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Skin Care For The Techy Chick

So people think thawt those who love the computer and work in front of the computer everyday – every night don’t are that much about beauty or their skin or how they look – well – not true – i care and i care a lot!  I find out about how to get rid of blackheads on nose and any products that I want to buy on the net before buying it.  I don’t like to go into a mall and ask questions from the sales people because they don’t really give you the true answers – all they want is to sell you the products.  So instead I do the smart thing and i look them online first – read reviews about it from real people before purchasing it.  I do that before buying any games or electronics – so why not for skin products or how to take care of my skin – even black heads.

Sanrio Character Cubic Cushion

From the world of Hello Kitty – Sanrio brings you this iphone or cell phone stand – but it does not and will not charge your cell phone or ipod though.  But for a low price of $10.80 – what more can you asked for except for a stylish and cute looking cushion to sit your cellphones and iphones in right?  but it’s not only the Hello Kitty characters that you can buy – you can also get  My Melody, Pompom Pudding,  Keroppi, Bad Batsumaru and Monkichi at the same price – so pick your choose and order them from the Strapyya World.

Customer Service

So we were in the city during the iPad 2 launch and yes there is a Mac store in Halifax and I have to say that the sales dept at all Mac stores are one of the best that I’ve seen.  But having said that I bet Apple pays more for their sales jobs more than anyone in the city.  I hear that at the Future shop – the guys there just earns a commission and they are not paid an hourly rate.

We own our own small  business too – and know how important customer service is for any sales job – knowing your customers by name is very important for it makes them feel really special.  But in a small town – it’s hard to give personalize service when you know just about everyone – and where they come from.  And so doing a sales job in a small town requires a lot of tack and a lot of patients.  Plus in a small town – you can’t afford to loose any customers.   Not everyone is into do a sales job and for those who are doing it – I know for sure it cannot be an easy job – like my boss used to say – it takes a very special person to do a sales job.

Steam Washer

I’ve always wanted a steamer to iron my clothes – so much easier i think but never thought about steam washing my clothes – must cost a lot of money to run that machine don’t you think? But i guess it is good for those who have kids and lots of soft toys as you don’t want to destroy them – after paying so much for them eh.  Lots of auto program in the steam washer for cottons, delicates, handwash and demin and I would love to see how it works since it is like $2500 USD.  But you have to say the steam washer is pretty funky looking right.

Easter Present For A Techy Kid

So you still haven’t bought any presents for your 7 years old for Easter?  well try the Hello Kitty MP 3 player for only $34.99.  But some people gave their review saying that it was cheap plastic – and can be easily broken and also it uses only AAA batteries – so it will get expensive – but if you are not looking for a long term music machine for a kit – this would do for now, afterall, most kids love the colorful face plate more than a plain color shuffle right?  Check out for this product.

USB Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

A few years ago – when I learned that my blood pressure was higher than normal – my doctor had asked me to measure my blood pressure everyday – and i was quite shocked because I didn’t know how to do it myself – nor do I have a machine to do it.  Plus I don’t have a Medicare plan with people to have me find the right machine and pay part of it – and I didn’t know how much it cost too – because my doctor wasn’t able to tell me a home blood pressure monitor would cost.

Unfortunately for me – my doctor didn’t provide me with more information on how to acquire the blood pressure monitor at all – and I wasn’t so tech savvy then.  But now I found a USB Wrist blood pressure monitor for less than $100 – and I can afford it and portable too. Measures systolic, diastolic and heart pulse in the comfort of your own home or when travelling · Large, easy to read LCD screen · Battery powered · Stores up to 3 different people”s results with the time.  So those looking for a blood pressure monitor for yourself or a loved one – don’t fret – they are relatively cheap.

Techy Chick Needs Lazy Pot

Well, I’m not really lazy truth be told but a multi-tasker and need to do a lot of things at the same time – so if you are like myself – this auto electric cooker that stirs itself would definitely save you some time and your supper as well.  How many a times – I have a sauce burnt because I didn’t have anyone to help me stir the pot.  A wee bit expensive for a pot – but think about all the other things you can do – while the pot is being stirred on its own regularly?  it’s worth it.  And since the pot is made mostly with cast aluminium – it will therefore distribute heat evely – and it has a non – stick surface too – plus throw it into your dishwasher and that’s it – buy it at

Artsy Japanese Earphones For The Techy Chicks

Love the Japanese – love them for being so artsy – just look at this Kyoto Opal earphones for only $23USD – I want one of it.  The art of Japanese styl design are so pretty and love the 8 different colors they are available for sale at Maxell.

Techy Chick Needs Rain boots

I think techy or geeky chicks are very fashionable – like my daughter loved to say – hahah!  so since it is still a very rainy season here – I decided to look for some rain boots and I saw this – and apparently Sears sells them.   So I’m off hunting for these boots – surely someone sells it besides Sears?  Pray tell!

Anime Thumb Drive

Fanatic over anime characters? This is the Rei Ayanami USB thumb drive and since I know a lot of you are the Neon Genesis Evangelion – being the first child – you must have it – if you are a fan.  Store up to 4gb – not much in this day standard – but what the heck right?  we just want it because it is Rei Ayanami.  $70 – is a bit pricey for some – but oh well – I need it!