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A Hot Tub @ Home

I’ve always wanted a hot tub at home – but when my daughter came along – I had forgotten all about relaxing and the importance of spending time with the spouse  – well until recently during a garden show in town.  We saw some outdoor hot tub with  hot tub cover that is quite affordable and am really keen in getting it but like all woman – we need to make sure that it’s worth buying and that we are going to make use of it.

So after a long discussion with the spouse – we figured that we can afford to pamper ourselves and having the hot tub is good for my bad back as well.  The one that I’m interested in  – has these foot massage and jacuzzi like.  We want it outdoors because having it indoors will just be too noisy and with it being outdoor – we can enjoy the scenery of our golf course during the night.  But since it will be outdoor – we need to get the hot tub cover too – so when we are not using it – we can keep the stray cats and bugs away.

Gigabyte Radeon HD 6870

Our good friend – Gary just upgraded his computer and this was the video card that he had ordered !  pretty cool looking right?

The spouse said that Gary’s video card is much better than his now.

Now Gary can play his war of world craft properly.  As per Gary – when your character go into the water – you can see the water ripple.  It’s 10 times better than his previous video card – HD3450.    Gary paid $260 for the card.

Gigabyte shows off a custom-design Radeon HD 6870 graphics card with slightly overclocked frequencies and the company’s WindForce 3X cooling solution. The card has a custom PCB with Gigabyt’s Ultra Durable VGA+ design and is equipped with the WindForce 3X – a GPU cooler with three 80mm fans and a large aluminium fin array.

The factory overclocking is quite limited, the GPU core received a 15MHz boost to 915MHz and with a frequency of 4200MHz the 1GB GDDR5 has the same clockspeed as the reference card. Display outputs include dual-DVI, dual-DisplayPort and HDMI.

iPhone For Virginity

So I read on AsiaOne how a girl in China wanted to trade her virginity for an iPhone – but not just any iPhone but an iPhone 4.   Some people said it is crazy and some said it was a maliciious prank but lets take a look at this.  The girls here in the West sleeps with just about anyone – and gets nothing for it – at least this girl in China – is more enterprising?  at least she is getting something back for her virginity right instead of sleeping with some kid – who doesn’t know what they are doing.  Of course, we don’t want our kids to do something like that and yes ! it is crazy – but who are we to say what is right and wrong right?

Father’s Day Treat

So father’s day was a few days ago – mannn! am I tired!  so what did you get for you dad?  or father-in-law for Father’s day ?  we got quite a bit this year for my father-in-law – and he was pretty happy about it.  Besides getting him a bottle of rum and a straw hat – we also got him a bottle of apple salsa but most importantly his cigar – a new type – the black & mild ones!  and he was in for a treat!

This year we had a BBQ – instead of his usual KFCs – that we do every year – and we had so much food – we had it for lunch and supper!  it was a real treat for my father-in-law!  happy father’s day to everyone.  oh did i tell you – i found a place online to buy cigars for cheap!!  woohoo!! my father-in-law is really in for a treat now!

Beauty At A Price

My mother used to say when I was younger how – woman would not care about the pain just for the beauty and it’s so true.  We would do just about anything to make ourselves look better – and when I saw this aluminum mask – that is on sale at Japan Trend – I thought about what my mother used to say.  I mean – I wouldn’t put on this mask and pay that amount – but many woman would.  It’s supposed to steam your face when you wear them at home – pretty ugly looking thing but you can use it over and over again.  So if you are so inclined to steam your face and have no other way – I guess you can get this eh.  But you won’t be seeing this techy chick with it anytime soon.

Suck That Bug Away

We all hate bugs – from flies to mosquitoes or even black fly – this machine at $27 is said to be able to suck the bug away from your patio area.  Really?  no – I really don’t think it is going to work unless the bug is dead.  You and I know that no fly or bug will stay still and get killed.  So for now – I won’t go all high hopes on it but if you really want to get it – you can I guess.

Hello Kitty Bubble Maker

I had to get this for my kid as soon as I saw it – her french teacher had brought it for a field trip for her school and since it’s summer and the kid loves bubbles – what best can I get for her – for the summer right.

Sells at $19.99!

iPhone 5 Already?

I just bought the spouse a used iPhone 4 for father’s day and now I read that the iPhone 5 is coming out in August supposedly and may have a new design to it too.  But no one really knows what the big Apple company is up to next – so we can continue to speculate but I for one am looking forward to getting a peek at the new design if it is true.  What about you ?