Techy Chick Pampering Herself

A group of us girls went to the spa recently for a Mother’s Day gift to ourselves – and they had this jacuzzi in the spa that we could all use – and really was awesome which make me want to run out and go buy one for myself.  But what made the spa session even more enjoyable was they had used a special bath salt in the jacuzzi – I had asked to buy the bath sea salt – they were pink in color and it is said to not only smooth your skin but relieves muscle and joint aches.  I know I couldn’t afford to go run out and get a jacuzzi but I could always use the bath sea salt in my bath-tub weekly and bring the spa back to my home eh.   While some people think that women who loves their gadgets don’t know how to look pretty or relax – here’s to proof you all wrong, we loved pampering ourselves every now and then and look gorgeous too.

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