Techy Chick Gets Insurance

I’m quite excited that i’m getting my first insurance from the West – since migrating here.  When I first migrated I never thought about it – but now that my kid is older and we have money to spare – I feel a need to secure her future too – should anything happened.  Of course, I don’t wish for anything to happen – but every certainty there are some uncertainties in life and I don’t want her to be deprived of anything.  Should anything  happen to me – I want to make sure that my spouse have enough to not work so much – to spend more time with her since I am not around.  So I looked around for the best rates for my life insurance from a few places  and compared rates before choosing the right one for myself.  So this techy chick is getting my insurance for the first time here in the West – I really think I would feel a lot better once I am insured.

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