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Techy Chick Going On Diet

This techy chick don’t want to be a fat chick – so I was reading about some diet pills and sensa had some really interesting reviews – so I though I should share it with other techy chicks like myself.  We all sit in front of the computer for far too long – and if you are a techy chick like myself  – we get so comfy – we don’t even want to go out for a walk on good sunny days.  Because of that – I tend to make sure I eat properly and go on a diet if I took too much “good” food and not exercising enough.  All techy chicks like myself needs a little help – because we just love the comfort of our little corner and our little world – and don’t go denying it – you know it’s the truth.  So this week – this techy chick is on a diet – now don’t tempt me with any “good” food eh.  NO KFC this week please!

Hello Kitty Portable Speakers Limited Edition

Great for my kid’s room of course – since she is into the Ipod already, plus I loved Hello Kitty since i was a kid and this is a limited edition directly from Sanrio – and i read – once you charge it – it’s good for 6 hrs and it’s only at $21 – woohoo!! cheap cheap! there is nothing special about the portable speakers though – just so you know – don’t expect a base sound or some mighty mind blowing technology here.

Techy Chick Too Much Gaming

My pimples are popping out and acne are starting to appear – because I’ve been doing so much online gaming – on Mahjong online – that I’m not getting enough rest.  But they are so addictive and even though no real money transpires – I am still in that wanting to win mode – so my skin is suffering because of it.  I read more about zenmed and decided not to use it instead there were other reviews for people like me. I want something that isn’t too expensive and will be effective with no side effects – or like the spouse said – get more sleep time and let my skin rest and drink more water – but I hate water – and I am addicted to my game – so I do have to get some good acne cream right?  What’s life without my online mahjong!

Samsung Galaxy Tab

We’ve seen the Samsung Galaxy Tab about 2 months ago at the Source while shopping but since no one at the Source was handy to tell us about it – I can only guess what it is for and its function.

Curious to know more about it – I did a web search on the tab – to see if it was worth buying since it does work like the iPad – as far as I can see.

as you can see the tab is way smaller than the iPad only 7″ – has a touch screen as well and it’s thin but quite heavy in my opinion.  Supports email, IM and uses the Wi-fi as well.  It has two cameras for video chats – works as a e-reader and can play music and video.   Very interesting – gonna check this out more – before deciding if I am getting it for Mother’s day.

Going Drinking With Techy Chick

I used to travel for work and we would find try and find the best drinking holes wherever we were and we would drink till the bar or night club closes for the night.  Of course, now that I’m a mom – I don’t do that anymore but more and more younger people around town are doing the same but are not in control of the limit they can drink.  Alcohol is a big thing in this town – and we know it makes lot of money for those who owns a liquor store or a drinking hole.  While we tell our nieces and nephews that social drinking is alright – alcoholic abuse is not alright.  We don’t have the luxury of having the malibu treatment centers here – so if anyone needs to go for a rehab program – they need to visit the city – plus I’ve heard that the rehab here is nothing like the treatment centers in the States.  While no one intentionally wants to be a drug abuser – I’m just glad that there is help out there – unlike many years ago – if I had a drinking problem I won’t even know where to begin to get help.

Pink PS3 Controllers

We have been wanted to buy a pink PS3 or an XBOX360 controller for the kid – and I saw it at our local store.  Very tempted to buy her one but after tax – it’s going to be about $60 – but we usually only pay like $35 for one – at our own store – so I guess the kid just has to wait.

Red ones we get pretty often at our store but never a pink one yet – but I’m sure it will come sometime.  Would you pay so much for a controller when you can get it for less?  Alternatively, I guess you can trade in some games to the store in exchange for a pink colored PS3 controller.

Techy Chick Learning To Play Pool

People who sees me on the computer all day long and thinks that i’m either working on the computer or playing an online game – but truth be told – I do play pool once in a while too.  Now if only the billiard rooms isn’t so smoky all the time – I could actually take it up as a hobby.  I invested on pool cues before coming to Canada but never had a chance to really play it here – but when I was having my kid some 7 years ago – i made it a point to go out and play pool with the spouse just because i wanted to do something out of the house and out of work.  Plus playing pool is so fun because of all the finger food you can eat and mock mojitos!  i don’t know how to choose a good pool cue – but I was told the lighter it is – the better but if i do take up billiard again – I will go to a professional store to look for my pool cues.

Sony Bringing Back The Old

I grew up wanting a Sony Walkman and when i could afford the fat one – they had the slim ones coming out – and I wanted that too – but they were way too expensive then.  Then they came out with the midi player and I was more envious – but little did i know that 20 years later – I could now sit back and laugh at myself for wanting such a bulky and heavy looking thing.  But Sony is bringing but the old walkman style player – with its latest cool looking and light weight walkman  – designed for those who are very into sporty games or just very active liftsyle.   Said to be water resistant and has a wire free design – this MP3 player is great for those who goes to the gym.  It has a 2GB storage and one can easily transfer music with the software that comes with it.  Supports both music from the itune and window media player and the best part of it is – that its battery can last up to 11hrs of playtime and 3 mins of charging gives you 90 mins of playtime – now that’s pretty awesome right?  how much is it?  only $60 USD – not a bad price at all – I can get one too – awesome!

Techy Chick Gets Insurance

I’m quite excited that i’m getting my first insurance from the West – since migrating here.  When I first migrated I never thought about it – but now that my kid is older and we have money to spare – I feel a need to secure her future too – should anything happened.  Of course, I don’t wish for anything to happen – but every certainty there are some uncertainties in life and I don’t want her to be deprived of anything.  Should anything  happen to me – I want to make sure that my spouse have enough to not work so much – to spend more time with her since I am not around.  So I looked around for the best rates for my life insurance from a few places  and compared rates before choosing the right one for myself.  So this techy chick is getting my insurance for the first time here in the West – I really think I would feel a lot better once I am insured.

Techy Chick Pampering Herself

A group of us girls went to the spa recently for a Mother’s Day gift to ourselves – and they had this jacuzzi in the spa that we could all use – and really was awesome which make me want to run out and go buy one for myself.  But what made the spa session even more enjoyable was they had used a special bath salt in the jacuzzi – I had asked to buy the bath sea salt – they were pink in color and it is said to not only smooth your skin but relieves muscle and joint aches.  I know I couldn’t afford to go run out and get a jacuzzi but I could always use the bath sea salt in my bath-tub weekly and bring the spa back to my home eh.   While some people think that women who loves their gadgets don’t know how to look pretty or relax – here’s to proof you all wrong, we loved pampering ourselves every now and then and look gorgeous too.