Going Drinking With Techy Chick

I used to travel for work and we would find try and find the best drinking holes wherever we were and we would drink till the bar or night club closes for the night.  Of course, now that I’m a mom – I don’t do that anymore but more and more younger people around town are doing the same but are not in control of the limit they can drink.  Alcohol is a big thing in this town – and we know it makes lot of money for those who owns a liquor store or a drinking hole.  While we tell our nieces and nephews that social drinking is alright – alcoholic abuse is not alright.  We don’t have the luxury of having the malibu treatment centers here – so if anyone needs to go for a rehab program – they need to visit the city – plus I’ve heard that the rehab here is nothing like the treatment centers in the States.  While no one intentionally wants to be a drug abuser – I’m just glad that there is help out there – unlike many years ago – if I had a drinking problem I won’t even know where to begin to get help.

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