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Entertainment In The Store

For those who’ve followed techy chick – you will know that we own an entertainment store – with a lot of console games and also speakers, tvs, stereos and anything that makes money.  But we haven’t bought guitars before till this year – because the spouse aka the boss decided that he is interested in playing the guitar because he had been playing a lot of Rock Band and Guitar Heroes.  Little did he know that the guitar chord on the real guitar and the ones for the games are completely different.  But he is still determined to learn the instrument because you can find all sorts of tutorial online.

I did play the guitar when I was a teenager for church but I don’t like the electric guitars because the strings are very hard on the fingers but when it comes to the nylon aka classical guitar – I’m all for it.  So while the spouse is fascinated with the electric ones – I’m looking out for the classical type and if one does come in – I might just pick up again on guitar playing and sing a song or two with the kid – for she loved to sing.

Hello Kitty Seasons Wii

So you want to do something with your kids instead of just hogging the tv during the weekend on your own – so that you don’t feel so bad – and the wife wouldn’t think that you are ignoring your daughter?  this is what you do – get the Hello Kitty Seasons if you have the Wii system and start playing with her.  The Hello Kitty Seasons is a really fun game and kids from 4 – 10 yrs old will enjoy this game.  The games are simple and yet not as easy as it seems and takes practice to be perfect.

Kids can play on their own once they are confident about the games – or you can play multi-player with them or they can have their lil’ friends over and enjoy the game.  I played it with my daughter and she loved it – I think she also loved the company too – and it’s a great daughter and mother game or a daughter and daddy’s game.

Shopping With Geeky Friends

Yes! we do real shopping too – and I just helped one of my geeky friends get a custom engagement ring for his girlfriend for this Christmas. Woohoo!!!  someone is getting married next year – and planning to ask his girlfriend on the eve of Christmas during his office party.  So romantic or what!  I would be really happy if the spouse had chosen a special place and date to ask me too – girls loved the romantic stuff.  Reason why I was asked to help with the engagement ring was because he didn’t want to get a generic ring  – he wanted something special – so I had to tell him what another geeky girl will like – and what I would have asked the jeweler for – and negotiate the price and so forth.  So there – if you need help with shopping for a custom ring – your geeky friends are a good place to start – we know more about mushy stuff than you think we do.

Online Kids

My daughter had her own computer to watch tv shows when she was 3 years old – she wakes up in the morning and sit in front of the computer and eat her breakfast there – because the computer room warms up faster.  Some people may frown on it – because they think it is wrong to put them on the screen so early in life – but I don’t feel the same way.

In this age and time – kids are bound to learn computers – sooner than we did – and if as parents we keep a close eyes on what they do online – that is good for me.  My daughter is aware of what are good sites and bad ones – she wouldn’t even watch movies that are not meant for her – she knows so – consciously.  At 8 yrs old in a month – she asked before she can watch anything or play anything online.  She loves to draw and she loves her cartoons and webkinz.  But that doesn’t mean that she is on the computer the entire day – in fact during the summer – she is out playing all day – the computer doesn’t even come to her mind at all.  She only uses it to watch tv shows while eating.

But of course, having said all the above – she may change as she grows older – and that means we have to watch her more closely.  And also talk to her about using the computer responsibly and since we use the computer so much for work and pleasure – I feel she knows it better than most people.  She don’t play violent games – she detest hearing “bad” words.  So for now – we are quite safe.

Cute Warming Pads

Yes! super cute and I wished I had one today – when I was doing all the snow shovel – could definitely use it.  From $8 – 10 – last for 5 years and can be instantly activated and reusable.  It’s gel filled and instantly crystallize when you click the button – keeps your hand warm for 2 hrs and also can be used to keep food and baby bottles warm.  Too cool to miss out on buying.  Your 21st century warming pads – from FAB or wonder warmers website.

Lego Batman On DS

So we got the kid a lego batman for her DS for $5 – and yes – you can get cheap games if you wait – why pay like $50 – $60 for a new game right?  she is happy as a lark for she had been playing this game with her dad on his xbox 360 for months now.  It’s a game that she plays with him every Sunday – it’s the only time that the dad would spend “quality” time with her and she craved for the time with her dad – so that I can get a break – so she said.  She is such a thoughtful kid.

Anyhow – the game was bought from a local yard sale online – and we didn’t push for it – the woman delivered it when she wanted to – and the daughter is very  happy with it.  Like any lego game – it’s mild and not violent – my kid is almost 8 yrs old and she loved it.  Great for a boy or girl but of course reading is required so if you have a younger kid – an adult or a older brother or sister needs to help him or her read instructions.

Meeting Interesting People Online

I get to meet a lot of interesting people online – while I am gaming or when I do my online work – and in fact – I met my spouse online some 17 yrs ago.  So when someone told me that he knows about  some Psychiatric Technician Jobs online – to recommend – I don’t doubt it at all.   In this time and age – it’s so convenient to move away – for a job – you find online – after all, I’ve met people who played online games and get married.  I read a story on a mahjong community – how an Asian couple met while playing mahjong and they got together – hit it off and got married.  So yes, being online can be really interesting – but of course, you have to stay safe too – and make sure you know the other party – before giving out personal information.

Mod Foosball Table

For almost $2000 – you can find yourself this very modern looking foosball table – but I don’t think I would let the spouse or kid spend that kind of money – sorry! Made by RS Barcelona – said to give you a real feel of the football game with better control of the ball – made of lightweight steel – it looks really classy and I bet you can transport it to another friend’s place for a drinking session or while waiting for the world cup to come on tv – so if you are a die hard fan of the world cup – check this foosball table out.

Special Friday Night Magic Bags

I love the special shopping bags given to us by the supplier for the players at our store – in fact, I am really looking forward to custom making our own plastic bags for our customers too – but we are pretty el cheapo and don’t want to spend $0.50 cents for a plastic bag.   While the spouse don’t think that it would boost our business – I think it just might give our business a better image but him being a man – don’t think a plastic bag would do a lot.  So now I’m out hunting for someone who would do custom bags for very little money.

Flowers, Flowers

Every woman loves flowers – whether they are as geeky or techy as I am – they all loved flowers – and even though we say – don’t send flowers – or don’t waste you money – we still love the flowers.  If you want to impress your girlfriend or your wife – make sure you send flowers to her at her office – or her work place.   My co-worker uses Las Vegas flower delivery services to send flowers to his wife who was on a working trip at Las Vegas during her birthday – and guess what?  it made her boss feel so bad that she was away from the family for her birthday – she was given a week off with pay – when she got home from her work trip.  Pretty awesome right?  and yes – girls of all ages feels really special when you send them flowers.  But make sure you send the right flowers – because every kind of flowers means something.  And you don’t have to wait for an occasion to send your special someone flowers – it can be just because – i loved the just because flowers.