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Ultraman Noodle Timer

For those who eats cup noodles – this is the ultimate gift – for a perfect cup of noodles – Ramen to be specific here.  This colorful kitchen timer comes in the shape of the glowing heart of Ultraman. Use this timer to time your ramen while you cook it. It starts out blue, then changes to red after 2 minutes have passed, and after the three minutes you will hear Ultraman calling out his signature scream to alert you. Comes with special attachment parts so you can attach this to your refrigerator or even your clothes!  Those who grew up with Ultraman would also surely enjoy this gadget.  If only it was a wee bit cheaper – I would get it – but you have to fork out $27 USD for this ultraman gadget.

2011 Mini Cooper Clubman

I still haven’t gave up on getting a mini for a car and it doesn’t need to be the latest model – like the 2011 clubman – but I hear that one can get a mini for close to $25K these days  – which is almost the same was our ford focus – so definitely worth looking into.   But wait a minute – false advertising on Mini cooper’s website?  because on Kijiji – it cost like $21K for a used one.  So I went to Mini’s website in Canada and punched in all I wanted for my car – now the base cost is $27K and an extra of $5K for miscellaneous – which comes up to about $33K + taxes.  So I have to pay about $700 a month just to get that car and just for the car.  I have to pay insurance on it  – and on top of it – feed the car with gas and regular maintenance.  Wow!  too much money to be spent on one item for the next 5 years – so for now I guess I have to settle for a cheaper car.

Hello Kitty Earphones

Hello Kitty earphones are not only for kids as you can see here – they are for anyone who is Kawaii – meaning cute in Japanese.  So if you are a cute looking girl around the world – make sure you get one of this.  I was actually looking for a new one for my kid during Christmas – a wee bit more expensive than I want to spend but they say Japanese products are quality stuff – so you pay for what you get. This earphones goes for $25.40 USD.

Kitty’s adorable face has become earphones!
Her pretty ribbon even has a rhinestone on it, so they will become your favorite earphones ever!
Of course these earphones are high quality so they will make your favorite songs sound even better!

My Garage Project

I love that the in-laws have a garage at their home – because when we visit during the rainy season or during winter – it’s definitely awesome not to have to be in the cold unloading the car.  But the only thing about the in-law’s garage that I don’t like is the flooring – when it is wet – it can get very slippery and once or twice – the kid and I had slipped and almost twisted our back.  All they need is to put on some garage floor coating– that does the slip resistant coating on it as well – which is good especially for the in-laws are they are not getting any younger either and can be more detrimental when they do take a fall in the garage.  So before the winter comes – I’m going to get the spouse to put some garage floor coating for them – no two ways to it this year.

iZon Remote Room Monitor

I just watched in action what the iZon remote room monitor can do – and like it a lot because you can do the monitoring from your iPad, iPhone or even the iPod Touch.  It has a motion sensor that starts viewing when there is motion in the room – and it’s not just video here – it’s audio as well – so you can watch and hear what is going on at home or even in the office.  Wished they had this gadget when my kid was younger and she had a babysitter with her at home.  Great gadget to get at only $129.95 – definitely worth my investment – I think I would get this even though my kid is older – because I want to watch over her in her teenage years too.

BlackBerry Playbook

Whenever I go to the mall – I always visit the Source – because I get to check out the latest gadget and since I’m in the market for either a playbook or an iPad – I figured I should test it out at least before deciding.  Of course, there were more than just one tablet to choose from, there were several  tablets on display when I was there this week – and liked all of them – truth be told.  The Blackberry one is about $599 – so not any cheaper than the iPad – but it is certainly smaller – easier to carry.

7″  LCD screen and it was light – when i held it – lots of apps and you can get take pictures with it – but who really takes pictures with a tablet right?  but of course, there is wi-fi – but you don’t need another account to get on the net – because it can piggy back on your existing account – so that’s a plus for me.  Check out the video below and you will see what i mean – I’m not really into the iPad – truth be told – so the blackberry one may just be something I will consider.

Gadgets, Gadgets and More Gadgets!

Registered Nurse Jobs must pay well – because each time I visit my girlfriend – she has a new gadget – she is even considering of getting someone to handmade the above for her – for all her gadgets!   The amount of gadgets that she buys every month is just crazy !  I can’t get over how much she spends on anything new  – she sees – she buys – not only for herself but for her boyfriend as well. The above is a Breadbox Charging Station by Better Homes and Gardens- but my girlfriend who works in the hospital wants it to be made pink in color – so you see what I mean – when I say – a registered nurse must be paid really well.