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Hello Kitty Digital Camera For Kids

I have been searching for a digital camera for my kid – she is only 7.5 yrs old – and don’t want to spend too much money on one.  Hello Kitty is one of her favorite toy character – so I would really like to get her this one for $29.99 – but I’m worried about the quality of the pictures – because it does not specify on the website that I can purchase from.

We have bought many digital cameras for my kid – but the picture quality sucks big time.  This camera is said to be able to take 79 pictures and needs 2 AA batteries, therefore I can’t even by a SD card for memory – I doubt it can do that.  But it has a self-timer on the camera – and a place where you can stick a tripod on it to take your own pictures.   It does have a USB port for you to transfer your pictures easily – and it comes with different face plates as well.  So for kids or teenagers – it would be a great gift.  I’m going to order one right now.

Bamboo Stylus For Your iPad

If i had an iPad – you can be sure that I would be the first to get a Bamboo stylus made by Wacom.  I’m sure you all know that Wacom is one of the leaders when it comes to digital drawing and styluses for electronic gadgets.  Some 12 years ago – we ordered one for a co-worker who draws anime – and I was pretty fascinated with it.  You can watch the You Tube video – to get a glimpse of what the Bamboo stylus can do – for less than $30 – no wonder it was sold out when I was checking it out.

Looks like a pen and definitely feel like one too.

Hello Kitty Animated Mini Speaker

It’s too cute not to buy this Hello Kitty Animated Mini Speaker – I just have to own one – but don’t expect this to bring your roof down or anything near it.  When I ordered it online – it doesn’t say how many watts it is – just that it can be used instead of your headphones.  But for less than $30 – what the heck right.  Die hard fans of Hello Kitty can shop at – for your favorite items.

Stars Wars Xbox 360 Bundle

Come Christmas you can get your hands on this custom xbox 360 bundle that is tied with the realease of the Kinect Stars Wars. So fans of Stars Wars – hurry and pre-order yours. This bundles has a 320 gb hard drive and a kinect sensor of course and a themed wireless controller. The game of Kinect Star Wars is added into the $499.99 package – but i wouldn’t be buying it – I don’t like the themed thing but don’t let me stop you from buying it though.

Techy Chick Knows Her Cables

People come into the store every other day and asked if I know anything about cables – haha!  funny they think I don’t know anything about cables – 11 years working with computers and electronics – I better know something about cables right?   Well, I know all about the HDMI cables and the vga to hdmi cables and monitor cables or your DVI to VGA cables, so yes – this techy chick does know something about cables – not all – but most.  So if you need a cable – don’t assume that the woman don’t know about them – because more likely than not – these days – every woman would know all about the cables you need.

NetFlix Hike Prices

So i heard all over radio today and also all over the internet that Netflix is finally hiking its prices and showing its true color!  hahahah!! good for us the small business – who is trying to hold on and make a little money – maybe now those on Netflix will be able to see how supporting your local business is important.

So for those who wants DVD in the states as part of your subscription still – you will have to fork out $16 per month now instead of $9.99 – still a very low price – but I heard the movie selection sucks big time.  I agree with everyone else that the streaming is only great for kids – because there are a lot of tv shows that even my kid haven’t watched – but for movies – nah !  it’s horrid.

Techy Chick Working Out

I’m trying to look like that ! but of course – you know me – my weight is like a yo – yo and currently –  I don’t look like this – but I’m determined to look like this because as soon as I loose some weight – I’m going to do something really special for myself.  What? you asked?  I want to retake some wedding pictures in a because sexy wedding dress – a short skirt ones.  I have everything planned – and am really hoping I get to retake my wedding pictures soon.   So now to get some fat burners that work and do some work out and stop eating junk and this techy chick is not going to spend so much time on the computer this summer.  I’m going to go outdoors – get lots of fresh air and lose those stubborn fats! wish me luck eh!  So don’t invite me to try out any games – or food – unless it’s going swimming or basketball playing.

Gamer Glamor

For the lady gamer in all of us ladies – gaming need not be just plain – you can now glam up your xbox controller – like this one found on etsy – super cute right?  So if you love Hello Kitty and also sparkles like someone I know – I bet this would be the coolest gift.  I wonder if they do something like this for the PS3 controller?

Techy Chick Making My House Beautiful

While our new house is very pretty – the house number wasn’t provided by the developer and for the longest time – I’ve wanted to get a personalized address plaque for our home.  The generic one that the spouse bought wasn’t what I like at all – and if you had seen it – you would think they are crooked looking.  There were many address plaques to choose from – and I didn’t really want to pay a lot for them – until I saw it online – at only $19.99 and I want to buy another plaque that says “private drive” because my neighbor’s friends loved to turn around at our driveway – and it disturbs me – because they do it at all time of the night – sometimes midnight.  It irritates the hell out of the pets – so hopefully  – after putting up the plaque saying “Private Drive”  they get the hint.  Anyhow – this techy chick is on her way to make my home beautiful on the outside.

Omar Khan Samsung Steps Down

So I heard that the person who was responsible for the Galaxy Tab and smartphones is stepping down and moving to Citibank instead. Smart move or only move?