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Google Pays $500 million fine

So google had to pay a fine of $500 million for accepting illegal ads promoting sale of medication without prescription on the internet from Canadian pharmacy.  Google must have darn deep pockets – but with them canceling accounts of publishers as and when they like – even though they have legitimately made the money  – but Google said otherwise – so serve them right!  Many bloggers had complained and claimed how google had scammed them – with as much as thousands of dollars owing to them – when Google refused to pay up – just with a violation excuse.  So I hope Google feels the pain that these small bloggers feel too.

Steve Jobs Resigns as Apple CEO

Big news CEO of Apple Steve Jobs has announced its resignation.  Wow!!  I really didn’t think he would resign – but I’m guessing his health must have taken a worst turn?  since he had been plague with health issues for a long time.  Tim Cook will take over Steve’s duties and become the next CEO.  The question is will Apple do as well and better without Steve?  your guess is as good as mine.

For The Angry Birds Lovers

For the angry birds lover – you can now enjoy your angry birds in a mooncake – trust the brainy entrepreneurs around us.  I don’t know if they are available in the West – but in Asia – I know of some friends who have bought them and eaten them.  My girlfriends from Hong Kong said that they are sold at HK$38 a piece and they are selling like hot cakes.  You can also find them online at Tmall online but since they are online in chinese writing – I don’t think I can order it online.

HP TouchPad Tablet @ $99

If only I had known earlier – I would have definitely gone to get one by hook or crook – but I was late reading the news and by the time I saw it – Futureshop was already sold out – bummer!   $99 I could have gotten a few for Christmas presents or even resale them at the store.  The 16GB ones went for like $99 and the 16GB ones went for $150 only !  darn cheap if you asked me!

So why did the TouchPad go on sale – and at such low prices?  I think it is because it cannot compete against the Apple iPad and Google’s Android OS – plus it is a bit more bulky than others and the software is under-developed – so I was told.  Even though HP is committed to continue to developed and support the tablet and the WEBos – you never really know when it will be obsolete either.

Gaming Mouse By Logitech

I was looking for a gaming mouse not for myself but for the spouse – only 3 months to Christmas and this year – I am darn sure I want to start as early as possible.  A gaming mouse would be a great gift for a gamer like him  – so when i saw this gaming mouse from Logitech, I of course, need to read some review about it – to check it out.

You can pre-order this directly from Logitech – it’s called the Logitech G300 mouse – going at $39.99.  It has 9 programmable controls and 3 on board profiles- meaning the gamer using it – can do more and faster.  The way it is shaped is made for the palm and fingers to maneuver easily.  Plus witha 2500 dpi optical sensor – and some durable buttons as we know gamers can sometimes be hard driven master on the buttons.  Combined all of the above together and the good pricing – you will definitely find that you can play a lot better.

Techy Chick Buys ATV Quad

I saw this on our local yardsale – for $600 and decided that I should take a look at it – since the spouse had always wanted one.  All it needed was some new bearings in the rear part – and we are good to go.  The spouse also know of some polaris sportsman parts he could get if needed – so we are all set to get the ATV – if the price was right.  I was hoping to get it for $400 – since it didn’t have any papers with it.   A bit risky I know if it doesn’t have its papers – but I think we know the seller well enough to trust him.  So wish us luck – while we go check out the ATV Quad and test it out – and hopefully – we can go even lower than $400.   Summer is not ending anytime soon – and I’m sure we can make use of this bad ass – for hurling wood – in the fall an winter – great machine for plowing snow too – if you have the right parts – the uses of this ATV are countless.

Reading Battle Hymn Of The Tiger Mother On Kindle

While you all know that the spouse acquired a Kindle for Christmas last year – I haven’t really been interested in it – till a friend from Australia posted that she read the above book.  I too wanted to see what this book was all about out of curiosity – so I told the spouse to look to see if he could get this book on the Kindle.  And yes – they have it on the amazon website I think – or was it Chapters I can’t remember now – so here I am enjoying my reading on the Kindle and so much more faster to get my books now – but I don’t read enough to warrant another Kindle – so for now I’m just going to share it with the spouse and if I continue finding more books online that I’m interested in – I might just go ahead and get another kindle.

Techy Chick Gets New Credit Cards

Hate them but can’t do without them – so I’ve decided to get a different kind of visa card – a visa reward cards were the ones that was recommended to me by my friends.   Some people like to collect air miles – while I like to collect cash back – or free stuff – with very low interest – should I not be able to clear my credit card at the end of the month.  I spend a lot of money on shopping – so a good credit card is definitely a must for me, plus this techy chick is tech savvy right – so I did a little research – and found the one I wanted and would work best for me.  What about you ?  how do you choose a credit card?  do you use your credit card for anything and everything – and spend beyond your means?  or are you like myself and only spend what you can afford?   I like just 2 credit cards – and the limit must not be too much – why 2?  because i need one for back up just in case something goes wrong.  And even though I love shopping – I never spend beyond my means.

iPhone 5 In September?

We only have the iPhone 3Gs recently – and rumor has it that Apple is going to bring out the iPhone 5 in September – I don’t know how true it is – but Apple had always had their launch in September since 2005 – so I read.   I’m looking forward to more news about the new iPhone 5 – some people liked it – but some said it suxs as a phone – but thus far – we liked our iPhone 3Gs – it keeps the brat busy when we need to be on the road.

Boots Shopping For Techy Chick

I never used to like boots – not until I came to Canada – now I shop for boots all the time.  So when I got some urban outfitters coupon I decided to take a look at some boots sold online and found this awesome looking boots. Now this boots will take me thru’ from now till the falls and the early winter.   I love that it has a thick heel, making it a lot better to walk on.  I love boots like that – because it goes with just about anything – from jeans to a skirt – so versatile and easy to mix and match.  I could never have worn something like that back home for it is so hot back home – but over here – it’s cold most times – so it’s a good buy for less than $100 – and with the coupons – it’s even better.