Techy Chick Going On Diet

This techy chick don’t want to be a fat chick – so I was reading about some diet pills and sensa had some really interesting reviews – so I though I should share it with other techy chicks like myself.  We all sit in front of the computer for far too long – and if you are a techy chick like myself  – we get so comfy – we don’t even want to go out for a walk on good sunny days.  Because of that – I tend to make sure I eat properly and go on a diet if I took too much “good” food and not exercising enough.  All techy chicks like myself needs a little help – because we just love the comfort of our little corner and our little world – and don’t go denying it – you know it’s the truth.  So this week – this techy chick is on a diet – now don’t tempt me with any “good” food eh.  NO KFC this week please!

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