Lego Batman On DS

So we got the kid a lego batman for her DS for $5 – and yes – you can get cheap games if you wait – why pay like $50 – $60 for a new game right?  she is happy as a lark for she had been playing this game with her dad on his xbox 360 for months now.  It’s a game that she plays with him every Sunday – it’s the only time that the dad would spend “quality” time with her and she craved for the time with her dad – so that I can get a break – so she said.  She is such a thoughtful kid.

Anyhow – the game was bought from a local yard sale online – and we didn’t push for it – the woman delivered it when she wanted to – and the daughter is very  happy with it.  Like any lego game – it’s mild and not violent – my kid is almost 8 yrs old and she loved it.  Great for a boy or girl but of course reading is required so if you have a younger kid – an adult or a older brother or sister needs to help him or her read instructions.

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