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Web Design For Restaurants

I don’t know much about Restaurant System but I definitely know a lot about restaurants and because IJ helped a few restaurants in town and in the county to do their website.  An example is a friend’s restaurant in town and I know they are using the best restaurant system for their POS, so they have little problems with running the accounts on a day to day basis.

As for web designing for the restaurants – the restaurant usually bring me in to taste their food and take pictures the food they are serving.  I love doing the websites for restaurants for the owners are super good to me – and always gives me treats plus I do make a lot of money doing their websites.

Fooseball Table For Christmas

Why would I want a fooseball table – the spouse asked?  not for me – for the kid – of course !  since she likes it so much – so why not get it for her – for a Christmas present right?  plus this one is a used table – for $40 – so it’s not that bad I think ?  what do you think?

RedBox Increases 20%

Red box increased their rental by 20% as of today.  So folks you are not getting $1 for 1 dvd now – sorry!  no more cheap movies for you and in a few years – they will continue to raise their prices.  And even though they reported millions in revenue – I think their overhead is just as high – and i’m sure there are people who don’t return their movies and they can’t just swipe their credit cards as easily as you think.  So I don’t know how long they will continue to rent cheap dvds – we’ll just have to see.

JVC Picisio GC FM1 Camcorder

In 2009 – this camcorder was at $200 !  i was thinking of buying it because it was so small and handy – good thing I didn’t buy it then because you can get one for $79 now.  And someone had it on sale on our local yardsale for $50 OBO.   An overview of the camcorder shows that it’s not a really bad buy for a kid – not for us adults – or for myself – so I won’t mind buying this for my 8 yrs old.  It does take decent videos – but not pictures – so it only records.  Unlike my camera –  it can take pictures as well as video – but of course, my camera is a lot more expensive.  But if you are looking for a cheap Christmas present for a kid – this would be an ok buy.

Princess TV For A Princess

We’ve bought a princess tv for our princess for Christmas from a local yardsale – but I don’t know if we should give it to her – for her bedroom – for she is only 8 yrs old this Christmas.   I know a lot of parents do that – have the tv in the child’s room – but we don’t want to do it because we don’t like her watching too much tv.  But the tv was too cute to pass – so I bought it anyways.  But you can be sure that she isn’t going to be in the room watching tv a lot – until she is a lot older and has friends that she can invite home.

iPhone 4s

So I got my iPhone 4s – as soon as they came out for sale – not for myself but for a regular customer at the store.  What do I think about it?  Well, you all know that this is Apple’s 5th generation handset right?  while everyone thought that iPhone 5 was going to be out – Apple instead announced the Apple 4s.  Currently only available in US, Japan and of course Canada – thank God for that – else we will be upset – very! it should be available almost everywhere else by the end of this year.

So what is the diff – I hear you asking?  the Apple 4s has a Apple A5 processor thus the speed is double and the graphic is said to be a lot better.  It also has a new 8mpixel camera – and you can look forward to taking better pictures.  But the best thing about the 4s is Siri your personal assistant – the Apple’s voice control system that is so smart – you can make and cancel your appointments or shift them – hands free.

So everyone asked me – shouldn’t you be getting one too – but I tell them – I’m pretty el cheapo – so I’m going to wait till it’s a lot cheaper before I will buy it  – for now I’m happy with the iPhone 3G that the spouse has.


For those who knows me – you would know I loved to take pictures – even before I had a digital camera but I used to have to curb myself from taking too much because developing the pictures and buying the films for the pictures were very expensive back then.  Now that I have a Canon digital camera – I of course have to take whatever I see – and not once but many times to get the right picture and right lighting.  Thank God for rechargeable batteries eh!  else I would be in big trouble – so whenever people asked me whether we sell batteries – I always recommend the canon batteries to them because I’ve had good luck with them all these years since I’ve had my first digital camera when my kid was born.  So 7 yrs today – I still have my original canon battery and another spare one just in case I run out.   So folks don’t forget to get rechargeable batteries for your digital cameras and all your other electronics that you need for your gadgets.

Mighty Dwarf

The supplier told the spouse that we had to get one of this to display and show our customers – this is a mighty dwarf – that works as a speaker on any platform.   This small little thing really plays some cool music and loud.  Retails between $65 – $75 – depending on the brand – this comes in several colors.  i tried it out and was pretty please with it.  Place your SD card or hook up with your MP3 player – or iPods – as for me – I hook my laptop to it – so that I can hear my movie better.  Even though it’s a small little round box device – it weighs a little – but it’s not too bad even if you need to carry it around.  Check it out yourself.

Techy Chick Makes Time For Friends

Blogging is awesome to be honest – I’ve come to meet a lot of people that I wouldn’t have – if it wasn’t for blogging.  I wouldn’t know what to do intellectually if it wasn’t because of blogging and because of blogging – I’m kept aware of things around me and also I’m very much in touch with anything that is techy.  I like my blogging friends a lot and some become really good buddies who sends me food from home that I otherwise cannot get here.  And I also learned of products that I wouldn’t have if not for blogging, like custom floral arrangements .  I loved sending flowers to friends and family on special occasions and I wished they had this info some 20 yrs ago – when the spouse and I start dating long distance.  I would have sent him more gifts and flower arrangements to his mother and aunts on Christmases and Thanksgiving.  And because of blogging I think I have more friends than I did when I was in college.

Dog Poop Solution

Dog poop has always been a problem in this town – and it irks me so much that owners of dogs do not want to pick up their dog poop and is almost happy that they are letting their dog poop just about anywhere they want without feeling the least guilty about it. In my opinion, if you want a dog, then you need to pick up its dirty poop.  Yes! yes! it’s yucky ! then don’t keep a dog !!

But for these irresponsible dog owners – there is a dog poop solution coming your way soon – and hopefully, you will spend some oney to get this ashpoopie because if you don’t then you don’t love your dogs at all.  So have a conscience and get it!