much easier and he wouldn’t have to worry when he had to travel for work. Now paying $39/month is a lot cheaper than the 1000s i had to pay in long distance call and by the way there are a lot of people in United States who moved away for work – husband in one place and the wife in another – a blogging friend of mine – just did that – she is in Chicago – while he is in North Carolina – now they could use a reliable video conferencing software eh.

With Spring Comes Rain

That’s what everyone says – and it’s true for it had been raining every other day – lucky for my kid – she has gotten her rain boots while I’m still looking to buy thru’ the  kamik rain boots catalog online.  My kid loves the spring – because she can jump into the rain puddles and splash herself silly and wet.  How I wished I was a kid still – so carefree and watching my kid playing in the rain with her friends and their rain boots and rain coats  just makes me so happy – for I was never as lucky as my kid – to have all sorts of bright color rain boots.   But it doesn’t mean that I can’t get a rain boots and play with my kids eh – that was what my spouse said – so I’m looking for a bright color rain boots – preferably in bright spring colors to match my kid’s rain boots.

Mario DS Stylus

For those who love Mario – there is a Mario DS Stylus that is on sale right now at Walmart – I just saw it recently.  Less than $10 – it’s pretty cute – but a lot bigger than the regular stylus as you can see there and it has a wrist strip on it – so you won’t lose it.  Of course you can buy it elsewhere – but if you have a walmart – they do carry them.

Notebook Cooler x2000

This notebook cooler is something we started carrying a month ago at our store because everyone was asking if we do have it.  And of course – like anything as soon as we have it – they don’t buy it – darn!  Anyhow, I will tell you more about this notebook cooler – its good for up to 15.4″ laptops and it’s very quiet.   While your notebooks have fans in it – it’s always good to use a cooler if you have one or can afford one.

This is how the cooler pad look like and it is only $35 at our store – definitely affordable. I checked it out on my own notebook and it definitely cooled my notebook quite a bit.

Acer Gaming Computer

This is obviously a Acer Gaming machine – but I don’t know for sure which model this is – for this belongs to a customer.  Apparently, this has gone back to Acer twice already for repair – and now he had brought it in for us to take a look for virus purpose i think.  It’s a nice machine too – and that customer had paid good money for it.

It opens up and changed it’s cover color to black.

This is the side of the computer. This computer sure looks like the Acer Predator – and if it is anything near it – it would have a Core i7950 CPU in it.  and a DDR3 ram which is not a huge deal now – as it was in 2009.  The graphic was really nice in it – when we power it up.  And if i am not wrong – the customer paid like $1600 or more for this machine.

Techy Chick Goes To School

Like most mothers – we sometimes don’t even have time to shower at the time we want to – much less try and upgrade ourselves but that doesn’t mean that we can’t do it right?  I’ve been thinking about it for a long time and my kid is getting older now – and I have to get in touch with the “real” world and upgrade myself – so that I am prepared to go out to work soon.  I love to hold a real job instead of working with the spouse at his store – so I’m looking into an online it degree .  You see there is an IT call center here in town – that I want to work for because they pay the best in town.  But I don’t want to be an ordinary customer service person – helping over the phone with domains and hosting – I want to make more than that and do more.   So I figured if I armed myself with a IT degree – I will be able to sell myself a bit more and get an IT position instead.  So wish me luck all of you!  A little bit of ambition and a lot of determination is required.

Outdoor Sink

Inspired by a friend’s beach house outdoor sink – I too want to get one of these Franke sinks put in my backyard when we have BBQ or entertaining friends and family during the summer.   In another few days – the clock will turn back  – that only means we will be getting more day time – and less cold.  I can’t wait to fire up the BBQ once more and have some juicy steaks or hotdog – but first the sink.  Why a sink in the back yard – so that I do not have to lug everything back into the house to clean them – I can do it at my outdoor sink – and store everything under the sink after that – no mess and no fuss.  But I don’t want just ordinary sink – I want the sink to be of good quality and blend with my outdoor decor.   I’m really hyped about doing the outdoor sink – I know in the long run – it will be a good investment.