Techy Chick Learning To Play Pool

People who sees me on the computer all day long and thinks that i’m either working on the computer or playing an online game – but truth be told – I do play pool once in a while too.  Now if only the billiard rooms isn’t so smoky all the time – I could actually take it up as a hobby.  I invested on pool cues before coming to Canada but never had a chance to really play it here – but when I was having my kid some 7 years ago – i made it a point to go out and play pool with the spouse just because i wanted to do something out of the house and out of work.  Plus playing pool is so fun because of all the finger food you can eat and mock mojitos!  i don’t know how to choose a good pool cue – but I was told the lighter it is – the better but if i do take up billiard again – I will go to a professional store to look for my pool cues.

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